Does going to the gym inconvenience your schedules regularly? You can avoid the challenges like weather, traffic, the distance from your regular route when seeking a healthy life.

With the best treadmills for home, you can create and follow a regular workout schedule right from home. It is convenient, and you can schedule it for any time of day or night. When done at home, you can easily make it a habit.

Some treadmills as simple while others are identical to the health club models. They come with various features to make the session more productive and enjoyable. This also contributes to the confusion when shopping. However, with this buying guide, you will be able to find the right one for your needs.

Best Treadmill for Home Reviews:

1. Weslo Cadence G 5.9 Treadmill

Weslo Cadence G 5.9 Treadmill

When you use the Weslo Cadence G 5.9 Treadmill, you get more result in less time. It comes with six personal trainer workouts preprogrammed for your choosing. The 2-position manual incline increases the resistance for better performance. It features excellent comfort cell cushioning to absorb the shock and give you a wonderful experience. Each of the workouts is designed by a certified trainer to give you the most out of each session.

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2. Merax JK1603E Easy Assembly Folding Electric Treadmill

Merax JK1603E Easy Assembly Folding Electric Treadmill

Let time or bad weather not deter you from maintaining a healthy weight and physique. This treadmill at home will do what the gym can and help you stay in shape. It has a simple design and is easy to use. It is foldable for easy storage and easily rolls away when done with the workout. From its LCD you can monitor your speed, distance, calories, time, and heart rate. You can also choose from the preset training intervals or do it manually. The preset programs alternate between high and low-intensity training for improved aerobics and to burn more calories.

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3. Sunny Health & Fitness Treadmill

Sunny Health & Fitness Treadmill

Excellent cardio workout no longer requires space-crowding equipment. This treadmill offers many options to make your workout fun and efficient in space. It can hold your phone and tablet as you work out and control the machine from the handrail conveniently. From the LCD you can keep track of time, speed, distance, and calories burned. It has nine preset workout programs to vary your routine and get the most out every session. The motor has a peak power of 2.2 hp. It features a three-position manual incline and can carry a maximum weight of 220 lb.

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4. ProForm Pro 2000 Treadmill

ProForm Pro 2000 Treadmill

Work out on a machine designed for versatility. It is designed to burn more calories and improve your cardio endurance for better health for you and your family. The machine can smoothly change the incline and speed for an excellent experience. It can go as fast as 12 mph to focus on your cardio health. The wireless heart rate chest strap will help maximize the impact of your efforts on the treadmill. The 15% incline increases the resistance to make you burn twice the calories. Prep your legs for downhill racing at a 3% decline and experience the endless training capabilities of the machine. Get creative and upload a route with varying terrain or use the preprogrammed map to give your body a real outdoors experience.

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5. Goplus Folding Treadmill

Goplus Folding Treadmill

At 2.25 hp motor power, the machine can give you interval, speed, and endurance. It is perfect for any room and does not make a big noise. It will carry up to 220 lb and can go as fast as 7.5 mph. The 12 preprogrammed exercises make your workout enjoyable and efficient. It will improve your cardio, burn fat and boost your health in a short time. It has a large iPad/smartphone holder so you can talk on the phone or watch a movie while working out. Its cushioning design protects you and the floor and decreases vibrations for a great workout experience.

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6. ProForm 505 CST Treadmill

ProForm 505 CST Treadmill

This treadmill will burn your calories without leaving the impact on your muscles. It is an excellent design that will transform how you exercise at home. With 18 different workouts, variable speed and incline, you will get effective sessions each time. It feels like natural running and is easier on your joints. When done, just fold the steel frame for storage. Its LCD is iFit-enabled and is simple to use.

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7. Ziema Sports Treadmill APP Bluetooth Control

Ziema Sports Treadmill APP Bluetooth Control

As you run the 4-zone, cushion-flex damping system reduces the impact on your joints and muscles. The 2.5 hp motor delivers adequate power for walking, jogging and running. Its reliability and durability come from the tread belt and reliable motor. It operates at low volume so do not worry about noise at home when working out. The treadmill comes with 12 preprogrammed workouts to choose from, and you can customize your workouts to help reach your fitness goals. It is easy to control and can be managed right from your smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth connectivity.

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8. Horizon Fitness T101-04 Treadmill

Horizon Fitness T101-04 Treadmill

Experience effective workouts with a quiet and powerful motor on a stable and comfortable platform. As you work out, you can enjoy music through the inbuilt console speaker and Sonic Surround speakers. As you run, the frame will hold still without shaking allowing you to run with confidence. The welded steel components make it sturdier and very strong. You will not experience leg and joint strain when using this treadmill due to the variable response cushioning deck that absorbs the shock as you run. There is even more comfort from the fitness fans that keep you cool when exercising.

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9. ANCHEER S8400 Electric Treadmill

ANCHEER S8400 Electric Treadmill

With this treadmill, you will work out any time you want. The time or weather can no longer deter your fitness efforts. The 12 preset workout programs make it easy to find the right one for your needs. You will burn calories more efficiently and get into shape right from your home when you use this electric treadmill. It suits every member of your family from the young to the elderly to improve their cardiovascular health. Everyone benefits from working this treadmill at home.

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10. Ziema Sports Folding Electric Treadmill A58

Ziema Sports Folding Electric Treadmill A58

Find the right condition to work your muscles from the 12 preset workouts. The weather or time of day can no longer limit your desire to achieve your fitness goals. When you are done, just fold it away for storage. The treadmill features a handgrip pulse sensor to monitor your heart rate. Its auto strop safety function makes the machine safer than the rest. In case you fall or drift back, it will stop therefore minimizing chances of injury. The treadmill is suitable for the elderly, the young students, housewives, and everyone to help them keep fit and healthy.

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Home Use Treadmills Buying Guide

As you prepare to purchase a treadmill for home, it is crucial that you understand the features, what to look for and compare the home models with commercial ones.

1. Comparing Home Use Treadmills and Commercial Treadmills

The home treadmill category has three classes to choose from. These are residential, light commercial, and full commercial. The type chosen will depend on the features you need and the usage it will be subjected to.

Commercial treadmills are durable and sold to those with high traffic fitness settings. They are under warranty to run for up to six hours a day. They are designed to support training at any intensity and can hold up to 400 pounds. The light commercial ones are under warranty to run for up to three hours a day. Most of them are high priced and tend to be very large.

Home treadmills, on the other hand, start at a lower price and are available at a wider range of quality. These types carry residential warranties and may not be as durable as the commercial types. They are generally smaller and have a lower weight capacity compared to the commercial types. You can get a foldable type for easy storage. They may have different programming for personalization.

2. What to look for


This is the most important component of the treadmill. It drives the belt and ensures efficiency. When comparing the motor capacities of different models, focus on the continuous capacity instead of the maximum. The maximum capacity lasts for a shorter time compared to the constant capacity.

A motor with a higher horsepower will carry a greater capacity to work continuously. The warranty given to the treadmill usually indicates the quality of its motor. At least a two-year warranty is recommended as it indicates the quality. For walking you need at least 2.0 hp, jogging requires 2.5 hp, whereas running requires at least 2.75 hp.

Inclination angle

Treadmills with adjustable running area help increase the resistance. This gives you the feeling of walking or running uphill to make the exercise more challenging to help you burn more calories. It will make your training more versatile and help you develop endurance faster.

The simple models come with 2 to 3 angles that you must set manually before starting out. The professional treadmills, however, have automated settings that will set the angle at the touch of a button and can support up to 15% inclination.


Various treadmill models have different maximum speeds. The traditional ones support 0-10 mph, which is adequate for a beginner. However, as you develop, you may require a higher speed, hence the need for a machine that supports 11-14 mph for a more intensive workout.

Shock absorption

Most models have shock absorption built inside or outside the belt. This absorbs the stress from the knees and other joints as you run. Those with spine, knee or back injury or overweight people require machines with quality shock absorption.

Belt size

Every model has a different running area. The shorter and narrower spaces do not provide adequate space for a better user experience. They only suit jogging or walking but not running. A machine with a larger running area gives you peace of mind and does not require much concentration. They are comfortable to use and allows you to exercise as you desire. For walking, you require 43 inches long and 14 inches wide. Jogging requires 47 inches long and 16 inches wide. Whereas running requires a treadmill of 50 inches long and 18 inches wide for a comfortable experience.

Treadmill display

Treadmills come with a wide range of displays. Some have LED while others come with LCD. The more professional treadmills show more information about your workout and can even carry inbuilt workout programs. Others allow you to create your personalized workout program. The display will show your speed, distance, burned calories, board angle, time, heart rate and many more.


The modern treadmills come with ready to use workout programs to make your home training easy. They are programmed to give you more efficiency and burn more calories while developing your cardio. Just pick any program and let it guide you automatically. It will stimulate various challenges, including intensity running and uphill running to make the training versatile and enjoyable.

The cheaper models only have a few programs while the expensive ones are stuffed with more than ten programs or your enjoyment. The more the programs, the better since you can pick the one that suits your training needs. The professional models also allow you to create and store your custom-made programs.

Heart rate monitor

The modern home treadmill features a heart rate monitor to help you do the workouts based on your heart rate. Set the maximum and minimum heart rate depending on your fitness level, age, weight, height, and gender. The machine will then automatically modify the speed or angle to get the desired heart rate.


A machine with bigger rollers is better since it can carry more load and still keep the belt in the right place. The roller size is what makes home and commercial treadmills different. The larger ones endure less stress running the belt, and their bearing can last longer.


Even the most expensive treadmills require regular maintenance or else they will break down. Consider the required maintenance before purchasing one. It requires a special treadmill lubricant and regular cleaning depending on usage. Regularly check if the bolts are tight and if the belt is in good condition.

Does it fold?

Home treadmills in most cases have a compact storage space. The folding models make this easy for you. However, if you are a serious runner, the folding models are not the best for you since they have a shorter running area. Tall people too require the non-folding type due to the short running area. If you live in a small flat, then the folding type will suit your limited space.


Most people first consider the price when buying any large item. If you do not plan to use the machine regularly, the lower priced ones are recommended. For a regular or heavy user, consider the quality and durability alongside the price.

User profile

Modern treadmills allow home users to set separate user profiles and store programmed workouts. You can have a different setting from your partner and conveniently share the same treadmill as if you are the only user. This allows you to store your database with custom preferences, goals, odometer, and courses among other information.

Ease of use

A treadmill with so many features will intimidate the user. However, if it is easy to use, they will enjoy working with the machine. Do not buy a treadmill that will end up being an obstacle to your training. It should be simple to use and take just a couple of buttons to launch a program. The emergency stop button should be large, easy to reach and clearly labeled.


Whatever your fitness needs, a great treadmill for home can help you achieve the goals. It is a significant health investment that will improve your health in the long run. Keep your priorities straight when choosing a home treadmill. You do not need something flashy with features you will not use. When you have the best treadmill for home, you will have succeeded in bringing convenient exercising right into your home. This guide will lead you to the right one for your needs.