Are you aware that you can check your cholesterol count yourself, without having to see doctor? You can do it in the privacy of your home. Today, cholesterol test kits are available that you can use at home. These kits are simple and easy to use. They do not need any professional assistance to use these kits.

Using home test kits for cholesterol is an easy, hassle-free and effective way to check out your cholesterol count. You can stay home, yet you n can monitor your blood cholesterol level. When you visit your doctor, to undergo testing for cholesterol, it may take a few days to get the report. Contrary to this, home test kits for cholesterol can let you know the result within a few minutes.

Buying these kits is easy. You can get them online. It may be overwhelming for you to choose the best one. We present here a list of 10 best home cholesterol test kits.

Best Home Cholesterol Test Kits Reviews:

1. Cardio Chek – Cholesterol Analyzer by CardioChek

The kit comprises Cardiochek Basic Analyzer, three total cholesterol test strips, three count test strips for HD, three count test strips for triglyceride, and nine lancets and nine capillaries.

Always have the right sized blood droplet on the strip. Each test strip has an expiry date. This kit is used for the people and up to 45 years for men and up to 55 years in women with coronary heart disease. I can check the blood pressure, low HDL, and diabetes.

First, insert the memo chip into CardioChek and apply the blood sample. Now take the test strip into the Cariodchekand. Wait for a minute and check the result out.

2. CardioCheck Device for Blood Testing

This kit includes CardioChek analyzer, six HDL strips for checking Cholesterol, six strips for checking total cholesterol and six strips for triglyceride, 18 lancers and capillary tubes.

The kit is accurate and can bring you results in three to five minutes. You can use it once in a month.

3. Contour Diabetes Testing Kit

This test kit comprises Contour Diabetes Testing Kit, 100 Contour Test Strips, Contour NEXT Diabetes EZ Monitor, 100 Active Forward Lancets (30g), 100 Contour Test Strips, Microlet Lancing Device, Control Solution, log Book, Carry Case and user manual,

The kit is one of the best home cholesterol test kits for 2020. The kit gives accurate, fast, and user-friendly. You can get the result as few as 5 seconds. You can take a blood sample for a second time if the situation warrants.

The kit can store the result data of past one week, 14 days and a month.

4. CardioChek Testing for Cholesterol Kit

This kit provides your all the testing parts that are required to test your LDL and cholesterol levels. The kit includes three test strip for triglyceride, three test strips for HDL, 3 strips for testing total cholesterol, and pip & lancers.

Each of the pack of strips includes unique Memo Chip. the Memor Chip is to be inserted before using the strip.

5. Blood Ketone & Glucose Monitoring System

This kit comprises a lancing device, 10 test strips for blood glucose, 50 lancets and 10 keto strips. The kit carries a warranty of five years. The kit is accurate even though you keep on using it.

It brings results without any inconvenience and is fast. It is one the best home cholesterol test kits for 2020.

6. Female Hormone Test

This kit enables women to test fertility, menstruation, metabolism – all that is influenced by the principal female hormones.

The benefits of this are that it is simple and easy t use in the comfort and privacy of home. The kit uses saliva as the test sample. The test sample brings data on five female hormones. Once you test your sample, you need send to the Verisana Laboratory, who will bring your the test results.

7. 23andMe DNA Test – Health + Ancestry Personal Genetic Service

This kit comprises Ancestry Service PLUS, wellness and attributes, Carrier status. It brings over 85 online reports based on DNA.

Makes sure to seek important details on the product at

The kit is reliable and accurate. Ad enables your get reports by rigours process done by highly skilled and reputed medial experts.

You need to use saliva as the test sample. Once you collect the sample, you need to send to the company. No additional payment is needed.

8. DNA Test Kit Health

The kit presented by TellmeGen and an update automatically without any additional payment when new discovery happened. You can contact the company for help.

With this kit, you can know which medication is suitable for you. You can know beforehand regarding if you become bald, obese, gain muscles, and your alcohol tolerance.

The kit is based on the philosophy of prevention and having information anticipation of what is going to happen. Don’t feel weary about your data and privacy. They are 100% secure at TellmeGen.

9. Diurnal Cortisol (Cx4)

This kit is a saliva test kit enables you to get information on whethr you suffer from a higher or lower than normal level of cortisol in your body. It will also monitor the rise and fall of cortisol in the next 24 hours. Cortisol plays a significant role in fighting stress. It is made by the adrenal gland.

It is easy, simple and safe to use the kit. Once you get the sample, you need to send it to TestCountry/ZRT Laboratory. It will take thee to five days to get the results.

10. Adrenal Stress Profile – Saliva Test Kit

This saliva test kit is to test the level of five hormones in your body. The kit is reliable and safe. It helps to monitor the level of stress and the level fatigue due to adrenal effect. The kit is also useful for individuals having allergies, sleep disturbances and weakened immunity and other symptoms of adrenal imbalance (arthritis, memory loss, craving for sugar, high level of bold sugar, bone loss, and cortisol level.


You will find a large number of test kits with similar or same functionalities of the ones we mention here. You need to know what your need is and why you need to check it. And, having read the list of best home cholesterol test kits, we recommend you to use this guide while buying home test kits for cholesterol. You buy them easily online on Amazon. These kits are pretty easy to use. In some cases, you need to send the test ample to the designated lab that will send you’re the report as soon as possible. The kits will help save time money that you could otherwise need to spend on visiting the doctor. Happy health.