10 Best Electric Dirt Bike for Kids

The experience of riding a dirt bike is very exhilarating to any kid. The thrill is unforgettable, and the challenges faced along the way will shape their skills for life. It creates determination and confidence in the kid from a very young age. This might also teach them a few things about competition.

Since gasoline dirt bikes are expensive, you can still give them the experience on an electric-powered dirt bike. These are a great alternative to the actual dirt bikes. It is also crucial to use this as a test unit to gauge the kid’s interest in riding before moving on to more powerful dirt bikes for the tracks and trails. So what is the best electric dirt bike for the kids? This guide has all the answers and guides to help you find the right bike for your kid.

1. Razor MX350 Dirt Rocket Electric Motocross Bike

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This miniature electric motocross bike is for those not afraid of the dirt. This scaled down electric dirt bike is the best way to introduce the young ones to off-road riding. It has a high torque motor with a sped of up to 14 miles per hour and large, knobby tires. The 12-inch pneumatic tires are geared for the dirt and maximum power transfer. The chain-driven powerful motor has a twist grip throttle control for very quiet operation.

2. Razor MX650 Rocket Electric Motocross Bike

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If your little one has an appetite for the dirt, then the Dirt Rocket MX650 is the best choice. It is powered by a high-performance electric motor and is equipped with supercross-inspired styling. The motor is high torque or a powerful performance. It delivers a comfortable ride due to the dual suspension system that makes it suited for the off-road experience.

Achieve speeds of up to 17 mph and get up to 40 minutes of continuous use. It has a reliable and durable steel construction, hand operated dual disc brakes and authentic bike frame geometry. The bike gives a thrilling experience due to the variable speed, high torque and motor driven design that gives a fluid power transfer. Its large 16-inch and 14-inch front and rear pneumatic tires make the bike perfect for the dirt. It is designed to carry up to 220 pounds of weight and has three 12V rechargeable batteries to power it along.

3. Razor MX500 Dirt Rocket Electric Motocross Bike

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The Razor MX500 dirt bike is designed for speeds of up to 15mph and can run continuously for 40 minutes before it requires a recharge. Its steel construction gives it excellent durability. The chain driven design gives it a high torque while the variable speeds contribute to better control. The twist grip acceleration control makes it look like a full-sized dirt bike in addition to the hand-operated dual disc brakes.

It has a retractable kickstand and folding metal foot pegs. The 16-inch front and 1 inch pneumatic rear tires are large enough to handle the dirt with confidence. It is powerful enough to climb hills and quickly achieve the top speed comfortably. The three 12V rechargeable lead-acid batteries charge for 12 hours and are durable for long service life.

4. Razor Dirt Quad – Black

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The new Razor Dirt Quad comes with fresh styling and design for the off-road experience. It features an authentic geometry and is powerful enough to handle the trough terrains and hills.
New and improved Razor Dirt Quad with fresh black styling and design the durable battery has 250 charge/discharge cycles as long as you do not store in above 75 degrees or below -10 degrees F. The rear suspension has terrain-tracing droop travel and coil shock to deliver a smooth ride. It is easy to handle given the twist-grip acceleration control, and hand operated disc brakes.

The 13-inch pneumatic tires are large enough to handle the dirt while the front brush bar and riser handlebars easily adjust to accommodate the kid’s height. It can carry up to 120 pounds and is recomn3ded for kids aged eight and above. It features a shatter-resistant plastic fairing and powder-coated tubular steel frame to handle all the weather conditions and give it durability. The chain-driven electric motor and variable speeds make it easy to climb hills quietly.

5. Razor MX650 17 MPH Steel Electric Dirt Rocket Motor Bike for Kids

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Kids will love riding this powerful dirt bike. It may be electric driven but is still powerful enough to handle those hills and manage speeds of up to 17 mph. The battery can power it to ride up to 40 minutes before it needs a recharge. It has durable steel construction and excellent safety features. The twist-grip acceleration control and hand operated brake disc make it easy to control. To achieve and maintain the powerful ride, the bike has a variable speed, high torque chain driven motor for maximum power transfer.

6. Vroom Rider VR098 6V Battery Operated Dirt Bike

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Give your kid the excitement they deserve by purchasing this bike for them. It is designed for kids aged 2-5 years and has a maximum speed of 2mph. It will carry a maximum weight of 55lbs. Set the bike’s backward and forward switch then press the foot pedal to move the bike in the desired direction. The 6V battery takes about 12 hours to recharge and be ready to power the little bike.

7. Razor Pocket Mod Miniature Euro Electric Scooter

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Give your girl the thrill of her life with this fashionable and powerful scoter.It combines a vintage style with excellent performance into a classic Italian scooter design. The bike can manage a top speed of 15mph and run continuously for 40 minutes. Its step-through steel frame suits it for girls who want the thrill. It has twist-grip acceleration control and hand operated rear brakes.
It has a high torque chain driven motor for a powerful ride on the 12-inch pneumatic tires. It features an under seat storage, bell and handlebar streamers and a retractable mount kickstand. It carries up to 170 pounds of weight. It is powered by two 12V rechargeable lead-acid batteries that take 12 hours to recharge.

8. Razor RSF350 Electric Street Bike

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This bike is powered by a 250-watt high torque chain driven motor for powerful performance and a top speed of 14mph. It has a steel trellis frame designed with a street geometry and features a low profile windscreen. The custom 10-inch 3-spoke wheels and street tires give the bike exceptional looks and performance in the dirt. It has rear suspension for a smooth ride and variable speed twist-grip throttle for easy control. The hand-operated rear disc brakes add to the comfortable control.

The two 12V rechargeable batteries have a quick charge compartment and can power the bike for up to 30 minutes. Its adjustable angle riser handlebars make it suitable for any child within the age range of 13 years and above. It has a hidden storage compartment, retractable kickstand, soft rubber grips, and folding foot pegs.

9. Razor Pocket Mod Vapor Electric Scooter

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Give your kid the hottest accessory on the block. The Razor Pocket Mod has both style and fashion styled in vintage Italian scooter design. It has a high-performance body and a chain-driven electric motor to reach a maximum speed of 15 mph. It has a pair of 12-inch pneumatic tires and a rear suspension system for a comfortable ride even on rough terrains. The safety helmet features 17 vents and an ergonomic interior to provide adequate safety while keeping the rider’s head cool.

10. Pulse Performance Products Chopster E-Motorcycle

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Make your kid the leader on the block with this 100-watt motor- powered electric bike. It has a variable speed throttle for instant throttle response. Bring out the rugged, tough look for powerful performance and excellent experience. It has high handlebars and fold out foot pegs and includes a sissy bar backrest for a complete look and riding comfort. The bike has two pneumatic rubber street tires for a smooth ride. The high-tensile steel frame gives it additional strength and durability. This bike is powered by a 24V rechargeable battery that can continually power it for up to 40 minutes. The bike is designed for kids eight years and above and carries a maximum weight of 120 pounds.

What to look out for

Do not go too big

Any parents get tempted to get their kids bikes that are sized too big. It is not right since dirt bikes come with age and weight limits. A bike that is not within the kid’s weight range may be uncomfortable to ride or be more than they can handle. Kids may grow fast and quickly outgrow their bikes; this should not make you get them a bigger one to grow with.

Get them a perfectly fitting bike with easy to reach handlebars and that which is easy for their feet to reach down. Most bikes have a higher end age limit to protect the manufacturers from liabilities even though kids aged three years younger can ride them.


The engine size of a dirt bike is significant. This applies to the gas powered engines. They vary from as low as 50cc to 150cc. As the capacity increases so do the power. Smaller kids cannot handle a lot of power since their muscles are not yet developed to handle much power. There is also a speed limit for different age categories. Anything higher will be uncomfortable and may cause accidents. It is crucial that you decide on the right engine capacity and speed for the younger kids.

Since electric bikes have become so popular and famous due to their simplicity, silence, and efficiency, it is necessary to choose the power carefully. Choose an engine featuring a mortar with just enough power for comfortable control for the kid’s age.

Suspension options

There is a wide array of options in kid’s bike suspensions. Some feature a suspension system while others do not. Those without a suspension system are priced lower than those that do. They are designed for the youngest kids who do not need to travel at high speeds. The advanced models, however, feature advanced suspension systems that suit them for rough terrains and higher speeds. You can choose a bike with a double suspension system to manage a smooth ride on bumpy roads.


The price is always a major concern and determinant of the type of bike a person buys. Most people will look to save some money on everything they purchase. Dirt bikes are available in moderate and expensive models depending on the size, features and other factors. If you are looking for the best in the industry, then expect to spend more. If you really want to save on good quality dirk bikes, then you may consider buying a second-hand bike or assembling parts on your own.

If you decide to buy a new one, then find the perfect balance between quality and features to get the bike at the price you are prepared for. Consider the additional expenses after the initial purchase. You will spend on helmets, gloves, goggles, boots and bodysuit before the bike is complete. For gas-driven bikes, you will have to spend on buying gas. Think also of the maintenance cost for the lifetime of the bike.


Your child’s safety is crucial when looking for the right dirt bike. Each bike is age specific and for the safety of your child, get them the right bike for their age. This will be easy for them to handle. There are many electric dirt bikes and different sizes for every child’s height and muscle weight. If the bike has speed adjustability, this will make it safer for them. Give them adequate safety accessories for a safe ride.

This can be the perfect gift for the little one. Your initial worries of allowing them to get behind an engine can be erased with the right dirt bike for their age. The benefits it brings the kid can override the fear. Since there are so many models on the market, you will need this guide to get the right product that will suit your baby and offer durability.

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10 Best Remote Controlled Robot Toys

10 Best Remote Controlled Robot Toys in 2019 Reviews

There are different types of toys available in the market to captivate the kids and keep them engaged. But kids have a special liking for remote-controlled robot toys as they are the control at the palm of their hands. There are various types of robot toys available these days and not just racing cars. The robots can do various audio and visual effects to entertain your kids. Check out such top 10 best remote-controlled robot toys to buy for your kids.

1. RoboShooter Remote Control Robot

This revolutionary, next-level remote-controlled robot toy is suitable for children above 5-years. The gender-neutral toy is also easily programmable. Moreover, this remote-controlled is a walking and talking robot. Even, this toy fires Frisbees to a certain distance.

The model allows you to program it to walk, shoot, or talk automatically as per your need.
This futuristic robot toy also can dance as per the command. Furthermore, you can hassle-freely control the toy via a remote controller. This robot shoots three different colored discs from his chest. This battery-operated toy requires three pairs of AA batteries. The buttons on the robot allow you to operate it without remote as well.

Reasons To Buy:

  • Easy operation and independent controls.
  • Programmable design for user advantage.
  • Durable construction and complete set.

2. WolVol Channel Remote Control Robot

This action figure of Robocop makes it look extremely attractive to the children. The futuristic toy also comes along with 10 channel remote controllers. Moreover, this robot involves the construction of high-grade and thick plastic material. Your kids will love playing this durable toy for hours.

The remote-controlled toy comes with an orb on the chest of it with multiple colors.
This Robo-cop also comes with several sound effects to make it look futuristic gadget. Furthermore, this toy can dance with the rhythm of the music. The flashing lights of this robot make all the actions very much lively. This remote-controlled toy is able to fire missiles, walk, and turn in every direction.

Reasons To Buy:

  • Superior construction for long-lasting use.
  • Colorful lights for a vibrant feeling.
  • Multiple functions and endless fun.

3. Top Race Remote Control Toy Robot

This ultra-smart remote-controlled robot comes along with an infrared remote controller. The walking and talking Robo toy is also 12-inch tall. Moreover, you need five AA batteries to run this toy. Moreover, this remote-controlled robot can dance, read stories, sing, and shoot discs. The shooting discs are of soft EVA material.

This smart robot can also imitate the voice of anyone. Furthermore, the toy comes with 10 pre-programmed toddlers’ stories and 10 favorite songs of kids. This Robo has colored LED lights to make it look lively when it is in action. The toy comes along with learning machine mode.

Reasons To Buy:

  • The intelligent robot with cute looks.
  • Improves brain development with math quiz.
  • LED lights and flash dance.

4. Think Gizmos Large Remote Control Robot

This action-figure robot toy comes along with a user-friendly remote controller. The toy also comes along with shooting missiles. Moreover, this remote-controlled toy comes with several LED flashing lights to make it look lively while playing.

This Robo toy shoots the ammo from his chest. It comes along with a shield as well. This futuristic robot also can talk and walk frequently with the help of the remote controller. Furthermore, this toy can dance with overwhelming dance moves. The robot has six rubber-head missiles. This toy has 10 different functions to make him, walk, talk, and glide around. The robot requires six AA batteries to run.

Reasons To Buy:

  • LED flashing lights and easy operation.
  • Dance moves and a talking function.
  • Multiple features for making kids happy.

5. Sikaye RC Robot

This remote-controlled robot comes with multi-functional fun learning options. The high-tech next-level toy also supports the hand-ware operation. Moreover, the gesture detection function allows you to control the moving direction of the toy as per your need.

You can even control the robot with the help of an infrared remote controller. This ultra-smart robot toy is also able to perform up to 50 actions. Furthermore, this toy helps your kids to improve the creativity level by learning them about art, science, robotics, and technology. The LED flashing lights of the remote-controlled toy make the robot look lively while playing as well.

Reasons To Buy:

  • Programmable design for kids advantage.
  • Helps to learn art and science.
  • Intelligent function and interactive design.

6. SGILE RC Robot Toy

This smart robot toy comes with gesture detection function to move it by simply using your hands. The toy is also a suitable gift for any kids above 5-years. Moreover, this Robo toy can run for an hour with the charge of 2-hours.

The patrol mode of this toy allows it to move automatically without any remote controller.
You can also operate this robot to walk, move, and glide around in all directions by using your gesture. Furthermore, with the help of a simple button, this robot displays a set of actions to the players. This robot can take about 50 different commands via a simple remote controller.

Reasons To Buy:

  • Different color options and programmable action.
  • Singing and dancing function.
  • Safe LED lights and motion control.

7. Air Hogs Smash Bots

This complete action robot toy set consists of a pair of robots, a pair of weapons and a pair of remote controllers. All of the components of this set also involve the construction of high-grade and non-toxic plastic material. Moreover, these battling Robo toys are suitable for the kids up to 8-years.

These robots also require ten pieces of AAA batteries. Furthermore, the battle mat allows you to enjoy action-packed combat. You can turn and move the robots to deliver impactful punches. These robots come with turbo mode and specific battle weapons. Even, these action robots have tornado punches.

Reasons To Buy:

  • Non-stop action for unlimited fun.
  • Safe materials and tough housing.
  • Easy operation and complete set.

8. Top Race Remote Control Robot

This remote-controlled robot is suitable for kids above 8-years. This robot toy also requires up to four AAA batteries. Moreover, this balancing robot allows you to operate it by using motions, LED lights, and sounds. This remote controller helps you to operate this robot from a wide range of 65-feet.

This smart balancing robot also performs dancing, driving, and more other activities. Furthermore, this robot comes along with a carrying tray to carry small things. The gesture sensing function of this toy allows you to move it by simply using your hand movements. This robot comes along with a 2.4-GHz transmitter.

Reasons To Buy:

  • Hi-tech function with different functions.
  • LED lights, motion, and sounds.
  • High remote range and superior responsiveness.

9. Disney Pixar’s Remote Control Robot

This remote-controlled robot comes with the structure of Disney’s famous fictional robot Wall-E. The robot toy also comes with the length of 9-inch. Moreover, the toy comes along with articulated hands. The head of this robot is easily movable as well.

Just like the character Wall-E, the eyes of the robot illuminate with the help of the command.
The joystick-style remote controller also allows you to operate the robot toy without any hassle. Furthermore, programmable robot supports multiple actions. The remote-controlled toy allows you to rotate and reverse it as per your need. Even, the robot goes in forward motion.

Reasons To Buy:

  • Easy controls with a joystick.
  • 9-inch in height and multiple functions.
  • Articulated hand for natural movement.

10. Fistone Dinosaur Remote Controller Robot

The futuristic dinosaur-style remote-controlled robot is suitable for kids above 5-years. This toy also comes with an infrared remote controller. Moreover, with the help of a high-tech smarter remote controller, you can easily send the fight signals. This ultra-smart robot can memorize up to 50 actions at the same time as well.

This robot also supports 360-degree rotation as well as sucker bullet mode. Furthermore, this robot dinosaur can dance with the rhythm of the music. The touch-sensitive head helps the robot to nod the head and wag the tail. This robot can scream, walk, and slide with the help of the user-friendly remote controller.

Reasons To Buy:

  • Touch-sensitive feature with voice controls.
  • Multiple modes for better use.
  • Independent program and 360-degree rotation.

Buying Guide How to Choose Best Remote Controlled Robot Toy:

Before picking remote-controlled robot toys for your kids, you have to understand these features:
Age Appropriateness
It is better to look for a robot toy which helps your children to improve the creativity level. Many of these robot toys help to construct your children’s mental and physical development.

Apart from that, some of these robots can support the emotional health of your toddlers. A few models come with math quizzing, singing, and voice imitating abilities. The learn-n-play facilities of these toys help your children to learn faster.

Well-Built and Safe Construction
You must search for a robot toy which involves the construction of high-grade and child-safe material. Your kids will definitely go rough on their toys. However, you need to double-check that the toy you are selecting has the endurance power to withstand several cases of abuse.

Safety Features
To purchase a safe robot toy for your children, you have to go through the manufacturer’s age restriction and material construction. These toys are generally suitable for the kids above five years. Nevertheless, the robot toys usually come small parts which can be dangerous for your children below the age restriction.

Age Group
It is recommendable to select remote-controlled robot toys as per the age of your children. However, it is always preferable to opt for a toy which comes with some special function. For instance, if your kids want to know about robotics, then you can definitely choose a robot which comes with another some technologically advanced robots. If you are a parent of a specially-abled child, then you should look for a toy which can match the requirement of your child.

Overall Aesthetics
We all know that children feel attracted to bright colors and sounds. Nevertheless, it is always preferable to search for a robot which comes with lively actions and hassle-free operation. Even, you can choose from the recognizable characters, like a dinosaur, Wall-E, Robocop and so on.

Buyer’s Question About Remote Controlled Robot Toy:

Are remote-controlled robot toys addictive?
All toys are addictive in nature, and it depends on the mind and mentality of the kid. Apart from the entertaining RC robot toys, there are educative RC robot toys also available. There are also programmable robot toys from which is the kids can learn a lot.

How can a remote-controlled robot toy be beneficial for kids?
Apart from the traditional RC robot toys, there are educational and informative RC robot toys available. In fact, some of them come in kits which the kids can build themselves and even program them to work as they want. This helps to enhance their creativity and confidence to do things on their own. Similarly, the musical RC robot toys help babies to learn educative things.

It is really hectic for parents to go through all the different remote-controlled robot toys available online because the list is endless. Therefore, we have handpicked the best ones for you, and there are different types available to pick from. You can also show them to your kids so that they can pick the one that they like the most. Consult the buying guide and then choose the product as it will help to understand the toys better on various parameters.

List-Best Remote Controlled Robots Toys in 2020:

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10 Best Laser Tag Sets for Kids

Best Laser Tag Set

The use of a laser tag gun is extremely popular among kids and teenagers. They can play with laser tag guns anywhere, whether indoor or outdoor. They are very safe, and even parents can play with their kids for better bonding and quality time spending. Some of them have cool sound and light effects that fascinate the kids, and it is better that kids playing on their smartphones. The following below are the 10 best laser tag sets to play base on consumer reports.

1. Nerf Lazer Tag

Suitable for both outdoor and indoor battles, the laser tag set comes in a pack of two. It lets you play it in multi-layer mode allowing you to invite more friends.


  • It has high-quality sounds that give you a real-like feeling. This also has better vibration and lights that make it perfect for enjoying any battle.
  • It comes in a convenient design and has infrared light. This can be a perfect gift for your little one and comes in eco-friendly packaging.
  • This allows you to set the hit with 10 or 25 making it ideal for your whole family. This is suitable for children over eight and does not require any ammo.

2. Laser Tag Set by Dynasty Toys

Available in a pack of four, this one will let you have a great time. This lets you set your own team and choose from either blast settings or team settings.


  • It comes with individual settings and has different stoppage power. This can accommodate any number of player at a time and set the range requirements and reload times.
  • This can engage your children for a long time and lets your family have a great time.
  • It eliminates the need of having uncomfortable vests and can detect a hit with its infrared sensors. This has a balanced weight and does not require eye protection.

3. DYNASTY TOYS Laser Tag Set

This one comes in a pack of two and you do not need any vest. This lets you choose from four teams and has interchangeable settings for team and blast.


  • This is safe for using and is in a lightweight design. It has a laser range of over 120 feet making it suitable for players of any age.
  • Each laser tag comes with own settings when it comes to reloading time, damage, and range. It emits non-visible lights and meets the safety requirements of the Code of Federal Regulations.
  • This does not need eye protection and is easy to use. The built-in speaker gives notification regarding the reloading of the blaster.

4. ArmoGear Infrared 0.9mW Laser Tag

Made with high-quality materials, this will let you use it for a long time. This is in a set of four allowing you to choose from different teams.


  • It allows your child to have safe play as it has infrared signal emission of less than 1mW. This is suitable for both and indoor use and is ideal for parties.
  • It has a shooting range of 130 feet and has individual settings for booming sounds, life bars, and available shots.
  • This has a range of features and lets you choose from a pistol, rocket, machine gun, and shotgun. You don’t have to wear any vest as it lets you act as the target.

5. ArmoGear Infrared Laser Tag

Available in authentic design, the laser tag set has a shooting range of 150 feet. This will let you transform your home into a laser tag arena as it comes with multiple settings.


  • This has multi-ammo and allows up to four teams to play. It comes in a pack of eight and includes four vests and four laser tags.
  • You can easily use it as a machine gun, rocket, pistol, and shotgun and have great fun. It is also safe for use as the infrared signal emission is 0.9mW.
  • This has voice-guided directions that can transform your playing experience. It also has night vision flashlight and comes in an ergonomic design.

6. Laser X Laser Gaming Set

Here is a laser tag set that lets you play it individually or join a team. It has attractive color lighting effects that make you track the hits and shots.


  • In this, you will find the feature of interactive voice coach that is perfect for easy usage. You will also receive feedback during the game and has outstanding sound effects.
  • You can easily use it with other Laser X sets and is in a lightweight design. It runs on six AA batteries and includes all the set.
  • This is suitable for children of up to 15 years and has simple gameplay. You can play it for a long time and keeps your children well engaged.

7. USA Toyz Laser Tag

This comes in a two-in-one design and lets you choose from two different colors. With it, you can have epic battles from anywhere you want as it is perfect for both indoor and outdoor use.


  • It is suitable for both boys and girls and lets you choose from the shotgun, submachine gun, rocket launcher, and pistol modes.
  • It shoots from an extended range and comes in a quality packet. This is also a class 1 laser product making it safe for children.
  • It comes in a complete set including a grip reload, life meter, and team selector. This is in an ergonomic design that lets you hold it comfortably.

8. Family Games Laser Tag

The four-pack set of this laser tag gun will let you opt from multiple team settings. It has interchangeable blast settings and team settings and lets you choose from multiple settings.


  • The infrared emission of less than 1mW makes it safe for use. You can choose from different range requirements, reload times, and stoppage power.
  • You can add any number of players as it has no team limits. It has non-visible infrared light eliminating the need of having eye protection.
  • This provides notification with its built-in speakers regarding the reloading and you can even check the health on the side of the blaster.

9. ArmoGear Infrared Laser Tag

This laser tag set includes vests and runs on AAA batteries. This is in a set of two and lets you play it in invisible mode.


  • It shoots from a long range of 150 feet that cover your entire backyard. With the option of voice-guided directions, you can play it with ease.
  • It lets you switch from different powers and take care of the enemy. This is suitable for your entire family and provides them with wholesome fun.
  • You can use it as a multi-weapon and is ideal to have a cherished memory. This is made of high-quality materials and is very durable.

10. Electronic Laser Tag by Sharper Image

The lightweight construction of this laser tag set will allow you to have a competitive play from anywhere you want. This has an easy operation as it comes with a convenient thumb trigger action.


  • This has the feature of hit count lights and is in a handheld design with good grip.
  • It will let your family have an exciting time as it is loaded with different features. This has attractive sound effects and you can even feel the vibration.
  • This has infrared technology and you can use it for two players or with multiple players. This can be an ideal gift for your little one and is suitable for children of up to 14 years.


While buying the laser tag set of your liking, you should ensure that the battery runs for a longer time so that the game can be played without interruption. On the other hand, the construction has to be sturdy, and modern features should be available. The effects should be realistic, and there should be multiple shooting modes with different settings for better enjoyment. Considering all these factors, we have listed the best ones for you to choose from.

List-Best Laser Tag Sets Review.

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10 Best Portable Baby Cribs

Portable cribs are some of the best and popular beds for babies. They come with space-saving designs, are lighter and fold for easy transportation. They offer comfort both to the baby and the parent and re easy to set up. You can use it as a second bed for vacation or when traveling.

Are you looking for the best portable crib? It is an exciting time for any parent to set up a baby nursery. It is where the baby will spend hours every day and have a peaceful rest. Even though the design, functionality, adjustability, and color are important features to consider, nothing is as important as safety. Choose a model that is certified safe for the baby.

Best Portable Baby Cribs Review

1. Graco Pack ‘n Play Playard

Graco Pack 'n Play Playard

This pack n play playard will keep your child relaxed and comfortable at home and away. No matter where you travel, the baby will feel at home and will be safe. It folds very easily making it very portable and easy to use. With just a push of a button, you can break the crib down quickly and hassle-free.

It is recommended for babies below 35 inches tall and who cannot climb out. It features a durable frame so it will stand up to any challenge. Its automatically folding wheels and feet make it a breeze to work with. It has mesh on all sides making very airy for the baby.

More Info / Check Price

2. Graco Travel Lite Crib with Stages

Graco Travel Lite Crib with Stages

Get the perfect spot for your baby with this Graco Travel Lite Crib. It features a bassinet for the baby to snooze in in addition to the quilted mattress for optimum comfort. Its canopy shields the baby from light and provides a soothing environment for rest and play.

The crib is 20% smaller than traditional models. It folds with the push of a button for portability. The handy wheels make it easy to move from room to room. It is lightweight at only 19 lbs and will fit anywhere at home or when traveling. The airy mesh on the sides gives the baby adequate ventilation and visibility.

More Info / Check Price

3. BABYBJORN Travel Crib Light

BABYBJORN Travel Crib Light

The BabyBJorn travel crib is easy to use and carry. It weighs only 13 pounds and can fold into a small package to fit a carry bag for travel. It suits babies from 0-3 years, so you will get value for your money. The crib sets up and folds in a simple movement. Even when you are out of time, you will still have adequate time to fold the crib and store in a bag.

It has no loose parts to attach. Its legs unfold automatically, and once you put the mattress in, it will be ready for the baby. It comes with a soft, comfy mattress with a built-in base plate to keep it standing firm on the floor.

More Info / Check Price

4. Fisher-Price Rock’n Play Portable Bassinet

Fisher-Price Rock'n Play Portable Bassinet

Whether at home or on the go, this is the right size crib to keep the baby by your side. It features a flat, elevated sleeping surface and can rock with a gentle push. It also doubles up as a play place when you attach a mirror and toy. The model is lightweight and folds easily for portability. Its pad is machine washable and dryer safe.

Give your baby a safe and secure environment where you can also connect during playtime. The bassinet provides a restful environment that helps the baby understand when it is time to relax or sleep.

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5. LUCKUP Foldable Portable Baby Crib

LUCKUP Foldable Portable Baby Crib

Your baby will get the best with this crib. From the material to design and functionality, it is perfect and convenient. You can remove it for cleaning and is excellent for long-term use. It is made of a cotton surface material, which has excellent hygroscopicity, no static electricity, and can keep the baby warm. It has a breathable net and high strength aluminum for support and durability. The one-step pull will fold the crib into a portable bundle. It also has a removable mosquito net on top to keep your baby safe.

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6. Valco Baby Zephyr Travel Crib

Valco Baby Zephyr Travel Crib

Experience working with an effortless travel crib to make it fun moving with your baby. It has a lightweight construction and comes with a travel bag making it very portable. It is easy to assemble and does not take up much of your time. Once you remove it from the bag, stretch the legs and click into position, insert the mattress and you are done.

It features an insect net, extra airflow exterior and padded mattress for excellent comfort. Store some toys and bottles in the mesh pocket at its sides. Zephyr is an excellent travel companion and will keep your baby safe.

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7. Phil & Teds TR_V4_5 Traveller V4 Cot/Crib

Phil & Teds TR_V4_5 Traveller V4 Cot/Crib

This portable crib is the only one on the market that is lighter than the baby. It weighs just 6 lb. and is super compact for suitcases and small car trunks. It unpacks into a breathable and comfy travel cot for use at home and away. Give the baby a convenient and comfortable place to play and rest. The mesh sides are fully breathable, coupled with the global safety certification, the baby can play and rest unsupervised. The materials used in its construction are free from hazardous substances so your baby will be safe.

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8. Delta Children Portable Mini Crib

Delta Children Portable Mini Crib

This 3-in-1 foldable baby crib is the safest and most convenient place for the baby to rest and play. It is very small using about 35% less space compared to a standard crib. It perfectly suits smaller spaces such as apartments or a night at a friend’s place. It has a one-inch waterproof mattress and can be adjusted to two mattress positions. This crib meets and exceeds the safety requirements of JPMA and ASTM.

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9. LA Baby The Condo Metal Evacuation Window Crib

LA Baby The Condo Metal Evacuation Window Crib

With this portable baby crib, you can keep an eye on the little one through the shatter-resistant acrylic panel. Its sturdy metal construction has a non-toxic baked finish for easy cleaning and durability. The heavy-duty casters make it easy to move around and lock into position. It is commercially rated for use in daycare and preschools. The vinyl

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10. Delta Children Portable Mini Crib

Delta Children Portable Mini Crib

Give your baby a comfortable travel crib and ease some parenting pressure off your shoulder. It is well built and versatile. It is portable, lightweight and has an easy-fold design. It also comes with a mattress pad for a comfortable and safe environment for the baby to play and rest at home and away. Its two mattress positions help it grow with the baby. It is strong and sturdy, making safe and durable. Its four casters make it easy to move around the house.

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Types of Cribs

Standard crib

This type of crib is the basic design that only serves as a place for the baby to sleep. It does not fold up and has no unique design. It has no other functional elements. If you only want a place or your baby to sleep, then the standard crib will just do.


These are more compact and sometimes portable cribs. They are less pricey and provide the baby a safe place to sleep. They are like portable cots that can fold up and move to another room.

Convertible crib

These crib types can convert to a daybed or headboard. Since for most kids, the crib duration only lasts 24 months, this convertible crib can continue serving a different purpose.

Portable crib

These are different from travel cribs. They are made of hard material and fold up much like a TV table. They are easy to store or move around with.
Features to focus on


As you shop for a baby crib, select a model with wheels. These make it easy to push from one room to another. The wheels should be lockable to keep the crib stationary.


You should consider the size before purchasing a crib. It should comfortably fit the place you intend to place it at home. When you know your available space, you can narrow down the choices and pick the right size. If you do not have much space and want to fit other furniture too, consider a narrower or smaller crib.


Most parents will consider the appearance and design before taking a crib home. There are many crib designs on the market so you will not fail to get the right one. The right design should complement the baby nursery and your house décor.


Some crib models have the mattress included while others come without. The mattress quality is crucial since the baby needs a good start to life and the best support while in a sleeping position. If the mattress quality is not great, then consider buying the mattress separately.


The portable crib should be made of strong material since it will require regular assembly and disassembly. This does not mean you get something made of steel; even plastic can be strong. The material varies with the manufacturer so expect to meet a variety on the market. Consider customer reviews to learn more about the construction and performance.


This is one of the most important factors when buying a new portable crib. The weight, height, and compactness of the model is crucial to make it easy to travel with. When disassembled, the product should be small enough to fit in a carry bag or your suitcase.


Since the baby needs a clean and sanitary environment, the crib should be easy to wash. A washable crib will make your work easy, so consider this before buying one.

Ease of set up

A crib that is easy to set up will save you time, especially when you are in a hurry. Choose one that takes less time and effort to set up and disassemble, and it will truly portable.


Travelling involves lots of luggage before you consider the crib. This makes buying a lightweight crib crucial. When the rib is lightweight, you can move it from place to place with ease even after a tiring journey.


This should be the most important concern when shopping for a new crib. Check its strength, visibility, aeration, and transparency. Ensure the crib does contain any hazardous material in its construction. Since the baby spends plenty of time in the crib, ensure it is completely safe. Do as much research as you can before setting off to shop.

Consider the type of certification the crib has. It should confirm the product meets certain safety standards. Look for JPMA and CPSC to help you know if the crib is safe for your baby. What kind of intricate woodwork does it have? The crib may look beautiful but carefully check the construction before buying one. The areas near the baby should be completely smooth. The crib should be stable and sturdy for your baby’s safety. The spaces between the rails should not be large to allow the baby’s leg to get stuck. The mattress should fit well and not leave spaces between it and the bed as this can cause suffocation. It should not be too soft as to be hazardous to the baby.


This depends on your height. You should be comfortable picking the baby off the crib. Cribs with high rails are challenging to shorter parents when reaching for the baby. The height from the mattress to the railing top is also crucial. As the baby grows, it may attempt to climb over and end up falling.


The best portable crib should offer you some adjustability. As the baby gets older, you will need to make adjustments. When the crib allows this, it can grow with the baby. Some allow you to place the mattress lower as the infant grows.


A crib with more than one function is a great investment. Other than adjusting the height of the mattress, the crib should give you more. A model that can turn into a toddler bed will give you value for your money. There will be no need to buy a bed after a couple of years if it has that functionality.


There is a false notion that a lower priced crib is a poor quality product. It can be a bargain and still give you a high-quality construction and the best material for durability. When the material used is strong and safe, and the crib offers excellent stability, you should go for it. The market has some great options at incredible prices you won’t want to ignore them. Look for a crib that will offer you more than just a place for the baby to sleep. Versatility and multi-functionality is the way to go.


Buying a crib for the little one is a major decision. You must consider its safety and functionality when looking for the best crib. The options reviewed above are great and have excellent features worth considering. Consider lightweight cribs with solid construction for the baby’s safety and comfort day and night. Portability is crucial since you will be moving with it as you travel. Consider a crib that folds easily and compact into a small portable piece.

10 Best Baby Play Yards

A play yard is a newer term for a playpen where the baby can play within boundaries. The portable models can easily pack for traveling. Some have wheels that make them move conveniently like a suitcase.

How beneficial are play yards? The best play yard will keep the baby in while you go about your chores. Leaving the baby around may be unsafe hence the need to keep them in a contained environment. When in the yard, you can keep an eye on him as you do your stuff. This will hinder them from causing destruction or harming themselves in the house.

Best Baby Play Yards Review

1. Graco Pack ‘n Play Playard

Graco Pack 'n Play Playard

This Pack n Play Playard is a very convenient place when the little one needs a place to nap. It has durable frames for traveling while the push-button fold allows you to break it down for packing quickly. It features automatically folding feet and wheels to make it amazingly compact. It stands up to any travel plans you may have, and the durable construction will ensure it packs into a car trunk or minivan for the road trip. All sides have an airy mesh for ventilation and visibility. When folded, it fits the provided carry bag for convenient transportation.

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2. Summer Infant Pop N’ Play Portable Playard

Summer Infant Pop N' Play Portable Playard

Within no time, you can create a safe and reliable play area for your child with this portable playard. It is ultra-lightweight and folds into a portable bundle that is easy to carry. You can break it down in seconds and be on the road without wasting any time. Enjoy your freedom when you use this model at home, at the day park, or a weekend at the beach. Its floor is water resistant, so your baby will be dry no matter the ground condition. The airy mesh sides provide adequate visibility and ventilation, and it folds into the provided travel storage bag.

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3. North States Superyard Ultimate Play Yard

North States Superyard Ultimate Play Yard

If you want the best solution for creating a safe play area for the kids, then this is it. It works both indoors and outdoors and features a quick access door you can open with just one hand. It is 26 inches high and encloses up to 18.5 square feet. A separate two-panel extension can help you increase the play area.

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The six interlocking panels are already connected, so you just need to pull them out of the box, unfold and connect the ends. Its convenient carry handles make it even more portable. The skid resistant pads keep the yard from slipping on the floor. Use it for children aged 6 to 24 months. The model weighs only 21 pounds so you can carry it anywhere. It assembles and disassembles easily and also comes with an instruction manual.

4. Baby Playpen Kids Activity Centre

Baby Playpen Kids Activity Centre

This playpen will stand sturdy even on slippery floors due to the rubber base. Once the yard is set, sue the safety locks and go about your chores with peace of mind. The child will play and rest in a safe environment and within bounds. The material used are all high-quality and non-toxic to the baby. It is molded in a way that makes the structure durable and stronger for years. The enclosed area is large enough for play, and the fence is high enough to keep the baby from crawling out.

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5. ANTSIR PlaySafe Playard Surround 6-Panel

ANTSIR PlaySafe Playard Surround 6-Panel

ANTSIR baby playard is an easily detachable product for portability. The material used is non-toxic for the safety of the baby. The Oxford cloth net is breathable and transparent so you can see the baby as you go about your activities. It is easy to clean to ensure a sanitary environment for the little one. The size is adequate and is light enough to carry when moving from place to place. The product has anti-skid features and has a solid construction.

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6. Costzon Baby Playpen Kids

Costzon Baby Playpen Kids

Your baby’s safety and comfort come first at home and away. This is a great option to keep the baby contained while playing to give you time to do other things. The materials used are non-toxic while the construction is stable. The 8-panel design allows you to set it into any desired shape that will fit your available space. Its swinging hinged door has a safety lock to keep the baby inside.

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7. Regalo My Play Portable Playard

Regalo My Play Portable Playard

The Regale Six panel is a portable yard that offers both safety and convenience. It takes just seconds to set the play area at your chosen location. It will serve you at home while traveling or at the park. It is lightweight and foldable hence its excellent portability. It measures 48 inches wide and 26 inches high and is built with strength and durability in mind. It has soft ventilating mesh sides and a nylon bottom and will accommodate kids from 6-24 months.

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8. Growthpic Kids Playpen

Growthpic Kids Playpen

Get your baby this cartoon-themed playpen for indoors and outdoors use. It is suitable for two kids who can play inside with toys while learning independence and coordination. It is easy to clean and very durable. It is suitable for babies below five years and can be used for child-parent bonding. It is large enough and folds into a compact package for storage or transport.

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9. Best Choice Products 8 Panel Multicolored Wooden Baby Playpen

Best Choice Products 8 Panel Multicolored Wooden Baby Playpen

Give your little one a colorful place to play anywhere you go. Its eight multicolored panels will stimulate the baby’s imagination, aid color recognition while keeping it safe. It measures 85.5 inches in length, 77.5 inches width, and 27.5 inches high. This is space enough for the kid to play and keep inside. The doorway measures 22 inches in length. You will love the weight at just 23 lbs; you can carry it anywhere. This product is recommended for kids from 3 months old. Your little one will be in a safe environment that is ASTM-certified.

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10. JAXPETY Baby Playpen

JAXPETY Baby Playpen

Your baby will over playing inside this safe play yard. It is also an engaging area with a play telephone, ball spinners, and a picture house. The door is lockable to keep the baby from leaving while you are not watching. The vibrant colors will keep the child engaged as it plays. Its lightweight construction makes it easy to move from place to place. You can adjust the size and shape with the six interchangeable panels.

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Baby play yard buying guide

There are a few things you should consider before beginning your shopping for the best baby play yards. These will help you make the right decision and take home the best model for your baby.

Features to look out for


These and changing table inserts are useful features for babies. Just ensure you do not leave the baby unattended within these two devices. The bassinet may feel comfortable on the baby, but it needs a full-sized crib. When the child begins to move around it may fall out of the bassinet or changing station.

Bassinets are a great place for newborns to nap, it should fasten securely to the play yard so older children cannot dislodge it. When the baby reaches the manufacturer’s recommended weight, stop using it.

Changing stations

Some changing stations attach to the longer rails, so you have to remove them if you want them out of the way. Other designs simply rest on the longer rail but hinged on the shorter side rail. When not in use, it is safer just to remove the changing table. For safety reasons, it is crucial to have some active form of attachment to the frame.


Most play yards can fold for traveling and come with a case that makes them easy to carry when traveling from home. If you intend to travel a lot, consider a model that can be checked as baggage when flying. The weight and durability are crucial when considering portability. The fully-featured types can be a bit heavy and not convenient for traveling. Choose a model that feels solid, and you will enjoy its service longer.

How you will use it

How you plan to use the play yard will determine the model to purchase. If all you need is a safe place to keep the baby while you take a shower, then a basic one is adequate. Those with multi-level homes may need a play yard with bassinet and changing stations to save you from making trips up and down the stairs. For travelers, the best play yard should have relevant accessories and be portable. Since play yards are not required to meet the same safety standards of regular cribs, it is not recommended that you keep the baby in it as you would a full-time crib. You have to monitor the baby closely.

Safety Standards

The play yard should comply with the US safety standards that went into effect in 2013. They must meet the requirements for stability, structural integrity, entrapment, and minimum side height that will keep toddlers from climbing out.

Convenience Is Key

Newborn babies come with lots of responsibilities and attention that can wear you out. The right play yard can simplify your life. It is crucial that you pick one with the features you need to make your life easier. Check out how it folds and how it will fit the available storage. Will it fit through the doorway or do you need a smaller size or narrower design? Do you need caster wheels to move it from room to room? If you need storage rooms, check if the model has some.

Lights, Sounds, and Motions

To make it an entertaining play area, pick a play yard with built-in soothing systems. It can have simple electronic lullabies or lights. It can even come with jacks that allow you to play the favorite sounds from your MP3 player. Some play yards have mechanical rockers to sway and soothe the baby to sleep. These functions consume batteries so prepare for recharging or buying new batteries depending on the type.

Some feature a mobile with suspended toys, baby gym and other wonderful features for the baby to enjoy. Keep in mind that the more the features, the higher the price and weight of the product.


Play yards come in different colors, styles, and designs. You can coordinate it with your home décor or the kid’s bedroom with a cartoon-themed color and style. Some models have wooden frames instead of plastic to appeal to your traditional furniture style. If you prefer modern designs, then go for the sleek ones.

Age and Weight Limits

Consider the weight and age limit when selecting a play yard. Most of them have limits that should not be exceeded for safety reasons. Compare the weight limits of the changing tables and bassinets too when checking the accessories.


Babies are always making messes wherever they are, even in the contained spaces like a play yard. Some models come with detachable sheets that zip off for washing while others easily wipe off clean. If you want to buy extra sheets, then consider the size of the play yard so the sheets will fit well.


Play yards vary in price depending on brand and features included. The more the features it has, the higher the price. Some have luxury fabrics and sturdy construction that make them pricey than the others. If you are on a tight budget, then the features may not matter as long as you get a place for the baby to hang out.


If you plan to travel a lot, then a play yard that easily folds and reassembles is your best choice. A model with folding feet and wheels is compact enough for traveling.

Wheels or Casters

A product with wheels or swivel casters makes moving it from place to place easier. Choose a model with lockable wheels for safety. Designs that still roll when folded are even better since you do not have to carry them instead just roll them.


Consider a play yard with a canopy to shield your baby from harsh light. Some canopies are removable for when you do not need them. Others have attached toys to entertain the baby.


If you want a place to store toys and other baby items, then a play yard with storage is recommended. Some have zipped pockets, hook-on storage pouches, fabric shelves, or clip-on parent-organizer bags. These features may not be necessary, but if you want them then look big enough storage.


These are the best play yards to consider getting your baby. They are safe, secure and durable models that are also pocket-friendly. Do not let the fair price make you think they are low quality, they are constructed of a high-quality material and designed to keep the baby entertained and safe. Use them indoors or outdoors and travel with them easily to your next destination.

10 Best Remote Control Boats

These are radio controlled boats that offer a very different experience that is fun. There are RC boats for everyone to enjoy playing with. It does not matter what your age group or experience level is.

They provide a great experience for the family or for racing with friends. They make a great gift for a kid, but an adult will also enjoy the experience. You just never outgrow these things. Since there are so many of such boats on the market, you can be so confused when shopping. Due to this, you need a good and informative shopping guide like this. Going blind will result in purchasing the wrong boat that will not serve the intended purposes.

1. UDI001 Venom Remote Control Boat

UDI001 Venom Remote Control Boat

Venom can achieve a super speed of 15mph blowing all the other boats out of the water. It is capable of extreme turns and auto flips to help you keep it in play even after capsizing. Its four-channel controller operating at 2.4GHz can race multiple boats simultaneously. This electric boat features a water-cooled motor for a reliable operation. Its anti-tilt hull makes the boat very stable. It is stylish, affordable and has excellent speed.

You will love the low battery warning feature to give you time to bring it to shore in time. Do not worry about the battery overcharging or over-discharging; it has an excellent battery safety system. The included extra rechargeable 600mAh battery will double your racing time and fun. Just avoid salt water, and the boat will last a long time.

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2. UDI007 Voyager Remote Control Boat

UDI007 Voyager Remote Control Boat

The Voyager has a sleek design, making it look beautiful even before you put it in the water. It is streamlined and has a compact design for great handling and maneuvering small water bodies. Its 2.4GHZ transmitter can manage the extended operation. The standard marine radio system has extended range and automatic code pairing. You will race without interference and for longer distances. The controller can operate multiple boats simultaneously.

When the battery drains, just charge using the USB charger conveniently via your car charger, power bank or computer. The boat comes with an extra 1500mAh battery to double your racing time and the fun. Each battery can take you 7-9 minutes. Ride it without worry of tilting since it features a powerful anti-tilt hull design to take care of that.

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3. H102 Velocity Remote Control Boat

H102 Velocity Remote Control Boat

Just like its name, the Velocity is a unique boat set apart from the other models. Its large-prop motor pushes the boat to more than 20MPH. From the controller’s LCD you will see the detailed NAV input. It displays both power and signal to help you have maximum fun and be in full control. The capsize recovery mode will flip the boat back on when it capsizes. Not many boats can do that.

You will feel like you are cruising in a real boat when this speedboat is at full speed. The double-hatch design makes it more water resistant, hence improved durability and reduced maintenance. It features an emergency stop to stop the boat dead in its cruise better than other remote control boats.

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4. CSFLY-DeXop Rc Boat

CSFLY-DeXop Rc Boat

This is one durable boat made of impact-resistant ABS plastic. This makes it smooth, and easy to maintain. In case you have to replace a part, it is quite simple. It features a self-righting responsive V Hull with an anti-tilt modular design. This design keeps it stable and reduces resistance so it can move faster.

Its powerful motor can make the boat go at 20 km/h. Experience working with the strong transmitter with random frequencies of 24MHZ, 40MHZ and 49MHZ that makes it go for about 50 meters. Working with the controller is very easy; just turn left, right, forward, backward, and rotate 360 degrees with ease. It features a built-in waterproof switch to protect the hull and internal components and ensure durability and efficiency. The boat uses the included 700mAh rechargeable battery while the remote uses two AA batteries. Do not play with the boat in saltwater, as this will damage the boat.

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5. SZJJX RC Boat 2.4GHz 4 Channels Remote Control Electric Racing Boat

SZJJX RC Boat 2.4GHz 4 Channels Remote Control Electric Racing Boat

Enjoy racing this powerful remote control boat up to 25km/h. Its remote control distance is exceptionally long up to 150 meters for more fun and freedom. If the boat capsizes, do not worry, it can do an automatic flip. The 180-degree turnover action brings it back to the race.

It features a high-performance and durable motor that is protected from the water. It has a wonderful water resistant design and the automatic air-cooling system to protect the boat from overheating. It is easy to switch between the left and right throttle and is convenient for both left and right-handed persons.

With the LCD you can read the direction and other navigation information more intuitively. Another fun part is that with one controller, you can manage multiple boats within the 2.4GHz frequency simultaneously. You will enjoy the ease of operating this boat. A full charge will take you 8 minutes of play, then recharge for 45 minutes.

More Info / Check Price

6. KingPow Tempo H100 2.4G 4CH Remote Control Boat

KingPow Tempo H100 2.4G 4CH Remote Control Boat

You do not have to be a kid to enjoy this boat. The experience of riding it brings exhilaration and is a way to gain boating skills. It is easy to control in all directions as accurately as desired. The boat can manage a speed of 30km/h and a maximum control distance of 150 meters. This means more fun, even in a large water body like a lake. Its hull is waterproof with an anti-tilt modular design. It is built from the impact-resistant ABS plastic making it durable and easy to maintain.

This boat is recomm3nded for those above 14 years, including adults who love the simple fun activities. When you are through with playing, open the top cover and remove the battery to let the hull dry.

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7. Electric RC Boat Remote Control Boat for Kid

Electric RC Boat Remote Control Boat for Kid

This remote control boat can transmit a strong signal through random id frequencies in 24 MHZ, 40MHZ, and 49MHZ. The remote can manage a range of 50 meters. Its powerful motor can make the boat achieve a speed of 15-20km/h. It is even more fun how it is designed to self-balance for a stable sailing. Using the controller, the boat can move forward, backward, left and right. It uses a rechargeable battery of 4.8V and 700mAH capacity. Just three hours is adequate for charging and do not leave it to charge overnight.

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8. AHAHOO RC Boat 2.4Ghz Radio Remote Control Electric Racing Boat

AHAHOO RC Boat 2.4Ghz Radio Remote Control Electric Racing Boat

Nothing is as powerful like this remote control boat. It can achieve a speed of 30km/h and a remote control range of 150 meters. This will give you more fun and manage longer sail distances. Its water-cooling system reduces the motor power loss and allows you to ride longer.

The boat can do an automatic 180-degree turnover when it capsizes. Add this to the self-righting function, and you get a stable boat that is fun to play with. Its 390 strong magneto drive provides a reliably strong performance. Even though the default mode is left hand, you can change this as desired.

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9. DeXop RC Boat

DeXop RC Boat

Feel the power of this 370 type racing motor capable of a speed of 24km/h. The propeller is designed for huge thrust but protected from easily being damaged. It has a high capacity battery of 800mAh that can keep you playing longer. It is easy to control and can move back, forward, left and right effortlessly due to the vector-push design.

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10. GoolRC GC001 Remote Control Boat

GoolRC GC001 Remote Control Boat

This boat packs a lot of fun experience for anyone. It can manage 30km/h and run for about 15 minutes before the battery requires a recharge. The 2.4GHZ controller can operate multiple boats simultaneously as long as each is paired correctly. The powerful water-cooled motor operates safely and reliably. The hull design makes the boat easy to control and attain high speeds and stability.

More Info / Check Price

Remote control boat Buying guide

For a first time buyer of a remote control boat, the joy and lack of knowledge can lead you to buy the wrong boat. It is crucial that you know more about the boats as you do your shopping. Here are some basics to help you along the path.

Types of RC boats

These remote control boats come in different types, shapes, and sizes but the final decision lies with your preference.

Electric Boats

These types are easy to operate and do not make any noise when operating. You will not worry about disturbing anyone around. If you are not mechanically perceptive, they will fit your plan since they require minimal maintenance. The brushless ones are faster than the nitro engines.

The performance, however, depends on how you charge the batteries. For an extended playtime, consider carrying an extra set of batteries. Water and debris can get into the vent holes, therefore, harming the motor. You may be stuck as to what to do when something goes wrong yet the batteries are expensive.

Nitro RC Boats

These types of boats are more complex but give more fun. All you need is add more nitro fuel and the play time can extend as desired. It offers you the real feel of an engine with smoke and the noise. If you are interested in improving your mechanical skills, then this is the boat. They are faster than the brushed motor engines and are more water resistant.

The noise may be fun but can cause you problems with the neighbors. The nitro fuel is not cheap, and the boat requires a higher level of skill to operate and repair. You may not use it indoors due to the fumes emitted.

Sail RC Boats

Sailboats have the least maintenance demand and are fun to race. It is fun to control as it helps hone your boat-handling skills. It is mainly powered by the wind against the sails, so there is no engine to worry about. It offers a relaxing and fulfilling sailing experience for those interested in sailing.

Racing RC Boats

These are the most common RC boat types. Most beginners will love them, and the experienced hobbyists will not pass them by. They are available in electric-powered, petrol-powered, and nitro-powered engines. The electric boats are the most common since they are easy to maintain and are quieter. There are racing sports boats and racing speedboats for different water sizes and skill sets.

RC Scale Boats

These are a smaller scale version of favorite ships. It can be a battleship, destroyer, ocean liner, or combat ship. These types are not designed for speed. They mainly satisfy the realism, appearance, scale, and performance as you play with them.

What to look for

As you shop for the perfect RC boat, you must have a few preferences to consider. There are so many boats on the market, and this can confuse. There are many types, designs and sizes to choose from. Here are some basic parameters to help you in purchasing the right boat.

What you need it for

If your interest is to race, then a sporting boat is your choice. This will allow you to enjoy the speed. They can attain high speeds and are perfectly designed to cut through the water. They have motors or engines just for speed. With the right boat type, you can win every race.

Power system

Boats work on three main power systems, electric from the battery, fuel, and wind for sailboats. Choose the right type based on your preferred power system. Picking the wrong one will cost you a lot. For a hot tournament, a battery-powered boat will let you down. Consider your needs beforehand.

Shape and the design

What you see is crucial, the beauty and design make it aesthetically appealing. It also contributes to the performance on the water. When riding what you love to see, the fun doubles. Choose the color to fit the contest and stand out from the crowd. Pick a sailboat that will control its balance, especially if you are racing someone.

Electronic Speed Controls (ESC)

This part controls the boat’s speed. It specifies the maximum speed at which the boat can work. It is a digital throttle and can be brushed ESC or BL ESC.

Transmitters & Receivers

Consider the boat’s transmitter and receiver. A reliable one will give you a longer range and give you more fun. It should be durable since it is used a lot.


The battery-powered boats require powerful batteries to push them longer. Check if the voltage and battery type are available where you live in case you want a replacement. The rechargeable ones are better since they are cheaper in the long run.


Remote controlled boats are fun to play with and easy to operate. They have minimal frequency interference and recharges easily. The type that requires little or no maintenance will make your life easy. Select a boat that is safe for kids. It is a confusing world out there, especially if you go shopping unprepared. However, these tips will enlighten you to identify the right RC boat clearly.

10 Best Remote Control Car for Kids

Top 10 Best Remote Control Car for Kids in 2019 Reviews

If you are planning on getting a remote control car for a kid, this review will help you understand what to look for and give you the best choices to select from. Do you have RC enthusiastic kids or teenagers? These cars will make them so happy, engaged and creative as they play. Buy the right car for their age and watch the glow on their faces grow.

Best Remote Control Car for Kids Reviews:

10. AHAHOO RC Car Boat 4WD 6CH Land & Water Amphibious Tank

This double-sided amphibious RC car can perform excellently on land and water with 360-degree spin and flip. The four-wheel independent vibration system helps ease vibrations from affecting the car or its components. It lets the car close to the ground when operating and to powerfully accelerate. The advanced 2.4GHz remote frequency has interference protection so many cars can race together. The remote range is 60M on land and 30M on water. It uses strong and powerful motors to give it the speed of 20 km/h for a thrilling driving experience. It is super shockproof and has a precision waterproof design.

9. Double E RC Rock Crawler Remote Control Truck

Your kid will love the experience of the off-road performance of this car. It is a four-wheel drive and is powered by a powerful dual motor to handle any terrain with ease and stability. It has the large-scale details and gives the kid a realistic driving experience. The high-capacity rechargeable 6V battery provides long life performance. The vehicle has independently installed suspension springs to prevent vibration damage and to protect the electronic parts better.

8. Cartoon R/C Race Car Radio Control Toy for Toddlers

Your baby deserves the best RC racecar perfect for their age. This car is bright, colorful and is an ideal toy to help children learn and play with electronic toys for the first time. Cartoon R/C can drive forward and reverse and is fast enough for the kids. It features easy two-button control and other fun buttons for the kid. Also, It has a removable race car driver figure that the kid can take out to play with. Adding that, it is perfect for toddlers who are just beginning to play with remote control toys and are easily maneuverable for their age.

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7. EpochAir Remote Control Car

This great RC car has three adjustable gears; floor, wall and off. It can drive perfectly on the floor and sue suction technology to scale walls and glass for a thrilling experience. The remote control has infrared sensors to control the running speed and change the direction. It can make a 3600 rotation while reversing. It is equipped with intelligent, bright head and rear lamps. They turn on depending on the direction and turning. They bring endless fun to kids even after dark.

6. VCANNY 12 Scale Electric Remote Control Truck with High Speed 40km/H 4WD 2.4Ghz

VCANNY RC car off road truck electric high speed vehicle has no problem going through the marshy land, grass, wet mud, sand or any rough terrain. It has a semi-waterproof feature to allow playing in any weather. Get your RC enthusiastic kid this amazingly fast vehicle powered by a powerful brush 540 motors to drive at up to 40 km/h. It has highly responsive steering and throttle, an ergonomic transmitter for superior control. It features S-truck suspension technology for off-road performance, strong and durable, Perfect for specialized operation, like turn, drift, and flip, built for superior handling and control, forward/backward, left/right.

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5. Tobeape RC Car, Wireless Remote Control Off Road RC Toy Car

This car is so powerful from the dual motors and has some serious power torque that makes it easier to complete difficult moves. It can ride on off-road conditions, beach, and camping activities. It has indecently installed suspension springs for more flexibility and shock proofing to protect the electronic parts and the body. The tires are made of eco-friendly TPE material that is elastic, soft and is adjustable based on the road condition. The car has strong body structure to withstand impacts and give you a longer service life.

4. TOZO C2035 RC CARS High-Speed

Get your kid this powerful and long-range RC vehicle for the best driving experience. The 2.4GHz radio control has a range of up to 100 meters. It has a durable and robust construction that makes it perfect for specialized operations. The four wheels have independently installed suspension with high resilience helical spring for an impressive dampening effect and a steadier drive. Everything about his vehicle is impressive, from its construction to performance. The powerful motor can drive it to a speed of 30 mph and above. It as current overload protection, longer service life for the electric plate.

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3. Double E RC Rock Crawler 4WD Remote Control Truck

This four-wheel drive RC vehicle is designed for off-road performance. The front and rear dual motors deliver a strong power torque allowing it to conquer any terrain and remain stable all through. The simulated cool front lights give the kids a realistic driving experience. The 6V 800mAh high-capacity rechargeable battery gives it a long operation time. This RC has independently installed suspension system. The four suspension springs work efficiently to prevent damage from the vibration and to give the kid an excellent driving experience and stability.

2. SZJJX RC Car, 1/12 Scale 4WD High-Speed Vehicle

The car has a heavy-duty construction with metal gear parts for better durability. This gives it high efficiency and longer life compared to plastic gears. It has a shockproof suspension system for handling rough terrains and a highly responsive steering system for quick maneuvering. Each wheel is a helical spring independent suspension for an impressive dampening effect for a steadier drive.

It has a scale of 1:12 off-road four-wheel drive vehicle with LED lights for multi-terrain racing. It can achieve a speed of up to 50 km/h and can drift. You will not get any interference on the 2.4GHz radio control when racing multiple cars together. It can achieve more than 100 meters of remote control distance.

1. INTEY RC Cars Amphibious Remote Control Car, Best Remote Control Cars for Kids

Both kids and adults will love this amphibious all-terrain RC car. It is IP6 waterproof and has rubber tires for floating in water, and to give the best experience on snow or rocks. It has extreme skid resistance making it perfect for rocks, beach, grass, mountain, and camping activities. The four wheels have independently installed suspension springs for a more flexible shock proofing. Either side of the vehicle has anti-collision baffle for maximum protection. It can manage 8-10 km/h on land and 0.8 km/h on water. The 7.2V and 9V battery can power the CR vehicle for 15 continuous minutes of operation.

How to Choose Best Remote Control Car for Kids:

1. Type of vehicle

The market is full of different types of remote controlled cars to choose from. They mostly fall into the categories of trucks, cars, or buggies. They are all referred to as RC cars, but there are differences in the vehicles

  • Cars: these are the fastest with some capable of achieving 100mph. They are best used on a smooth surface like a paved road. These cars handle excellently allowing you to speed around any obstacle.
  • Trucks: these are recommended for off-road experience. They can handle the rough terrains better than RC cars. They are perfect for outdoor use, and some models are even water-resistant.
  • Buggies: these types are best for both worlds. They can be used for on-road and off-road racing. It’s not as fast as cars and cannot climb rocky terrains the way trucks can, but it great as all-purpose vehicles.

2. Price range

It is crucial that you check the price when choosing a remote-controlled car. When shopping for a young kid, it is better to start with a cheaper one since they are prone to breaking toys fast. Adolescent kids may prefer top speeds so consider something durable, and in this case, pricier.

Very young children can do with RC cars at the lower end of the range due to the high-risk breakage. They have fewer features and basic controls. They may not go as fast or handle rough terrains like the more expensive models. The cars ranging from $100 onwards have more features, are sturdier, and have higher speeds. When shopping for kids, consider the medium range prices since they have impressive features, speed, and durability without the need to break the bank.

Power source

The main power sources for RC cars are electric and nitro fuel. The electric cars are powered by a rechargeable battery and are easy to get started with. All you have to do is charge the battery, put in the car and you are good to go. These cars are usually cheaper than the nitro types but are slower and less powerful.

The types that run on nitro fuel are fast and powerful but are more expensive. These cars are designed for the serious RC car enthusiast and require some maintenance. You will have to buy gas and oil for the cars and have an additional maintenance cost. For smaller children, this is not an attractive type of RC car, but for the adolescents who love the noise and power, nitro-fueled cars are the best option.

Remote controls

This is the part that connects your hands wirelessly to the car to control it. It uses radio transmitters to talk to the car. The stick controls are fairly easy for kids to learn using. The pistol grip type allows for more precise control over the car but has a steeper learning curve compared to the easy stick control.

Most advanced remotes are the 2.4GHz pistol grip types. They offer a proportional control over steering and throttle and give an increased range and customization. These features may seem appealing to the adult or teenage user; they may not mean anything to the young children.

Some feature Bluetooth connections for control. This allows you to use a phone or tablet to control your vehicle and opens a world of possibilities. You can stream music, operate the turn signals and even open the vehicle doors. They, however, come at an increased price.


It is important to decide how big the car should be. Its scale tells you its size in relation to the real full-sized car. They typically come in ranges of 1/16 to 1/5. The larger the size, the more expensive the car will be but will have more replaceable parts for easy repairing. Consider where you will store the car when buying it.

Intended use

Before settling on a remote control car, you should be clear on what you want the car for and where you will use it. You may prefer speed over the ability to move over rough terrains.


Consider the age rating of the car before buying it. For example, a two-year-old will not properly manage to use a car rated for a five-year-old. They may not even be interested in the car. The age is usually marked clearly on the package to help you make your purchase decision.


A remote control car made out of durable material may be a bit expensive but will serve your kid for a long time. Cheap material like hard plastic will only give the user a few days or months of use before breaking down. The car should have a solid built to withstand the rough handling by kids.

Speed and safety

The performance of an RC is the most important aspect for the enthusiasts. The performance determines how much fun you will get out of it. The main elements are speed and handling. The speed will depend on the kid’s age since toddlers may not enjoy high-speed cars. This may even be a safety hazard to them and those around the house.

Battery life

The remote control cars spend more time charging than the time you spend using it. Some cars have longer drive times than others depending on the battery. The best battery is that which will ride longer and take the least time recharging.

Modification or upgrade options

You may need to make some upgrade on your RC car after purchase. Find a car that is easy to repair when something goes wrong or breaks. A car that gives you the option to make modifications allows you to customize it to your preferences. These may be too complicated for the child, but are essential for the adult enthusiast.


There are only a few gifts that will thrill your kid when they receive it. A remote control car is almost every kid’s dream, and the more powerful and feature-rich, the better. Consider durability, ease of control and comfort while operating it. A reliable and durable RC car will serve the kid for long.