It does not matter whether you are an amateur or a professional in soccer, a shin guard is something you need to have for sure. Soccer is a physical game to some extent, and a shin guard is crucial for avoiding injuries. They are going to protect your sensitive bones, and they are lightweight, and you will not feel like wearing it. Check out the top 10 best soccer shin guards to pick from.

1. Vizari Malaga Soccer Shin Guards

Derived from high-grade PP material, the shell of this shin guard allows you to move your legs and feet with ease. This lightweight yet sturdy shell also offers exceptional protection on the fields. Moreover, this shin guard comes with an appropriate size and shape to fit most of the little boys and girls.
The sports gear also comes with adjustable straps to avoid the wearing discomfort while playing on the field. Furthermore, the padded foam on the backside of this equipment delivers the ultimate wearing comfort to everyone. Even, the outer shell is hard enough to keep your shin protected from injuries.

Special Features:

  • Outstanding protection and adjustable straps.
  • Hard outer shell for external protection.
  • Foam padding and easy application.

2. DashSport Soccer Shin Guards

The specially-designed soccer shin guard is perfect for any little boy and girl soccer player. The outer shell of this guard also involves the construction of premium-quality PP material to offer optimal protection. Moreover, this equipment is light in weight and allows you to move and run freely without any heavy feeling.
This flexible sports gear also comes with a padded backing to feel soft to your legs. Furthermore, with the help of adjustable Velcro straps, you can easily fasten them and keep the shin guard in the proper place. The ankle sleeve of this equipment provides complete protection while playing soccer.

Special Features:

  • Unique design for ultimate protection.
  • Premium quality material and lightweight construction.
  • Velcro straps for proper placement.

3. DashSport Soccer Shin Guards with Pockets

This pair of soccer shin guards offers total leg protection on the field. The set also includes two compression sleeves and pockets. Moreover, the sports gear comes with slip-on style to support easy wearing and removal. You get both your shin and calf protected by using this pair as well.
This soft to touch slip-on sleeves also comes with the construction of breathable and lightweight material. Furthermore, the calf sleeves of this set deliver a slight compression to promote the blood circulation around your calves. The soccer shin guards of this set offer excellent protection against accidental injuries as well.

Special Features:

  • Optimal protection with a complete set.
  • Breathable material for user comfort.
  • Improves blood circulation and lightweight material.

4. Youth Soccer Shin Guards by GKCI

These shin guards are the must-have sports gears for the boys and girls. This pair is also perfect for any players between the age group of 3 to 10 years. Moreover, the outer layer of these shin guards involves the construction of high-quality plastic material. The plush and padded foam baking of these sports gear offers exceptional wearing comfort.
The padded section of this pair of shin guards also soaks up the impact energy. Furthermore, the front side of these guards is very much long-lasting and offers ultimate protection against accidental injuries on the field. The adjustable nylon straps of these guards allow you to wear them with comfort and flexibility.

Special Features:

  • Durable materials for long-lasting use.
  • Nylon straps and enhanced comfort.
  • Padded design for absorbing impact.

5. Franklin Sports Soccer Shin Guards

This soccer shin guard set comes with several shapes and sizes to fit most of the soccer players. The backing of the sports gear is also of high-grade and soft foam to absorb the impact energy. Moreover, the plush foam offers exceptional comfort around your shin areas. The lightweight design of the shin guards does not feel heavy while running.
This sports gear also comes with a unique chrome-accented design. Furthermore, the Velcro closure of the straps supports hassle-free fastening without causing any discomfort. The ultra-plush cushion of the guards offers protection against abrasion. These guards come along with symmetrical design to support the anatomical structure.

Special Features:

  • High-quality material for outstanding performance.
  • Plush cushion for abrasion protection.
  • Supports anatomical structure and easy fastening.

6. Sportout Youth Kids Soccer Shin Guards

This set of soccer shin guards comes along with a pair of ankle sleeves. The slip-on design with dual-tube construction of the sleeves also keeps the shin guards in the proper place. Moreover, the guards involve the construction of sturdy yet lightweight PP material. The guards of the calf and shin offer optimal protection against impacts.
These sleeves are also very much breathable, comfortable, and allow secure fit. Furthermore, the symmetrical design of the sports gear matches each contour of your calves. The set includes a pair of chocolate-shaped EVA padded foam to release the energy caused by impacts as well.

Special Features:

  • Slip-on design to prevent movement.
  • Lightweight material and symmetrical design.
  • Protects from impacts with foam padding.

7. GeekSport Soccer Shin Guards Youth

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This FDA-approved shin guard set comes with different shapes and sizes to suit most of the soccer players. The streamlined design of the sports gear also offers a comfortable fit around the lower legs to release the pressure around the shin. Moreover, the EVA padding of these guards is very much comfortable and breathable.
These shin guards are also very much light in weight and do not make you feel uncomfortable while running. Furthermore, the contoured design of this sports gear offers excellent protection against impacts and accidental injuries. The socks of the set involve the construction of 5% natural latex and 95% of cotton material.

Special Features:

  • Multiple shapes for user preference.
  • High protection and natural latex.
  • EVA padding for enhanced comfort.

8. Rawxy Football Soccer Shin Guard

This pair of shin guards comes with an innovative three-layer design to deliver ultimate wearing comfort as well as protection. These guards are also ideal for any little boy and girl soccer player. Moreover, the hard shell of the gear involves the construction of heavy-duty HDPE. The front and back of the guards come with the construction of 3D foam to offer exceptional flexibility.
The adjustable elastic straps of these guards also allow you to fasten the shin guards as per your comfort level. Furthermore, these sports gear come along with ankle bandage to offer ultimate protection against injuries as well.

Special Features:

  • Adjustable straps for user comfort.
  • Improved flexibility due to front and back guards.
  • Strong materials and ankle bandage.

9. Adidas X Youth Shin Guards

This pair of shin guards comes with the construction to fit the lower legs of the young players. The sports gear is also suitable for both the training and playing on the field. Moreover, the hard outer shell of these guards offers ultimate protection against accidental injuries. The cushioned EVA backing of this pair of offers enough breathability to your lower legs.
These soccer shin guards are also very much easy to wear and remove. Furthermore, the symmetrical design of the sports gear easily hugs the anatomical contours of your lower legs. These guards provide ultimate protection against violent injuries as well.

Special Features:

  • Prevents accidental injuries and wide use.
  • Hard outer shell for ultimate protection.
  • Symmetrical design and EVA backing.

10. Zealony Soccor Shin Guards

This set of soccer shin guard comes in various sizes and shapes to suit both the lower legs of young kids and adults. With the help of the delicate yet bouncy EVA foam backing, these guards also provide excellent protection against impacts. This sports gear is very much helpful in absorbing impacts as well as violent injuries.
These shin guards are also suitable for both training sessions and playing in the fields. Furthermore, this pair is very much light in weight and comes with the front plant made of high-quality PP material. The guards come along with ankle straps to provide optimal protection.

Special Features:

  • Easy wearing and durable materials.
  • Multiple sizes for a snug fit.
  • Optimal protection by absorbing impact.

Buying Guide & Tips  how to choose Soccer Shin Guard

Here is the list of the important parameters to watch out for while buying a soccer shin guard.
Soccer shin guards can be of different materials like fiberglass, polyurethane, plastic, and foam rubber. Fiberglass is lightweight and durable and offers great protection to a player. Polyurethane offers ultimate support, but it can be heavy and make a player uncomfortable.Plastic shin guards are affordable and offer moderate protection. Foam rubber shin guards are ultra-lightweight and allow easy maneuverability. It is affordable and resists wear and tear. The different material depends upon player flexibility and affordability. You can also see if it is long-lasting and lets you reuse it multiple times.

From the different types of soccer shin guards, strap-on and slip-on are the most popular ones. Slip-on shin guards are hard and thick and fit easily on the sock. This is easy to wear and requires some sleeve or tape to make it stay on place. Strap-on shin guards come with straps that let them stay in place. It offers better ankle support than slip-on guards but takes time to put on.

Wrong size will give you an uncomfortable feeling. Check the sizing chart to get the right size and have better comfort. You must get the right measurement of the roundness and length of the shin so that it offers operative performance. It also depends upon the players and varies according to the action. Strikers prefer to choose average sized shin guards that offer better protection. Defenders and goalkeepers prefer larger shin guards for protecting themselves.

The ideal use of a shin guard is for ankle protection of the players. Ensure that it offers good protection and keep your bones safe. It must offer full coverage of the shin and offers good protection to your legs. This is very important to prevent fractures and sprains. Some can also have the ability to prevent bruising and swelling.

Buyer Questions

What size of soccer shin guards do I need to wear?
There is no hard and fast rule, but it should cover the area between your knee and ankle. Make sure that shin guard has a snug fitting and you should wear it at least 2-inch below the knee and so make the size calculation accordingly.

Where do players put the shin guards?
The shin guards are put under the socks, and they should be centered on your shin properly. The newbies make a mistake by putting them on the side. The primary objection is to protect from the below of the knee to the ankle.

How to clean soccer shin guards?
If the shin guards are machine washable, go for it once a month. If not, you can wash it with soap and water, especially when they are of plastic. Before wearing the shin guards, you should spray with a disinfectant to prevent fungus and bacterial growth.

What protection can shin guards provide?
The shin guards are designed to protect the player from minor soft tissue injury. To a greater extent, it can prevent tibia and fibula fractures. Apart from those, it reduces leg abrasion and contusions effectively.

Playing soccer without a soccer shin guard is extremely dangerous. They are not going to hinder the performance of the player as they are comfortable and lightweight, and with time, you will not feel like you are wearing them. If you are buying it for the first time, the buying guide and the buyer questions will help you immensely choosing the best soccer shin guards for you.

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