To the folk who frequently go camping or on long distance trips, a power inverter for their cars is a must-have gadget. During such situations, your electrical devices such as smartphones or laptops might run out of charge. And, instead of going offline, a power inverter can help charge your electronic devices. Just because you have gone camping, that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be cut out from the rest of the world. You should still be updated.

As important as a power inverter for your car is, finding the perfect one for your needs can be a bit difficult. This is because there is a plethora of car inverters out there on the market. You should never make the mistake of buying a gadget before reviewing it and knowing its pros and cons. And this is why we strongly recommend that you read the below guide on the 10 best power inverter reviews and the buyer’s guide so that you can make an informed purchase. But before we dive into the specifics, let’s first define what a power inverter for a car is.

A power inverter is a device that converts direct current (DC) input into an alternating current (AC) input. As a result, it can be able to charge your electronic devices such as smartphones, laptops and other devices. All car batteries work on DC, whereas electronic devices work on AC. Therefore, this brings about incompatibility when it comes to charging your electronic devices using your car battery.

A power inverter, on the other hand, makes it possible for you to charge your electronic devices at the convenience of your car. It is a very useful device that comes in handy during emergencies and any other occasions.

The current produced by the cigarette lighter which is usually measured in volts is converted into watts which exists in substantial levels thus making it possible for you to charge your electronic devices. Nonetheless, not all power inverters work the same. The battery output also plays a significant role. We will discuss this below in factors to consider when buying a power inverter for a car.

You should note that using a power inverter on a switched off engine could completely drain your car battery. This is why you need to be cautious when using it. Fortunately, there are some power inverters that have a safety feature which turns off before your battery is drained. It leaves behind sufficient power that can switch on your car.

Best Power Inverters for Car Reviews:

1. BESTEK 300W

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When it comes to power devices, BESTEK doesn’t joke. It is a well-known brand in the market. So you expect nothing but quality with this 300 Watt power inverter. If especially you are interested in compact models, this one will be perfect for you. It features a sleek design and it’s about the length of a smartphone.

With this device, you can charge a variety of machines. It includes a two 110 AC outlets for charging electronics such as laptops and has dual USB charging ports from where you can connect your tablet or smartphone to charge. BESTEK tops on our list because it has a two-foot cigarette adapter plugs which combine with a small footprint that enables it to fit into almost all types of vehicles, which makes it best for campers or when going to a vacation.

To protect your car and plugged in devices from overheating or overcharging, the inverter includes a built-in 40 amp fuse and integrated cooling fan. And with a strong metal case housing, you can be sure it’ll take more than two drops or bumps to break. If you are seriously looking for a car power inverter, you have nothing to lose by trying out this model as it comes with an 18 months warranty for all buyers.

2. FOVAL 150W

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If you are looking for a light duty power inverter, we suggest that you try this model. FOVAL has been in the market for quite some time. And it is among the leading brands manufacturing charging devices. So you are sure that this one won’t fail. This inverter will supply you with up to 150Watts continuous energy to all electronics that you plug into it. And that is just enough power for your smartphone or laptops.

It features a built-in standard household electrical outlet and dual USB ports. The Foval 150W comes with multiple automatic protection features that ensure the safety of your car, and your charging devices. What we like about this model is that it is a compact size that’ll take very minimal space. That makes it comfortable to walk carry around on whichever day.

It also has a metal case protection that safeguards it from drops and bumps. The perks of purchasing this product are, you get an 18 months warranty and 100% customer service. And of course it is easy to use, but in case you are unable to figure out how it works, you can simply refer from the manual provided.

3. BMK 200 Watts

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There is nothing to worry about if you have a 2 in 1 power converter in your hands. The BMK inverter provides you with continuous DC to AC power conversion of up to 200W. It includes 4 charging ports to enable you to charge multiple devices.

The ability to invert power is not the only reason this BMK converter made it to our list. Other features that wowed us include, it is lightweight making it more convenient and easy to store, it also includes 110V AC outlets to provide more charging space. And has a silent cooling fan included to prevent overheating. There’s also the LED indicator that displays the working status, green-operation shutdown.

Should you not love the product, you have nothing to worry as it comes with a 100% money back guarantee. And you can always seek for after sale services.

4. Camco Power Defender

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There are so many reasons why you need to have this converter in your hands. For starters, the product protects all your electrical equipment from improperly wired boxes. So yours is just to plug in and relax as your electronics charge.

Even before you connect your electrical cord, the diagnostic lights will show you if there are any faults. It also features a voltage analyzer with surge protection that extends to 1050 Joules. And the contour grip also makes unplugging to be easier.


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When looking for a power inverter, your priority should be the safety features it has. It’ll be a waste of time and money, to invest so much on a device which will damage your car or your electronic equipment. And we love this product for many other reasons but mostly because of the protection features. Also, It factors in open ground, open neutral, reverse polarity and pedestal indications all for protecting your electronics.

SSP includes a surge protector as well as a pull handle and a locking bracket. It is specifically designed for outdoor use and is able to resist all kinds of weather and work just fine.


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Progressive industries have made a name for themselves in the electrical market. Their products are the most selling ones because of their good quality. This model isn’t much different from the one we’ve reviewed above.

It has all protection and safety features just like the SSP only this one has higher watts of up to 3600W, and that justifies why it is a little bit pricey.

7. GELOO 300W

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Quality plus Durability plus affordability equals this GELOO power inverter. It supplies continuous 300W from DC to AC power and 600 instantaneous power. It is a fast charging device with dual 110 AC outlets and 2 USB ports.

GELOO comes with an in-built fuse and a safe charging design to protect your device from overheating or over and overvoltage charging as well as short circuiting. It is lightweight and factors a sleek, compact design. Not to, mention it has a built-in silent fan to reduce heat.

8. WEN 56125i

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A converter which has no noise control can be irritating. And the best thing about this model is that it operates extremely quietly. The product includes an EPA III and CARB-Compliant 60cc OHV engine that provides a maximum power of 1250W. WEN supplies the correct clean power that won’t damage sensitive electronics such as smartphones or televisions. It also has a two three-prong 120V receptacles and two 5V USB ports.

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Krieger has once again wowed us with this incredible car power inverter. Much effort was put into the designing before it was manufactured. We like this model particularly because it is simple to use affordable and an excellent way to get the AC power you need when you are on the move.

It’ll provide you with 1100W of power that is sufficient for charging all your electronics. It even comes with legs which can use it to mount somewhere on your car. You are also given a 3 foot long 4 gauge cable to connect your car battery. And you can also read the digits from the readout display included.

10. WFCO WF-9855

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There are many reasons why we thought this converter should be on our top 10 best. First, you are assured of the quiet operation as the fan only runs when it is required. Also, it has an open top design which makes it easy to use and quick to install.

Specifications are:

  • Output: 55 Amps DC
  • Input: 105-130 VAC, 60 Hz, 940W
  • Fully insulated DC
  • USB ports
  • Silent Operation

The Different Types of Power Inverter for Car:

Before we get to factors you should consider before buying a power inverter for cars, it is best that you familiarize yourself with the different types that exist. This section will help narrow down your choices when it finally comes to picking the ideal power inverter for your car. There are three main types.

1. The Single Outlet Inverters

These power inverters feature a simple design, and it’s why they are quite affordable. They provide a continuous current of 150W to 200W. They are also small in size and are more compact. The single outlet inverters are designed only to charge one device at a time.

2. The Multiple Outlet Inverters

These are an advancement of the multiple outlet inverters. They are more costly and feature multiple outlets. They provide higher continuous current than the latter. You can use it to power up multiple gadgets at once.

3. USB Outlets

The USB Outlets are the most common power inverters today. They can be used to power up devices such as smartphones and tablets and all other devices that can be charged via USB. It provides the same power as to that of standard outlet designs. A USB Outlet power inverter however only works on appliances that have USB accessibility. This, therefore, singles out most home appliances.

What are The Factors To Consider When Choosing The Best Power Inverter for Car?
As we conclude our review, let’s look at some of the things that make up a good power inverter. These factors will help you choose the ideal power inverter for your car.

It’s Features

In the above list of the 10 best power inverters, we have highlighted the key features of each and every one. The more features a power inverter has, the better it is. Make sure that you purchase one that has all the features you wish to have. For instance, you should consider mostly the ones that can provide continuous power of 150W to 200W.

1. Safety

Safety is also an essential factor to consider. The ideal power inverter for your car should have built-in mechanisms such as fans which will minimize overheating. It should also be able to reduce instances of overloading and short-circuiting. There are some power inverters that also automatically shut down before it reaches the overloading point.

2. Design

The design also matters a lot. Fortunately, all the above power inverters reviewed feature a compact design. And, thus can be carried and transported with ease while using up very minimal space. The quality should also be built to withstand frequent use.

3. The Number of Outlets

This will depend on your charging needs. A multiple outlet inverter is a great alternative since you can charge several devices at once.

4. The Cost

The cost though it shouldn’t be your number one priority, it is equally important. You should evaluate the pros, cons, and features of each power inverter and weigh out if the cost is worth it. You should note that the more features a power inverter has, the higher its cost is likely to be.

5. Durability

It should also be able to last an extended period of time. The power inverter should endure the harshest environments. And if exposed to too much heat it shouldn’t break or lose its grip. Since road trips are long, it should be able to withstand this.

Final Thoughts

We do understand how difficult it can be choosing a power inverter for your car. This is why we have done research, analysed and compiled the above list of the 10 best power inverters on the market. And to top it all up, below it is a comprehensive review that will help you choose the best power inverter for your car. Since a power inverter for a car is a useful gadget, you should ensure that you get great value for the price you are paying. All you have to do is weigh out the distinct features of each power inverter and pick one that pleases you most.

List – Best Power Inverters for Car in 2020:

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