There are so many electronic devices we use in our daily lives that get charged through USB cable. Therefore, having a portable USB wall charger is necessary so that you can charge your devices instantly anywhere you are. You can carry it in your office or when you go on a trip. There are different types of USB wall chargers available with multiple ports and quick-charging facilities. Check out all those top 10 best USB wall chargers in 2020 for purchasing the best one for your devices.

1. Anker Elite USB Charger

With the help of latest faster-charging technology, this 24-watt wall USB charger is able to charge up to two devices. This charger also comes with the construction of high-grade and bump-resistant material. Moreover, the wall charger is resistant to drop as well as smudging. This device supports faster charging for most of the popular smart devices.

This wall charger also comes with sturdy, textured casing to provide ultimate protection against damages. Furthermore, the compact structure and folding plug of this unit allow you to take it with you almost everywhere. The unit comes with the power input range starts from 100 to 240-volt.

Special Features:

  • Dual charging ability and fast charging.
  • High-quality materials for resisting bump.
  • Folding design for easy storage.

2. USB Wall Charger by AILKIN

This dual wall charger comes with the power output range from 100 to 240-volt. You can also use this charger to charge up to two smart devices at the same time with equal speed. Moreover, the device is compatible with most of the USB cords and phones. The wall charger comes with overheating protection as well.

This smart charger also comes with auto shut-off function right after detecting the device is completely charged. Furthermore, this lightweight charger comes with compact design for better transportability. This charger provides protection against overcharging as well.

Special Features:

  • Safe operation with overheat protection.
  • Wide compatibility and compact housing.
  • Auto shutoff and easy portability.

3. Anker 4-Port USB Wall Charger

With the combination of voltage boost technology and advanced IQ, this wall charger is able to charge your devices faster. This device is also able to charge up to four devices at the same time without any delay. Moreover, the unit comes with the power input range starting from 100 to 240-volts.

Each of these ports also allows you to charge each device faster at the speed of 8 or 2.4-amps. Furthermore, the charger comes along with surge protection to protect your devices from overcharging. Even, this wall charger has the circuitry to offer low-voltage protection. It is a travel-friendly charger.

Special Features:

  • Voltage boost technology for exceptional performance.
  • Surge protection and fast charging.
  • Low voltage protection and wide usage.

4. Anker Quick Charge USB Wall Charger

From Android to iOS-supported devices, this USB wall charger is able to charge multiple devices at the same time. The charger is also highly efficient in charging devices with lightning speed. Moreover, you can charge up to five devices at the same time by using this charger. With the 63-Watt power output, this charger is able to charge the devices without any delay.

This wall charger also comes with voltage boost and super-smart IQ technology to support the fastest charging. Furthermore, this device comes with high-grade material construction with a matte black finish. The Blue LED light makes this charger look classy.

Special Features:

  • High compatibility and LED light.
  • Smart performance with voltage boost.
  • High-quality materials and cost-effective performance.

5. AmazonBasics Multi USB Wall Charger

This USB wall charger is very much light in weight and allows you to carry it without almost everywhere. The charger can also charge up to four devices at the same time without any uneven charging. Moreover, there is an inbuilt safety switch in this device to provide protection short circuit.

The charger also comes along with automatic device sensing function to charge the devices as per their amps. Furthermore, this power-saving USB charger automatically stops the charging after detecting your devices are fully charged. This unit is suitable for charging smartphones, tablets and several other devices as well

Special Features:

  • Safe for use with short circuit protection.
  • Auto-detection of the device.
  • Lightweight housing for easy transportability.

6. Anker Quick Charge USB Wall Charger

This USB wall charger is able to charge a single device with the help of a single port. The green LED light at the port also offers enough visibility in the dark to plug your phone without any hassle. Moreover, with the help of super-smart IQ technology, this charger supports faster charging to any smart devices.

This charger can also charge a standard smartphone by 80% within 35-minutes. Furthermore, the charger is suitable for both Android and iOS-operated devices. This device is perfect for non-quick charge devices as well. With the help of overcharging and overheating protection, this charge supports safe and hassle-free charging.

Special Features:

  • Green LED light for improved visibility.
  • Single port and high performance.
  • Safe operation with overcharging protection.

7. Anker 2-Pack Dual Port USB Charger

This dual USB charger is very much energy-efficient and supports lighting speed charging for most of the smart devices. The versatile charger is also perfect for charging several devices, like tablets, smartphones, portable chargers, headphones, and so on. The 11-point safety technology of this unit offers optimal protection for the devices.

This charger is also ready to charge up to two gadgets simultaneously and without any delay. Furthermore, the compact structure yet lightweight of this charger enable you to carry it with you all over the place. The fittings of the charger are effectively foldable for convenient storage and transportability as well as safety.

Special Features:

  • Safe technology for optimal performance.
  • Easy storage due to foldable design.
  • Lightweight design and energy-efficient.

8. Amoner USB Wall Charger

This wall charger comes with foldable plugs for both hassle-free storage as well as traveling. The 15-watt charger also supports faster charging, unlike the ordinary charger. Moreover, this unit comes along with the power input range starting from 100 to 240-volt. This device has built-in overcharging protection.

This wall charger also provides protection against overheating as well as a short circuit. Furthermore, the charger with the three-port design is able to charge up to three devices at the same time without any delay. This charger is more or less compatible with most of the smart devices, like smartphone, tablet, headphones, and more.

Special Features:

  • Easy storage with a folding design.
  • Built-in protection for user safety.
  • Wide compatibility and three-port design.

9. Anker USB C Charger

This wall charger comes along with the maximum power output of 30-watt. The charger is also able to charge up to 2.5 times faster than any ordinary wall charger. Moreover, this device is majorly compatible with iOS and Android operated devices. This handy charger is convenient to carry around almost everywhere.

The charger is also responsible for saving time up to 1.5-hours. Furthermore, the device is able to charge a 12-inch MacBook within a few hours. The charger is suitable to use both at your office and in your home. This unit does not generate extra heat and provides protection against overcharging.

Special Features:

  • Quick performance and overcharging protection.
  • Portable design and high compatibility.
  • High output for improved performance.

10. AUKEY USB Wall Charger

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The set comes with a pair of dual USB wall chargers. Each of these chargers also has two ports to charge up to two devices at the same time. Moreover, the compact design of this charging unit allows you to use this at home, office as well as for traveling. The foldable plugs of these chargers support hassle-free portability.

The chargers are also majorly compatible with 5-volt smart devices. Furthermore, the internal safety components of these chargers provide protection against overcharging. Apart from that, these units prevent overheating and short circuit. You can hassle-freely charge any smartphone, tablets, headphones, Bluetooth-enabled devices, and so on.

Special Features:

  • Safe design for user comfort.
  • Dual ports and compact housing.
  • Folding plugs and universal compatibility.

Buying Guide & Tip How to Choose Best USB Wall Charger:

The following is the list of factors to keep in mind while buying a USB wall charger.

Safety Features:
A USB wall charger that comes with safety features can be highly reliable. Heating is not good, and you must see if it comes with overheat protection. You can also see if it has short circuit protection that can lead to serious damage. Check if it has input/output current control. It must have amp current controller so that there will be stable current. Another important safety feature is voltage regulation that could cause damage by losing control and cause harm to your device and the charger.

Your USB wall charger must come in a compact design so that you can easily take it anywhere you want. If it comes with retractable pins, then it will give you the advantage of folding it and keeping it easily in your bag. Make sure that it made of durable materials and can resist falls and drops. You can also see if it comes with multiple ports so that you can charge multiple devices at a time. However, it completely depends upon the needs of the user.

Charging Rate:
This is one of the most important features that you must see while getting a USB wall charger. If it comes with fast charging, then it will allow you to save time. The charging rate has to be 1 amp for iPhone and 1.6 amps for Android. The voltage can come with a rating of 5 volts. However, some have the ability to work faster by pushing more voltage.

Other Features:
You must see if it gives you versatile options and lets you use it anywhere you want. Some can have the ability to operate from 100 to 240 volts making it suitable for global use. Many of the devices can also come with intelligent LED light indicator and stops automatically when the charging is complete. Check if it lets you have better flexibility, and you can charge it in different ways.

Buyer’s Questions About USB Wall Charger:

What are the different types of USB wall chargers available?
First, there are the regular USB wall chargers with which you can charge any devices, old or new, and the charging speed is slow. Then there are quick chargers for devices with quick charging technology. Now, there are USB 3.0 based wall chargers for the latest devices. Apart from that, there are certain smart chargers that automatically maximizes the output current for faster charging.

Can a quick charging USB wall charger fast charge my device?
Unless your device is equipped with quick charging facility, a quick charging USB wall charger cannot fast charge the device.

Is it safe to charge multiple devices at once on a USB wall charger?
Yes, it is totally safe to charge multiple devices at once with a USB wall charger having multiple ports for charging. However, you need to ensure that the USB wall charger you are using, it is not a cheap-quality one.

Can I use any USB wall charger for charging my device?
No, you have to check the compatibility of the USB wall charger with your device. The parameters to watch out for are voltage, amp, and USB type.

There are different types of USB wall chargers available, and you should buy according to the compatibility of your devices to the charger. Therefore, it is important for you to go through the buying guide in order to understand the best USB wall chargers and choose the best one within your budget and as per your requirements. All of these chargers are of high-quality and have all the necessary protection measures.

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