10 Best Scuba Gear Packages

Are you crazy about scuba diving? Some people dive just for fun while for others, it may be a job. These can include civil engineering, underwater welding, military purposes or research. Whatever the reason, you require great equipment and the right training for your safety. Scuba diving can be very exhilarating and fun and can also be very dangerous. When you have the right equipment, you will dive longer and safer than the person without gear. A scuba gear package includes a gas tank, single hose, swim fins, diving suit, and other accessories. This guide is listing all the 10 best scuba gear packages, and it will help you find the right gear for your purposes.

10 Best Scuba Gear Packages in 2020 Reviews:

1. Cressi R1 BCD Scuba Diving Package

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This is a rugged BCD with integrated movable weight pockets to suit your needs. It is designed for ease of use and convenience when diving. Also, It has easy breathing properties due to the excellent regulators for sports and recreational divers. Moreover, itt has very few parts meaning even a beginner will find it easy to use. Get high reliability with the Leonardo dive computer built by Cressi. It has a simple yet elegant functional design and is a must-have for those entering sport diving.

2. Cressi Start Pro 2.0 Scuba Diving Gear Package

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Get the bundle of 5 parts to complete your scuba diving gear. It includes the Cressi Start pro 2.0 Buoyancy compensator, Cressi dive console, compact AC2 regulator, GupG reg bag for the new divers still exploring the waters, and weight integrated BCD. The package is compact and easy to work with even if you are new to diving. Its reliability is guaranteed, it is safe to use underwater and will give you the best experience to make you feel like a pro.

3. SEAC Smart BCD Scuba Regulator Dive Gear Package

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This tough jacket-style BC has a new integrated weight release system for regulating your buoyancy at different depths. It is smart and simple to use making it the perfect gear for beginners. Also, it has integrated weight pockets on either side of the waist to improve comfort while diving and for easy maintenance of position. Adding that, it can easily take the weight off your belt and into the BCD. The pockets have two parts to help you organize the lead, and each pocket has two openings, one at the top for adding weight and the bottom opening for a quick release. Both openings have Velcro closing and have a pinch clip to hold them closed when not in use.

4. Cressi Start Equipment for Scuba Diving

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You cannot go wrong with a Cressi brand. This Italian company has perfected scuba diving technology since 1946. This product is perfect for enjoying a diving experience. All the parts are made in Italy with a durable and high-tech material. The package includes the Cressi Start Pro BCD, Pressure Gauge Console, Cressi AC2 XS2 Regulator, the Cressi Mini C2 Depth, and Cressi XS Octopus.

5. Aqualung Womens Pearl BCD Scuba Package

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You do not have to empty your bank account to get the best scuba gear. The third generation Aqua Lung Titan Regulator is a feature-packed product backed by a limited lifetime warranty and may even qualify for the Aqua Lung’s free parts for life program. You cannot get a better offer and reliability at this price.

The advanced air cells are designed to fit perfectly and comfortably at the hips due to its shorter torso length. It has a built-in pocket to keep your instruments from dangling yet still leaves it clearly visible. It has an ergonomic silicon mouthpiece and a 1200 mouthpiece-to-hose angle.

6. Cressi Aquaride Blue Pro BCD Scuba Gear Package

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The product is compact, easy to use and feature-rich just to begin with. Its buoyancy control device has integrated weights and back weight pockets for balancing and positioning. The 1st and 2nd stage regulator has a balanced diaphragm and compact Octo. The dive computer console gives you visibility to every information easily. The GupG regulator bag offers protection to your diving regulator and dive computer.

7. Seac Ego BCD Scuba Gear BC Regulator Package

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This package has a durable jacket-style BC and inner breathing bladder made of PU-coated nylon. It features quick release or adjusts shoulder straps for ease of use and comfort. The corrugated power inflator features sphere control system for optimal management of loading and dumping of weights. It has two large zipped pockets placed within easy reach. The parts are ergonomically designed for comfort and excellent enjoyment while diving.

8. Cressi Travelight Scuba Gear Package

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The Cressi Travelight is a lightweight scuba gear weighing just 2.7kg in dry weight. It has an adequately padded back for a comfortable fit. Its Lock Aid integrated weight system can store up to 9kg in the front pocket and 4.5kg in the non-detachable back pockets. The gear is constructed from lightweight material to keep the weight down. Its air cells inflate away from the body, therefore, avoiding constricting the diver.

9. Aqua Lung Pro HD BCD i300

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This is a full scuba package and includes a regulator, weight integrated BCD, quick-connect regulator, dive computer with gauge and a regulator bag. The product uses a balanced-diaphragm mechanism that results in easy breathing and reliably consistent performance. The wrap-around jacket can hold up to the unforgiving salt and chlorine and still retains its looks. The computer air and Nitrox modes are for a range of dive situations and do not require any effort on your part. The ABS Octopus combines excellent breathing performance with the advantages of a low profile body.

10. Scuba Package Special of the Month

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Dive with the best scuba package that includes a weight integrated system, trim weight pockets and strategically placed D-rings for hanging accessories. It features a power inflation/deflation and lower pill-dump control. It is compact in size and routes like a balanced piston but is a diaphragm. The most notable aspect of this gear is amazing breathing performance. It gives you ergonomic one-handed access to the inhalation effort knob and the dive venture adjustment lever for perfect regulation turning. The Octo dive adjustable dive and pre-dive selector allow for quick and effortless turning off the regulator to give you maximum airflow. The whole gear is lightweight for minimal drag weight. It comes with a 2-year limited warranty.

How to Choose Best Scuba Gear Packages:


There are varieties of mask styles, colors, and shapes to choose from to fit your face. They also vary in material and design. Each of these variations may cause a difference in price and durability. It creates an air space right in front of your eyes allowing you to focus underwater clearly. It should not obstruct your visibility. Some come in multiple lenses and even prescription lenses if required.

The nose pocket allows you to equalize the air pressure in the mask as you dive deeper. You should lookout for a good watertight fit for your face. If the mask rests on your upward looking face without leaving gaps, then it is the right fit. Add the snorkel or regulator in your mouth and check if the mask feels comfortable. If it still has no gaps then pick it. Gently inhale through the nose, the mask should seal your face.

The nose pocket should not touch your nose, and the skirt should feel comfortable on the upper lip. Thoroughly check the mask to ensure it will be comfortable once you hit the water. The best type of masks is the ones with light-colored skirts that let in more light and is more comfortable for beginners.


This is the curved tube that lets you breach while floating face down on the water surface. There are four primary variations in scuba snorkels. There is the traditional type through which a diver breathes in from one end, and the other end is out in the air. The second type is a semi-dry snorkel which deflects water from the surface. There is then the dry snorkel with floating valves that close when the diver submerges. The fourth type is the roll-up snorkel which can be stored in the pocket for easy travel.

Its primary use is to conserve tank air when the diver is on the water surface. When purchasing one, consider your comfort. The mouthpiece should feel good in the mouth and breathes dry and easy. The best snorkel is the one with a good balance between ease of breathing and dry comfort. Look for something durable, simple to operate and not too big. If you have no plan to do lots of snorkeling, then you can skimp on this device. However, if you must, pick something simple, basic and move on to accessories that are more important.


Fins are the best way to move in the water so if you are going to be an aquatic animal for a few minutes; you will need the best pair of fins. They translate the power of the large leg muscles into efficient movement through the water. When shopping, look for comfortable fins that will give you the required efficiency. Look for a snug fit that does not pinch your toes or tightly bind your arches. If the toes cannot wiggle then, the fins are too small. Fins may look similar, but they are different and can be just as challenging to choose as the snorkels. There are open-heeled fins also known as full foot fins. They are easy to slip on and off and are less expensive hence its popularity. Then there are the free-diving fins that are long-bladed to ensure maximum power.

The fin’s efficiency is largely determined by their size, design, and stiffness. If you are small or less conditioned, the smaller ones will be right. Its buckle straps should be easy to use. The right type will prevent muscle fatigue and cramping. They will enhance your enjoyment of the underwater environment.

Different fins are made from different materials and colors for varying buoyancy. Choose your fins carefully, and your diving experience will be enjoyable.

Exposure Protection Suits:

Diving suits are commonly made of foam neoprene rubber or spandex-like materials. They insulate your body against the cooling effects of the water which can cause hypothermia when you dive. Choose your suit depending on the dive conditions. Some are thick and give different types of exposure protection. The suits can also protect you from scratches and stings. Consider the fit since this will prevent the ocean water from flushing through you and rob you of heat. Pick a suit that feels snug around your body. Neoprene materials have permanently trapped gas bubbles to create perfect heat insulation. Look for a suit with ankle, collar, and wrist seals with sealing flaps behind zippers and a smooth inner coating all of which will limit water flow inside the suit. The brightly colored suit will make you more visible to other divers but is not a necessity.


This is the most complicated piece of equipment in the scuba diving package and one of the most important. Choose it carefully depending on the type of diving ahead of you. This device holds your gear in place letting you carry the tank with the least effort. It also floats to the surface to help you achieve neutral buoyancy at whatever depth. Look for a BC that fits correctly, when trying one out, slip it into the suit you wear most often. It should fit snuggly without squeezing you when inflated. Inflate it fully and test if it restricts your breathing. Test if the valves are accessible and easy to use. Its adjustment straps and pockets should be within easy reach and use. Special attention should be given the inflator hose; it should be easy to reach and extend over your head. Confirm that it has a clear distinction between the inflate and deflate buttons and that they are easy to operate with one hand.


With regulators, there is not much to worry about. They have been perfected so much so that even the budget options offer high performance. This regulator converts the high-pressure air from the tank to the ambient pressure so you can breathe. It should deliver air to other places like the BC inflator. Consider high performance, those that can provide high air volumes at depths, under heavy exertion and even at low tank pressures.

Dive Computers:

With a dive computer, your diving is made easier. It continually monitors the depth and bottom time to automatically recalculate your no-decompression status. This gives you longer dive times. They can also monitor your ascent rate, tank pressure and guide you on your flight. It also logs your dives among other functions. Consider user-friendliness and ease of access to the necessary information.

When you start looking for the right scuba diving kit, you will get overwhelmed. It is better and affordable to purchase a package rather than individual items in the set. You will save time and get pieces that work perfectly together. All scuba divers must have the best scuba gear for the best and safe diving experience. You must consider the assurance of quality, safety, and reliability in scuba gear. This list has carefully selected products to give you the best diving experience.

List-Best Scuba Gear Packages Review:

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