Everyone all needs rest from their busy schedules and a way to unwind at the end of a busy day. After running up and down through the day you end up at home, exhausted, stressed out or just longing for some alone time. And what better place to unwind and meditate than outdoors where you can enjoy the view and some fresh air?

Such a place can be your patio or the garden and so you might want to have a good comfortable bench solely for this purpose. Outdoor benches come in different colors, materials, shapes, and sizes and choosing one that suits you can be challenging. Below is a comprehensive review of some of the 10 best outdoor benches in 2020.

This review will aim to look at the most turnkey benches, from design, outlook, and even aesthetic value. The review will further dive into what makes each of the outdoor benches stand out.

1. Patio Glider Outdoor Bench(Giantex)

Patio Glider Outdoor Bench(Giantex)

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With this patio bench, you don’t have to worry about back problems. It has an ergonomic back support that offers great comfort in maintaining your spine at the right angle. It’s made of steel to ensure durability, therefore, you don’t have to worry about damage in a long time. The steel surface is coated with a rust- resistant finish to ensure that it withstands harsh weather conditions. The seat material is Texilene which is top notch quality and has high tensile strength. You may want to keep it away from the rainy days though because of the bench seat material. The patio loveseat is simple yet stylish and easily blends well with the surrounding making it great for outdoors.

2. Patio Garden Bench 50 Inches

Patio Garden Bench 50 Inches

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This exquisite bench is made purely of metal which has been carved into different floral patterns that guarantees you of elegance both to your front or backyard. It comes in red, bronze, and black. Its big size allows for more than one occupant to sit at once. It’s highly durable since it is made of steel. With it comes easy instructions for assembly that will have you relaxing in no time.

3. Colonial Outdoor GDF Studio 300496

Colonial Outdoor GDF Studio 300496

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This outdoor bench is made of acacia wood with a sand black finish top which is completed with an iron frame. This gives it a refined edge to most arrangements. It’s both durable and strong and will withstand the test of time. Unlike many other benches, it’s made from a naturally occurring material, thus, it blends with a nicely manicured yard as well as adding nuances of elegance.

4. Steel Frame Patio Chair

Steel Frame Patio Chair

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This porch bench is made from steel that’s highly durable and can last for many years as much as well able to endure extreme weather conditions. It has a sitting capacity of up to two persons. The material makes it easy to keep the chair clean since you can wipe dirt off with ease.

5. Wooden Garden Bench Furniture(Giantex)

Wooden Garden Bench Furniture(Giantex)

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This is a 5 foot and 3 seat chair that is made from poplar wood which is strong to withstand the test of time and give support to more people. It blends in easily in different environs with its simple make and can be used in many places. Also, it comes with a detailed manual to aid in assembly and has a comfy backrest that ensures you are well relaxed. Adding that it is also rot resistant and insect resistant.

6. TX 94101 Leigh Country Metal Bench

TX 94101 Leigh Country Metal Bench

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It is made from steel making it long-lasting and able to withstand the extremes of weather. It is attractive and one of a kind with a ‘welcome’ design carved out at the backseat. The strengthened seat panel can hold the weight of up to 551 pounds.

7. Tamika Teak Bench 297246

Tamika Teak Bench 297246

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This bench is made from acacia wood with a teak finish making it attractive and strong. This ensures a long life of the bench. It easily blends with the environment making it ideal for your outdoors, lawn, garden, or patio space.

8. Hopkins Chair 90134ONLMI

Hopkins Chair 90134ONLMI

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This is a do it yourself bench which comes in plastic material made of durable structural resin that is maintenance free. With the material, you could decide to build a chair, bench, or loveseat of any size up to 6ft. the assembly is easy and also comes with a limited warranty of two years.

9. 50” Outdoor Furniture Steel Frame Porch Seat

50” Outdoor Furniture Steel Frame Porch Seat

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This is a 50 inch by 21-inch seat made from steel. Its steel frame guarantees resilience. The backrest stands out to complement your out-of-doors décor. It is powder coated to add elegance to your front or backyard setting.

10. Outdoor Park 50inch Furniture Chair

Outdoor Park 50inch Furniture Chair

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This exquisite steel bench has a seating capacity of two people. It is heavy-duty enabling it to last for years without wearing out. With it comes an easy to follow step-wise guide to help with assembly. The design easily blends in with the environs giving it an outstanding appearance.

It is evident that a good patio will go a long way in increasing the aesthetic value of your home. More than that, it is a great place for you and your family or group of friends to hang out together. However, it is understandable that getting a bench for your home –one that fits all your specs, can be a tall order. Luckily, from the review above, you will have an easier time when you go shopping for a bench for your home.


If you have any questions or would like any clarification, you can always enquire from the company or sales representative before you purchase any item. Moreover, look for a store that will offer you after sales services such as delivery to your home, installation of the bench, repair if needed, and any other that you might think about. Finally, you can check the any of the furniture’s review to see how it has benefitted prior customers, or even to get a creative idea into where it should go or what to accessorize with.

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