Porch swings offer much more than relaxation in an open space. They come with a number of health benefits. They are known to be useful in toning muscles. Further in today’s busy world porch swings allow family members to spend more time with one another and improve bonding. They are also known to be good stress busters and could improve blood circulation while strengthening various parts of the lower and abdominal muscles. They also could be useful in toning shoulder muscles and arms.

However, if you look around the market you will come across many brands and models of porch swings. In such a situation selecting the best porch swings is tough and often it could lead to confusion and indecision. We are therefore sharing some basic information of ten carefully selected models of porch swings. We are sure it will be helpful to readers and others who are planning to buy one for their homes.

1. Amish Heavy Duty 800 Lb Porch Swing

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This is well and truly a heavy duty porch swing capable of bearing weight of 800 lbs. It is made from high quality pine which has been pre-treated. It has a unique roll back contour which ensures perfect contouring to the body. It is extremely comfortable and could be one of the best porch swings in the market today. It comes with a high class finish brought about by the best workmanship. It comes with hanging chains made from high quality steel capable of withstanding 800 lbs. On the whole it is a good purchase offering value for money for a number of years.

2. 5 Foot Handmade Cypress Porch Swing

This is high quality handmade porch Cypress porch swing and it comes amongst other thing with cup holders. It is suited for heavy duty outdoor use. It has some of the best bolts and nuts and brass plated screws. It does not have any staples and the brass plated screws are corrosion and rust resistant. The edges and contours are rounded and sanded. It comes in a sub-assembled state and assembling is quite easy and should not take more than a few minutes. It has an easy to understand assembly video. On the whole it is a quality porch swing that is long lasting and durable.

3. 5′ Cedar Porch Swing W/stained Finish

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This 5 inch cedar Porch swing could have quite a few things to offer. The biggest takeaway is the high quality red cedar. This is naturally resistant to insect damage, decay and rotting. It is lightweight and also strong and has a long natural life. It is quality outdoor furniture and it also comes with low warping properties. It is perfectly designed for seating two people and the seating arrangements are quite well planned offering rounded smoothness. It is made from bolts and screws and no nails have been used. It comes with a dimension of 23 inch height x 62 inch wide and 27 inch depth. The seat is around 18 inches deep and 58 inches wide.

4. Black Metal Fleur-de-Lis Patio Porch Swing

This is made from high quality powder coat steel and cast iron construction ensures that the patio porch swing is extremely durable and lasts for a long time. It is famous for a quality antique finish and the famous fleur-de-lis design is very much evident. It offers a unique and different touch of style for those who are fans of conventional styles of porch swings. It can seat up to 2 people and can bear a weight of around 500 lbs. On the whole it is a reasonably high quality porch swing with the best of facilities.

5. Lakeland Mills 4-Foot Cedar Log Porch Swing

The big takeaway of this porch swing is that it is made from high quality white cedar. It is resistant to weather and insects. Further it is made from a renewable source. It has curved seat slats and this go a long way in giving the user greater comfort. It is totally made in USA and offers durability, comfort, lasts quite long. On the whole it does offer excellent value for money. It is easy to maintain and can be cleaned with a mild dish soap and a small quantity of bleach. On the whole it is certainly a value for money product.

6. Wicker Resin/Steel Patio Porch Swing

This is made from high quality steel and the wicker is also long lasting. The resin is quite attractive and adds sophistication to the porch swing. It is simple in design and will go a long way in making the patio good looking and sophisticated. The high quality wicker is built to last and therefore you can expect to get years and decades of services from it at all points of time.

7. Luxury 2 Person Wicker Swing Chair

This is a smooth looking high performing porch swings and looks extremely good in more ways than one. The smooth resin finish and the quality wicker material that is used for making the chair is something which stands out. The outdoor wicker is well known for standing against the elements of nature and the steel frame on which the chair is built is also another big takeaway. At the end of the day, it is a value for money porch swing chair and is worth buying.

8. Highwood Weatherly Porch Swing 5 feet, White

This is a gorgeous looking porch swing chair that is suitable both for indoor and outdoor use. The good thing about this chair is that it is made in USA from 100% recycled plastic. It comes in two sizes, four feet and five feet width and apart from the stunning white, a few more colors are also available. It can withstand 500 pounds of weight and is durable and also is resistant to fade. The chair has been assembled with quality 304 grade stainless. Therefore it is a good buy and is also is reasonably priced.

9. Ecommersify 5 feet Lumber Rollback Porch

The specialty with this shoe is that this porch swing has a flip down console. It is located in the center of the swing and is suitable for placing your drinks. The porch has been intelligently designed and is capable of handling 500 lbs. The swing is heavily constructed and has slats which are 1.3/4 inches wide and 1 inch thick. It does not have any sharp angles and each slat is sanded to ensure smooth finish for maximum comfort. It comes with 90% assembled and therefore installation will not take much of a time.

10. 4′ Natural Cedar Porch Swing, Amish Crafted

This smart and sleek looking porch swing is made from Western Red Cedar. This is resistant to rot, insect damage and decay. It is also light in weight but does no compromise on strength in any manner. It is comfortable enough for seating two people and has the best of contoured edges ensuring rounded smoothness. It is 23 inches high x 50 inch x 27 inches deep. The seat is around 18 inches deep and 46 inch wide. It is strong enough and you can apply a finish of your choice once it is fixed.


We hope that the above will give you a fair idea about the various features which go in making the best porch swings. However, when buying porch swings you need to do your research properly and look up as many models and makes as possible. You would be investing big money and therefore you must be sure that you will get value for money. You must look at the material, finish, the base materials, the quality of screws, bolts, nuts and other such things before buying them. The warranty and guarantee terms and conditions should also be taken into account.

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