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A washing machine is a must for every home because manual washing needs a lot of effort and time. Along with a washer, a dryer is equally important. This is because, in the apartments, there is hardly any space to dry the wet clothes. The dryer dries the clothes to a greater extent, and then you can put it outside for complete drying and iron the clothes. We are listing the top 10 best portable washer and dryer machines below for your consideration.

1. Giantex Portable Twin Tub Washing Machine

The twin tub design of this portable washer and dryer will make you use it with ease. This has separate timers for spinning and washing and comes with a large capacity.


  • This has a power of 300 w and is in a space-saving design. It is ideal for home use and comes in a lightweight design for easy portability.
  • It relieves your hands for washing manual clothes and you can save time and effort. This is also energy efficient and you only need to load the clothes with water.
  • This runs with 120V power and comes with a drainage tube for easy draining. This includes an inlet pipe and is made of tough ABS plastic.

2. Best Choice Products Twin Tub Washing Machine

The reliable capacity of this portable washer and dryer makes it perfect for dorms, apartments, RVs, and homes. This is space-saving and is in a lightweight design.


  • It has a powerful motor of 1300 RPM and operates quietly. In this, you will find a timer control that lets you have added convenience.
  • This is also durable and has a plastic body. It looks attractive and has different timer cycles for washing and cleaning.
  • Despite being in a compact size, the machine has a versatile performance. This is in a twin tub design and frees your hands from washing your clothes.

3. Giantex Portable Washing Machine

This portable washer and dryer has a fully automatic function and lets you free your hands from manual washing. It has easy operation and comes with descriptions and illustrations.


  • It has an inner tub with a honeycomb shape that has a load capacity of 8 pounds. It also includes the feature of mode control that lets you adjust the washing mode.
  • You can easily perform your work as it lets you program it according to your needs. It does not require any installation and is ideal for dorms and apartments.
  • It has an aluminum drain pump that allows easy draining of dirty water. It has a powerful performance and lets you save electricity and water.

4. SUPER DEAL Twin Tub Washing Machine

With this portable washer and dryer, you will save time and effort. It delivers a powerful performance as it has a motor that can rotate at 1300 RPM.


  • This will allow you to save water and comes with a translucent window. It is also energy efficient and provides neat and clean clothes.
  • It delivers effective performance and the lightweight structure offers easy portability. It can easily fit in closet and bathroom and provide you ease in storing it.
  • This operates quietly and has an easy operation. It has a spinner capacity of 5 pounds and the washer is of 8 pounds.

5. Giantex Washing Machine

This has a capacity of 10 pounds and is perfect for giving you peace of mind. The compact design lets you store it conveniently without occupying much space.


  • It has a large load capacity and the lightweight structure allows easy mobility. This is easy to operate and lets you monitor the washing process with its clear lid.
  • In this, you will find the feature of the automatically adjustable foot as well as automatic imbalance adjustment and makes sure that you meet your requirements.
  • The child lock operation makes is safe for homes and gives error alarms. With this, you can relieve yourself from manual washing and utilize your time with your loved ones.

6. KUPPET Portable Washing Machine

Here is a portable washer and dryer that come in a user-friendly design. It has a washing capacity of 7 pounds and the spin capacity is of 3.3 pounds.


  • The lightweight construction of the unit allows easy portability. It is energy efficient and comes with a timer control for user convenience.
  • This offers better flexibility and you can roll it anywhere due to its smooth gliding wheels. It lets you monitor the water condition as it has a clear blue lid.
  • It is perfect for apartments and has a total power of 360 W. In this, you will find a detachable spin basket that lets you install it with ease.

7. SUPER DEAL Compact Washing Machine

This one has a size of 10 pounds and is in a compact design. It lets you save time and have better convenience with its timer control option.


  • It allows you to use it conveniently and features two deep rinses. It comes with an upgraded motor that delivers a powerful performance.
  • This has durable parts which let you use it for a long time. It is space-saving and you can easily use it in RVs, apartments, condominiums, and motor homes.
  • This lets you save money as it has an energy-efficient operation. You can easily observe the washing process as it comes in clear cover design.

8. ZENY Portable Twin Tub Washing Machine

The dual performance of this one makes it a versatile product. The portable washer and dryer require limited space and delivers great performance.


  • It comes in a lightweight design making it suitable for RVs and camps. In this, you will find the feature of gravity drain as it comes with an elevated platform.
  • It has a quiet operation and does not make any vibration. You can set the time according to your need and use it in both the cycles.
  • This is made of durable plastic and has an attractive look. It lets you have an easy draining and filling due to its drain hose and water inlet hose.

9. Panda Fully Automatic Washing Machine

This one comes in a size of 1.6 cu ft. that allows you to save space. You can easily place it in different places and have better convenience.


  • In this, you will find an LED display that lets you track various operations. You will also find the feature of delay start and you can take it anywhere due to its built-in rollers.
  • This has a stainless steel tub and features a see-through lid. It has multiple programs for washing and there is also a pulsator for varied water flows.
  • It lets you install it with ease and has touchpad controls. The extra control lock option offers usage with safety.

10. SUPER DEAL Twin Tub Washing Machine

The portable washer and dryer come in a compact size and delivers effective performance. This is made of high-density plastic and is a reliable product.


  • It is in a space-saving design and has an easy operation. This can perform dual tasks and leaves your clothes clean and fresh.
  • This has a capacity of 17.6 pounds and comes with all the hardware including a drain hose, extra-long cord, and inlet water hose.
  • It has a washing time of 15 minutes and the spin time is of 5 minutes. It lets you have better convenience and comes with a motor that rotates at 1300 RPM.


The portable washers and dryers are relatively small in size than the traditional washing machines. Depending on the space available in your house, you should buy accordingly. The portable machines are easy to use as you do not need fixed water intake and drainage line. You can store it conveniently when not used. Go through all the products and understand and compare them before buying.

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