Regardless of the weather condition, you can stay cool and dry when you have the right offset patio umbrella.

Experience the convenience of adjustment that gives them an edge over the conventional patio umbrellas. They are available in different models to suit various preferences and budgets.

What’s the best offset patio umbrella for your needs? Choose the perfect combination of color, size, assembly, and mechanism, and you will enjoy the convenience of your umbrella. The offset patio umbrella eliminates the annoying center pole that keeps you from getting a comfortable seating. No more drilling holes in your table to allow the umbrella pole through.

Best Offset Patio Umbrellas Reviews ;

1. Le Papillon 10 ft Cantilever Umbrella

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Enjoy the shade from this offset patio umbrella with 360 degrees rotation. It has a 10-feet diameter and can follow the sun the whole day to give you reliable and large shaded area. It is ideal for both commercial and residential applications for any outdoor area. It is made of durable and weather resistant material. The 1.9-inch pole and the eight ribs are made of powder-coated steel making them rustproof.

The pole is oval shaped, weather resistant and provides the umbrella adequate stability compared to the market umbrellas and other offset hanging umbrellas.

It is easy to operate. The exclusive Easy Open Lift system makes it possible to open the umbrella in one motion. The slider mechanism makes it easy to crank it to the desired angle as the sun moves. The wind vent at the top allows for airflow and reduces wind pressure under the canopy. The polyester material is fade resistant and provides 98% UV protection.

2. Abba Patio 11-Feet Offset Cantilever Umbrella

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Cover large patio areas with this stable 11-feet offset patio umbrella. Its fade-resistant fabric keeps its color well and offers adequate UV protection. Enjoy your time in the outdoors without worrying about the pole stability or your safety. The aluminum pole is strong and has a cross base for firm placement. The vertical tilt mechanism allows you to get multiple positions always to stay cool. The cross base measures 3.4 feet and offers reliable stability. Get about 95 square feet of shade under cover of the sun-proof and fade resistant polyester fabric.

3. Le Papillon 14 ft Market Outdoor Umbrella

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The 14.7-feet diameter umbrella will give you more shade. It is designed with extra-large and is ideal for residential and commercial applications. It stands at 8.9 feet so most people can conveniently move under it. The frames are made of 12 durable ribs of rust-free steel and lightweight aluminum pole. Apart from the function, this umbrella has a stylish and elegant design provides enjoyable attraction. The crank lift is easy to operate when you want to open or close it. It has two wind vents for airflow and to reduce wind pressure that can cause instability.

Durability is not an issue since the umbrella is made of fade resistant and durable polyester fabric. It is easy to clean and provides 98% UV protection. You will not have to worry about mold or mildew. It comes with no base, but a 60-80lb base will do.

4. Purple Leaf 11 Feet Double Top Deluxe Patio Umbrella

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The Purple Leaf patio umbrella is what you need if you want a large shade. It is made of alloy steel material to ensure strength and durability. The aluminum frames have anti-oxidation spray paint to give it a long life. The hand-crank system gives you an easy way to operate the umbrella; even a child can open and close it. The fade resistant polyester fabric is easy to clean and is waterproof. The weather should not be a problem when you can get the Purple Leaf offset patio umbrella. It features a double-top design to provide basic wind and heat venting.

5. Grand Patio Deluxe 10 FT Curvy Aluminum Offset Umbrella

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This 10-inch offset patio umbrella is adequate in keeping the harsh sun and rain from your outdoor space. Do not let the weather affect your picnic of café area. It can cover a table with 4-6 chairs with enough shade. You have the freedom to place this umbrella anywhere you want to have the fun as long as there is space.

It is constructed of quality material. The aluminum frame is lightweight and strong and is powder-coated to withstand the weather and give it a longer life. It features double-coated water-resistant, fade-resistant, and UV protective polyester fabric. You do not need to be strong to operate this offset patio umbrella; the crank-lift mechanism does all the hard work.

6. Abba Patio 9 by 9-Feet Square Offset Cantilever Umbrella

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Cover large seating areas like patio dining sets, pool or spa areas, and conversation seating areas with this 9-feet umbrella. The offset patio umbrella offers plenty of placement versatility. Have fun in a large shaded area with UV protection away from the harsh sun and light rain. The fabric has a long life and will retain its color against the weather.

It has a strong construction made of the durable aluminum poles and a heavy cross base for stability. Its vertical tilt mechanism makes it possible to get multiple tilt positions to ensure you stay in a cool shade. It is a square-shaped umbrella with a dual vent top for basic wind and heat venting.

7. Domi Outdoor Living 10 by 10-Feet Square Cantilever Umbrella

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This is a stylish square-shaped offset patio umbrella with a 10-feet height. It is reliably strong due to the 2-inch powder coated aluminum pole and eight oval steel ribs. The canopy edges are reinforced to prevent any tears or rips. The single wind vent enhances its stability. The umbrella can rotate 360 degrees to shade different areas and provide maximum shade and protection. You will love the fade-resistant polyester fabric.

8. TrueShade Plus 10′ x 10′ Cantilever Square Umbrella

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Get up to 95 square feet of shade to cover 72-inch rectangular and oval tables that seat 6-8 chairs. Experience elegant entertainment under this aesthetically pleasing offset patio umbrella. It is constructed of bronze finished aluminum poles that are rust resistant. The fabric is a fade and stain resistant solution-dyed polyester to provide a long life. The easy crank and cantilever mechanism ensure smooth opening and closing operations. You can angle it against the sun for maximum shade. It comes with a crossbar base for surface mount and four fillable reservoirs to weigh it down. The umbrella also comes with a waterproof cover.

9. Abba Patio 11-Feet Outdoor Market Umbrella

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It does not matter the weather condition outside; you can now enjoy your outdoor activities under this offset patio umbrella. At 11 feet, it stands high to accommodate various activities without restrictions. It has a strong construction to withstand windy days. The eight steel ribs and pole are powder coated to make it rust-free and durable. Get enough shade to cover a 60-inch square or rectangular table that seats 6-8 chairs. The canopy is made of solution-dyed polyester that is waterproof and provides UV protection at all times.

10. Abba Patio 7 by 9 Feet Rectangular Patio Umbrella

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Outdoor umbrellas do not only have to provide shade during the day. This model has solar-powered LED lights to light under the canopy for 9 to 12 hours. It is constructed with a high-quality polyester fabric and heavy-duty aluminum frame that withstands the elements. The convenient crank lift system makes it easy to open and close the umbrella. If you want to tilt the umbrella, the easy push-button function helps you adjust it as desired. Your summer nights will be more peaceful under this umbrella.

Types of Outdoor Umbrellas

If you don’t understand the available types of umbrellas, you may end up buying the wrong one. Here are the types of outdoor umbrellas:

  • Sunshades – these types are commonly used by one person at the poolside, near the chaise lounges and at high-end hotels.
  • Market – these are larger and higher quality than the residential umbrellas. They have been popular for years and are commonly used for shading diners and on the patio of cafes. They are octagonal and have vented tops.
  • Pagoda – these Asian-style inspired umbrellas take the Japanese pagoda shapes with pier 1 carrying a few pagoda-style outdoor umbrellas.
  • Cantilever – this type of outdoor umbrella is not inserted into a hole, rather, it has a base offset away from the shaded area. It is excellent for a place with tables with no holes, a deep-seating set, or lounge chairs by the pool. It does not get in the way and can be adjusted as the sun moves.
  • Commercial – grade umbrellas: these are heavy-duty umbrellas commonly used at restaurants and other outdoor venues. They are built to withstand the weather elements and are very durable.

What to consider

1. Umbrella frames

When buying a patio umbrella the frame is a crucial factor. Umbrella frames are made of three material types; they can be aluminum, wood or fiberglass. Aluminum is the most common type. When made correctly and finished right, it will resist all weather conditions. Wood is more costly, especially the weather-tolerant wood like ipe, teak, or eucalyptus.

The disadvantage of the wood frame for umbrella is their weight. Aluminum and fiberglass are lightweight, flexible, non-corrosive, and withstands most weather conditions. When choosing the frame material, consider that which will serve the overall purpose while fitting the décor harmoniously.

2. Opening mechanism

Umbrellas have two different opening mechanisms to consider. Those made from wood are usually opened manually using a low-tech pulley system. The pulley system works by pulling a rope to open the umbrella. This requires some muscle to open, then have a large pin inserted to lock it in place. Those crafted from metal is opened by releasing a crank lift or a push-button tilt.

The crank lift button allows the umbrella to tilt in various directions. You just wind it open or closed, and when it arrives at the ultimate position, it will lock in place. The push-button or automatic auto-tilt methods are easier to use and are more expensive. Choose the model based on whichever mechanism is best for you.

3. Tilt methods

By tilting the umbrella, you can maximize the amount of shade at a given time. It is beneficial in keeping the user from the harmful UV rays. Umbrellas can have either of the three tilting methods; collar tilt, crank tilt, or the push-button option. The quickest and most popular method is the collar tilt. It tilts the patio umbrella without the need to leave your chair. Just spin the collar of the frame, and the umbrella will tilt. The rank method requires you to twist the crank until you get the desired tilt. The push-button option requires a push of the button on the umbrella collar to get your desired tilt.

4. Shade size

The canopy size is a crucial feature that you must consider when shopping for an offset patio umbrella. This will depend on how much shade you want at any given time. Manufacturers measure this from one end of the canopy to the top and then to the other end. It should be five feet larger than the area you want to be covered.

5. Canopy fabric

This determined both the final cost and durability of the umbrella. The most common fabrics are:

  • Sunbrella – Made in the USA and fully solution-dyed. Its color does not fade and protects from UV rays.
  • Ofelin – This material is weather resistant, provides excellent UV protection and is solution-dyed.
  • SolarVista – a lightweight fabric made in France from acrylic.
  • Spun Poly – this polyester fabric has high strength, is smooth, and has excellent quality.
  • Coolaroo’s Open Weave – umbrellas with this fabric have free air circulation, but still provide UV protection.

6. Maximum shade and flexibility

Consider how flexible the umbrella is and the maximum had you will get. It should give you the mounting option, can be offset or cantilever and allow usage without a post in the shaded area. This leaves a large space to arrange furniture, unlike the center post umbrella which requires a center hole furniture to place the pole.

7. Assess your landscape

Before setting off to shop for a patio umbrella, assess the lay of your hardscape and softscape. Measure the patio table if you need it shaded, especially if it is a large table that seats more people. Consider the location of your outdoor table in relation to the overhang or roof. Leave some space between the roof and the umbrella. The umbrella should also be far from flames like that from an open grill.

8. Shapes

Most umbrellas are round, however, some presents octagonal and rectangular shapes to cover a larger or longer rectangular tables.


It is not all that difficult choosing the right offset patio umbrella. There are, however, many options and factors to consider before making the purchase. There are many styles, shapes, sizes, and materials to consider. Even if a model has a striking design, always consider the quality. Once you have listed all the features that will serve you better, compare them to the models within your price range. Consider the durability, base, height, shape, area covered, material, and UV protection, and you will be happy with your patio umbrella for a long time to come.