Modern clothes dryers fall into two categories depending on how they heat. Some use gas while others are electric. Gas types are a bit expensive to purchase but offer potential energy saving. Modern electric dryers are energy efficient hence fare well in saving your energy.

Why do you need electric clothes dryers? This machine will save you lots of time in the laundry. They reduce the time it takes to dry clothes so you can wash clothes even on a rainy day. It can, however, be confusing when choosing the right product for your laundry. There are many brands, models, and features to consider. You should consider simple factors like the available space in your house, the price and long-term energy and maintenance costs.

The best models are equipped with a moisture sensor to detect dampness in the cloth and can stop the cycle when the clothes are dry. This feature prevents the dryer from wasting energy. Other useful features include steaming and sanitizing settings that are essential if you have kids and want to ensure their beddings are very clean.

10 Best Electric Clothes Dryers for the Money Reviews;

1. Magic Chef MCSDRY1S 2.6 cu. Ft. Laundry Dryer

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Dry your clothes efficiently and get them soft with this affordable clothes dryer. This compact dryer is both a money-saver and space saver that holds just 2.6 cubic feet of your space. It features a timer control, wall mounting, and PTC heating element. It has a swinging door with integrated viewing window.

2. Kenmore 65132 7.0 Cu. Ft. Electric Dryer

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Dry your clothes in this large capacity dryer without worrying about the load. It has an Air Dryer for the delicate items and a 30-minute tumble-drying that uses just the necessary heat and is faster than the traditional air-drying. It uses smart moisture sensing and temperature sensing technology to adjust the dry cycle and dries clothes without damaging the fabric. It stops the cycle when the clothes are dry therefore saving you on energy bills. The Wrinkle Guard prevents wrinkles from setting in up to 150 minutes after the drying session. Its drop-down door makes the dryer easy to access on the way in and out. It serves as a quick and convenient resting spot for your clothes basket.

3. Panda 3200 rpm Portable Spin Dryer

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You will love this portable spin dryer for home use. It has a stainless steel drum construction for durability. Plug the 110v outlet anywhere you want and proceed to dry your laundry. It has a large capacity and is very portable around the house. It is perfect for traveling, boat, RV, dorms, apartments and any other place with little space. It will dramatically speed up drying for hand washing, is efficient, convenient, economical and safe to use. It employs gravity drain meaning you can set it anywhere with a bucket under it for the drain water.

4. Panda 2.65 cu.ft Compact Laundry Dryer

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If you have a small living space or want to dry clothes in a dorm, apartment, camping trip or RV, then this is the perfect clothes dryer for you. It has a 2.65 cubic feet capacity and uses a 110V outlet. It may take longer than a regular 20V outlet machine. It is made of a stainless steel drum for long life and has a transparent lid for viewing. Since it releases warm air, you can leave it in the room in winter to warn the place. It comes with wall mounting kits and a user manual.

5. Kenmore 65132 7.0 Cu. Ft. Electric Dryer

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Put any load size into the Kenmore dryer’s 7.0 cu. Ft. capacity. You can dry many clothes or large duvets in a single cycle, therefore, saving time and energy. It features Wrinkle Guard for quick tossing to prevent wrinkles from setting in for a maximum of 150 minutes post drying. It uses an integrated thermostat to monitor and control the operating temperature and moisture. The drop-down doors make it convenient to load and unload laundry and are a convenient resting spot for the clothes basket. It works efficiently without damaging the fabric. Just set the timer and forget about babysitting the dryer as it works.

6. CTT Intelligent Compact Portable Tumble Clothes Dryer

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Clothes drying has become more intelligent than before. This machine has a humidity tester that auto stops the drying cycle when the clothes are dry. It has a shorter drying time and saves energy by 5%. You can set the drying time and do other essential things than babysitting the dryer. It features a positive and reverse motor to keep the clothes from twining. They come out more fluffy and easy to pick out. It operates at a reduced noise level of less than 55dB.

The 3.25 cubic feet capacity takes in a large number of clothes. You do not need to worry about the clothes getting damaged; the dryer has a stainless steel inner drum. It has a wall mount kit of installing it free standing. At just 57.2 lbs. The drying machine is easy to move around the room.

7. The Laundry Alternative Nina Soft Spin Dryer

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This dryer has some serious efficiency with the ability to dry clothes in less than 3 minutes. Its 1800-rpm spin speed gives it the enormous power to dry the massive load. It can accept up to 12 lb. load and is 100 times more efficient than the conventional dryer. It weighs just 15 lbs. and has tall, built-in handles making it very portable and minimizes bending. The dryer comes with a generous 3-years manufacturer’s warranty

8. Kenmore Smart 81982 9.0 cu. Ft. Electric Dryer

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Kenmore is an advanced smart technology clothes dryer that allows you to control it from a smartphone app conveniently. You can download 14 different drying cycles to customize your drying more easily. Its 9cubic foot capacity is large to minimize your drying cycles and save you time. It is certified to kill 99.9% of household germs and bacteria. It uses the steam power to reduce odors and release wrinkles in under ten minutes. It is crucial that you measure the available space before buying this to ensure it fits perfectly. It has the dimensions 33.87 inches in length, 29 inches width and 40.8 inches height.

9. Kenmore Smart 81983 9.0 cu. Ft. Electric Dryer

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Nothing makes drying as easy as the Kenmore smart 81983. Its large nine cubic foot capacity can take in a large number of clothes to reduce your drying tasks and save your time. It connects to your smartphone for covenant drying control. You can download 14 different drying cycles to customize your drying needs easily. If has a sanitizing feature that kills 99.9% of all bacteria and germs leaving your clothes fresh and clean. It has wrinkle guard technology that releases wrinkles and reduces odors in just ten minutes and keeps the clothes wrinkle-free. The sensor dry feature prevents over-drying and waste of energy.

10. Kenmore Elite 61633 9.2 Cu. Ft. Electric Dryer

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This dryer features a smartdry technology for fine-tuning the temperature and measure the moisture levels while drying to adjust cycle time and heat. It has an optimal design and dual height that allows clothes to open up for a more optimal tumbling. It requires a 240V grounded 30AMP power outlet for it to function. It is essential that you confirm the availability of this outlet and space before taking this machine home. It features a steam fresh technology that reduces wrinkles and odor for a better quality drying.

Features to look for

The modern dryers offer much more features than the previous models and are designed to make your life much easier. They add useful features like brief bursts to reduce wrinkles and eliminate odors. Some even use intermittent tumbling after drying, therefore, keeping wrinkles from setting in.

The best types have a wide selection of cycles to customize for your drying needs. The dryer should allow you to select the best cycle to dry the load you throw in. A drum line dryer is excellent since it does not leave behind stray socks and small pieces of clothes. The best dryers should make it easy to situate the door hinges on either side to help you configure the laundry space as you please. Features like LED displays make it easy to see when the load will be done and child lock helps protect the kids.

Other necessary features include:

1. Design & Appearance

This depends on your preferences, whether you want an ultra-modern machine or a more traditional look. Choose a design that will complement the room it will occupy, so you don’t get an excellent performer that has no aesthetic appeal.

Even though most people still do laundry in the basement, more and more modern people are placing their washer-dryers where people can see them. The kitchen is one popular spot so you will want something that blends perfectly with the décor and looks good.

The design should be practical and straightforward. For example, a feature that makes adding steam or activating wrinkle reduction for excellent output. You would love a dryer with an electronic control panel for precise drying level settings, and to make you the envy of other homemakers.

Energy efficiency has not been an issue in the past, but now, it is a priority for both the manufacturers and the customers. You can look for a dryer that cuts down the usage of electricity, hence saving you money on bills. High-quality dryers have advanced sensor systems to monitor the moisture content in clothing and stop the drying cycle when the clothes are dry. This brings about a significant saving in energy. Models with duct-clog monitors and lint filters keep the airways clean for more efficient drying.

2. The dryer type

The dryer consumes a high amount of power second only to the fridge in the home setting. There are two categories of dryers, gas-powered and electric dryers. Electric types require 240 volts outlet, whereas the gas type requires an efficient gas line. The electric type is easier to maintain compared to the gas type.

3. Quantity of your work

Large dryers are suitable for large laundry since it will take only a cycle to dry all the clothes. Small dryers are, however, easy to manage and occupy a small space. The small ones will require many cycles to dry large quantities of clothes.

4. Performance

Chose a dryer based on its performance and in line with your needs. It should dry clothes at the scheduled time and be easy to operate. A dryer that frequently breaks down is a source of a headache to the user.

5. Cost

The dryer cost includes the initial purchase cost, maintenance cost, installation and operation cost. You may get a cheap dryer, but the subsequent costs will drain you financially so carefully consider all the aspects. Only buy from a reliable dealer and manufacturer. This will assure you of customer support and other after sales services like installation, replacement, and parts.

6. Available space

A dryer will occupy some space at home, and if you go for a very large one, you may not get any space left to move around. The room needs a 240 volts circuit if you are buying an electric model. Consider the available space in the laundry before settling on a model. Do not limit your work at the expense of space. And do not limit the space by buying a large machine if you have the option of getting a smaller one.


In the past, dryers used to ruin clothes, but today, they take great care of your clothes. Choose a model that fits with your décor, lifestyle, and budget. Once you get the right one, check the features and match them with your requirements. Some of the electric dryers have amazing features that make laundry work fun. Some have noise-reduction features, wrinkle-free program. Look at the design, appearance, ease of use, and energy efficiency among other necessary features. With this guide, you are now better off and more knowledgeable about electric clothes dryers than you were earlier.