When it comes to coffee brewing, small businesses are faced with the challenge of producing quality yet affordable coffee for their customers.

To produce the desired quality of coffee, then a quality coffee making machine must be available. These machines enable the business to meet the coffee demand from their customer hence it is important to understand the different types of coffee makers with their unique qualities. They are as follows.

10 Best Coffee Maker For Small BusinessReviews;

1. Cuisinart DCC

Cuisinart DCC

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The model is ranked as the best coffee maker. Is made of a steel handle and makes up to a maximum of fourteen cups which implies that with one round of coffee brewing, the small business can serve 14 customers. The control of this model is effortless due to the automatic operation achieved through some specific settings. The machine is programmed in such a way that it can automatically clean itself which reduces the labour costs for small business.
Furthermore, the device can as well be set to optimum temperatures which enhance the quality and flavour of the brewed coffee.

2. Hamilton Beach

Hamilton Beach

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Hamilton beach is a two-way coffee brewer that contains a coffee maker pot and single serve brewer. Like the Cuisinart it’s made of stainless and can be programmed. Its ability to brew coffee within a short period attracts the small businesses that have to respond quickly to customer demand.

In addition to these fantastic features, the machine is capable of storing hot coffee for long after brewing which makes its convenient for use by those who have a lot of chores to attend to specifically the small retail businesses. With this model, it is possible to brew coffee using soft pods.

3. Mr. Coffee

Mr. Coffee

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Mr coffee model has been on the market for over a decade, and its unique characteristics have made it remain top in the ranking. Firstly, the model is elementary to clean as its filters can be pulled out hence enabling the owner to clean it.

With Mr. Coffee, it is possible to have a cup of coffee before the brewing process is complete. The already brewed coffee can be served prior to the completion of the process. For small businesses, it is therefore easy to meet the customer demands in good time.

However, unlike the other best-ranked coffee makers, this model is made of plastic or glass. Moreover, the on and off indicator light enables the user to know when the machine is on or off.

4. Bodum


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The model is also known as Brazil French Press. The model is affordable and very economical to operate. Apart from being very cheap to run, the machine has zero wastage.
Unlike the other coffee makers, Bodum has available spare parts. In addition to this, the model is more durable especially due to the glass beaker which is strong and can withstand a lot of heat hence cost efficient for the small businesses.

Apart from having a glass beaker, the machine has a spiral plate that aids in filtering the water by preventing the ground coffee to go through.

5. black+ decker.

black+ decker.

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The model can make a maximum of 5 cups of coffee.it is usually black and is made of plastic. The model is efficient for use by small businesses due to its ability to make up to 5 cups of coffee. Apart from being economical, the small business enjoys a warranty of up to two years.

In addition to these amazing features, the model has a water level indicator which enables the brewer to produce the perfect amount of coffee and has a cord storage. Its dimensions are 9.75 by 7.25by 10.75 and have a dishwasher. The carafe plate is non-stick.

Cleaning of the coffee is easy is it has a removable filter basket. Keeping the coffee warm is a primary concern of the small business and this model cater for that. It has a carafe plate that helps to keep the coffee warm for at least an hour after brewing.

Operating the machine is very easy and requires zero experience because by just pressing the button, the machine starts and stops. Moreover, the model is compacted conveniently to save space.

6. Cuisinart 10 cup classic thermal

Cuisinart 10 cup classic thermal

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Cuisinart is a programmed machine which is capable of making up to ten cups of coffee. Its users prefer it due to its ability to keep the coffee warm for long which is made possible by the insulated thermal carafe.
The machine is programmed to self-clean itself which minimizes labour expenses for the small businesses. After stopping the machine may be due to an emergency, its possible to it to remember where it had stopped during the brewing process.

7. Amazon basics

Amazon basics

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Its carafe is made of glass and can make up to five cups of coffee hence convenient for use when less amount of coffee is needed. For those interested in space saving within the kitchen, then this is the model to go for as it has a space saving compact size.

It is also possible to grab a cup of coffee midway of brewing. Amazon grants a one-year warranty to the customer. It can keep the coffee warm for long after brewing. The basket filter is also removable which makes it easy to clean.

8. Bunn


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Bunn is renowned for its high coffee brewing speed. This characteristic makes it possible for the small business to meet their customer’s high coffee demand in the least possible time. The machine is drip free.

9. Kenmore


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Kenmore produces 12 cups of coffee every time. It’s also programmed hence allows the users to focus on other chores it is also made of stainless steel. It has a gold tone filter which is reusable. Moreover, it has an integrated carbon filter which enables the user to brew the best coffee. The machine can as well be programmed to brew coffee.

10. Shark ninja

Shark ninja

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This model has a glass carafe .it I mostly desired due to its ability to produce rich and classic brews hence the small businesses satisfy the needs of their customers, for instance, there are unique brews such as over the ice brew and the specialty brew. Moreover, it has a removable water reservoir.


With any of the above coffee makers, small businesses can be able to meet the coffee demands effectively and efficiently. They enable the small businesses to survive even under the stiff completion brought about by already established firms. With these coffee makers, then everything is just right starting from speed, service delivery to the quality of the end product.