How fast do you wish to clear deep snow from your home? Snowfall in winter can mess your day or even block you in your home. If your area gets a lot of snow, then a shovel will not be adequate to clear it. This is where snow throwers come in. They effortlessly and quickly clear away vast amounts of snow. It is nowadays basic home equipment for those living in heavy snowfall areas.

To a regular person, all snow throwers are the same, however, wait until it is time for you to buy one. The models and types available will more than confuse you. You should be aware of the types of snow throwers and find the best for your situation. With this buyer’s guide, you will become a pro in no time.

Best Snow Throwers Review

1. Snow Joe Ultra SJ618E 18-Inch 13-Amp Electric Snow Thrower

Snow Joe Ultra SJ618E 18-Inch 13-Amp Electric Snow Thrower

With this large electric snow thrower, you will experience the power of a gas-powered machine. Driven by a 13-amp motor, the snow thrower will cut up to 8-inch deep and18-inch wide snow. Enjoy the speed of this fast working machine with adjustable chute with a 180-degree rotation. The scraper blade removes all the snow from your driveway without damaging the pavement or deck. The machine can move 550 lb of snow per minute making one of the fastest electric snow throwers on the market. It requires no oil or tune-up and has limited maintenance compared to the gas-powered types. It will serve you excellently on midsized driveways and walkways during winter.

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2. Snow Joe Ultra SJ623E 18-Inch 15-Amp Electric Snow Thrower with Light

Snow Joe Ultra SJ623E 18-Inch 15-Amp Electric Snow Thrower with Light

This Snow Joe snow thrower delivers power like no other electric types. Its powerful 15-amp motor can move 720 lb of snow each minute. Its 4-blade rotor clears snow effortlessly. All parts are heavy-grade material for durability, and it is large enough to cut through a 10-inch depth of snow in an 18-inch wide sweep. Its wheels are easy to glide, making it maneuverable even in tight corners. Its scrap blade will efficiently scrape snow off the ground without damaging your pavement or deck. The chute is adjustable to 180 degrees and can throw up to 25 feet.

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3. Toro 38361 Power Shovel 7.5 Amp Electric Snow Thrower

Toro 38361 Power Shovel 7.5 Amp Electric Snow Thrower

Using this snow thrower, you can clear a mid-sized driveway in less than 20 minutes. Its 300 pounds a minute capacity and ability to clear 6-inch deep and 12-inch wide snow with ease makes it a powerful machine. It is light at just 13 pounds for easy lifting and twisting as you operate it. The 7.5-amp motor powers a fast and powerful blade to help you avoid sore backs from shoveling manually. It is compact and very easy to maintain. It requires no tune-ups and is maneuverable. It is ergonomic and can be adjusted for comfort.

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4. WEN 5662 Snow Blaster 13.5-Amp Electric Snow Thrower

WEN 5662 Snow Blaster 13.5-Amp Electric Snow Thrower

This snow blaster is designed to clear an 18-inch wide path up to 10 inches deep. It is a lifesaver when you are trapped in by a large mound of snow, and you have no time to clear it. The 13.5-amp motor picks up all the snow and blasts it 20 feet away in whatever direction you desire. The snow chute pivots and is controlled by a hand crank for easy rotation a full 180 degrees. It also allows you to adjust vertical angles to increase the throw distance.

Its 6-inch wheel coupled with the lightweight design makes it very maneuverable and easy to steer even through the coldest terrains. Work with the machine without worries since it is backed by a 2-year warranty and a nationwide network of skilled technicians will surround you. The company has a helpful customer service so nothing will overwhelm you.

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5. Greenworks 20-Inch 13 Amp Corded Snow Thrower

Greenworks 20-Inch 13 Amp Corded Snow Thrower

The Greenworks snow thrower is an excellent machine with a compact design. It is comfortable and easy to handle and maneuver as you work with it. It is powerful enough to throw snow up to 25 feet away. The chute can rotate 180 degrees to allow you choose the direction of throwing the snow as you clear the driveway. This electric snow thrower is powered by a 13-amp motor and has a clearing width of 20 inches for fast clearing of your driveway or walkway.

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6. Briggs & Stratton 1696737 Single Stage Snow Thrower

Briggs & Stratton 1696737 Single Stage Snow Thrower

If you have a small walkway or sidewalk, this is your snow thrower. It can manage light snowfalls very efficiently. This single-stage machine packs a powerful punch in the small size. It is lightweight and handles easily. It is Auger-propelled and has several convenient features, for example, manual chute rotation and a quick deflector. Its 208cc engine powers the machine to throw snow hassle free and will serve you many winters to come. You do not need a large machine if your driveway is short and you have only a little work to do or if you live in an area with light snowfall.

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7. Husqvarna ST224 24-Inch 208cc Two-Stage Electric Start Snow Blower

Husqvarna ST224 24-Inch 208cc Two-Stage Electric Start Snow Blower

To efficiently clear snow depths of 2-12 inches effortlessly, you need this two-stage Husqvarna ST224. Its 208cc engine with an electric start makes snow throwing more like fun. Work even after the sun has gone down since this machine has powerful LED headlights. It can clear large amounts of snow with its 24-inch clearing path. The chute can rotate 180 degrees and features a remote deflector.

It has 15-inch tires to manage even heavy snowfall, and the aluminum gearbox will not disappoint you. Its friction disc transmission makes very easy. You can work on a large area without needing a refill since the machine has a 2.7-liter fuel tank. Your comfort is not left out; the grip handles are heated to keep your hands from freezing in the harsh outdoor climate.

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8. Power Smart DB7651 Two-Stage Snow Thrower with Electric Start

Power Smart DB7651 Two-Stage Snow Thrower with Electric Start

With this snow thrower, you can always depend on its powerful performance and the operating convenience. Its 208ccengine is powerful enough to clear large amounts of snow quickly. It has an electric start just by the push of a button. Vary the driving speeds depending on terrain and snow resistance to make your work easier. The machine has an ergonomic design for comfort and foldable handles for easy storage.

The two-stage snow thrower features a drive speed and directional control panel for convenience. It can clear a 24-inch width of up 20 inches deep. Its 12-inch serrated all steel auger efficiently pushes snow into the blower even in tough conditions.

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9. Briggs & Stratton 1696610 Dual-Stage Snow Thrower

Briggs & Stratton 1696610 Dual-Stage Snow Thrower

Experience the power and efficiency of this dual-stage snow thrower. It has a 24-inch clearing width and a 20-inch snow depth clearing capability. Its 208cc engine has a 9.5 foot-pound of torque to cut through heavy snowfalls with ease. It comes with a push button electric start, six forward and two reverse speeds and a 12-inch steel auger. Get the three-year warranty when you purchase this machine and enjoy the powerful clearing capability.

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10. Husqvarna 961930097 254cc 2-Stage Electric Start Snow Thrower

Husqvarna 961930097 254cc 2-Stage Electric Start Snow Thrower

Looking for the best snow thrower for light snowfall? The Husqvarna ST227P with its two-stage design works excellently on snow depths of 2-12 inches. It features electric start, power steering and the convenient LED headlights for working after dark. It clears a large 27-inch path in each sweep, and the chute can rotate 180 degrees. The 2.7-liter fuel tank can keep you going for a larger task.

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Snow thrower buying guide

Types of snow throwers

The type of snow thrower chosen will depend on your needs and budget. Here are the main types:

Single Stage: this type works for most people and can clear snow of up to 13 inches perfectly. Anything above this level will require a two-stage thrower. They are called single-stage because they throw snow only once and the auger makes contact with the ground. When used on gravel, they will hurl stones together with the snow. They will throw snow up to 35 feet and are fairly priced compared to the rest.

Two Stage: these types are wider and higher than the single-stage types. This build allows them to handle much more snow and can clear snow up to 24 inches high. They throw snow twice, hence the name. The auger will scoop snow from the ground; then a high-speed impeller will discharge the snow up to 50 feet away. The auger does not touch the ground so it can work effectively on gravel surfaces. They are the most expensive types.

Three-Stage: these are the most powerful and efficient types on the market. The two metal augers scoop both snow and ice, then move it towards the center from where an accelerator chops it and pushes the snow through the impeller to launch it out. It will crush through frozen snow and launch it 50 feet away.

Battery: most of these tend to be single-stage and are very convenient to use. Their motors are maintenance free since they do not use gas. The fast charging battery will take you about 45 minutes to one hour, enough time to clear snow around. They will work on snow of 12 to 24 inches and can throw snow up to 30 feet away. They usually cost less than the gas-powered types.

Electric: in certain situations, these snow blower types are useful. If you have a small driveway with a low snow level less than 12 inches, these will be your best types to buy. They are the lightest and cheapest.

Features to Consider

An excellent snow thrower will blend efficient clearing ability with smooth control. The chute should be easy to direct anywhere you chose without hassle. Consider the handle height and chute adjustments, which are frequently used. Here are other factors to consider:

Dead-man control

This critical safety feature will stop the spinning auger as soon as the handle grip is released. It is an essential aspect when it comes to safety.

Long handle

It is easier to manage and change direction and height of the snow thrown if the handle is long. This is crucial, especially in the single-stage models.

Electric start

If you want a gas-powered machine, consider an electric plug-in for use in a nearby outlet to start it. This will prolong the life of the pull cord since you will only use it when there is no electric outlet around.


This feature will help you work after dark with great convenience. It is common in two-stage and three-stage machines.


Some models come with four to six forward speeds and one or two reverse speeds for efficiency. This feature is common in multi-stage snow throwers whereas the single-stage types only have one speed. With speed choices, you can avoid clogs as you slog through heavy snow.

Discharge shoot control

When the machine has an easy-to-use chute control, you can change the vertical and horizontal direction of discharge. Consider a control that can work even with thick gloves. Other than ease of use, it should be located at a convenient location.

How it is powered

There are many types of snow throwers, and the type chosen will depend on your needs. The most common, however, is the gas-powered type due to its power and freedom. Others may choose electric or battery-powered depending on snow level and availability of plug in points outside the house.

Control over various terrain

Not everyone has a short straight driveway. Some will be windy or even sloppy requiring better control of the snow thrower. When you encounter a hilly terrain of an uneven amount of snow, you will need to change speed. A machine that can easily change direction will serve you best.

Safety and maintenance

Since most people clear snow early in the morning or late in the evening, the first safety feature you need is headlights. If you have a graveled area to clear, get a snow thrower with adjustable skid shoes to add height to avoid picking the gravel.

The multi-stage snow throwers require more maintenance compared to the single-stage or electric models. It is, however, crucial that you plan for an annual maintenance before winter. Empty the tank before storing it and check the spark plugs and tires yearly.

Warranty and support

Snow throwers are a serious investment and in some cases cost a lot of money. It is crucial that you purchase the machine from a reliable supplier or manufacturer. Consider the history, customer reviews and the available customer support. Check for and understand the warranty conditions since they may not be unlimited and may only be for a short time. A model with 2 to five years is worth considering for purchase.


It does not matter whether you live in an area with two inches of snow of several feet. A good snow thrower is essential for quickly removing snow. It will save you time and energy that would have been spent shoveling endlessly. Instead, you can engage in productive activities and enjoy your family’s company. Using this buying guide will make your work easier and lead you to the right snow thrower for your home. Consider the various factors and product features and match them with your needs.