10 Best Motion Sensor Light Bulbs

The best motion sensor light bulbs come with several features. It is necessary to check on the different features available in the motion sensor bulbs before you choose a given bulb. Some of the factors you need to take into consideration include the durability of the bulbs. There are some bulbs which are made to assure you great durability. The design of the bulb also matters. There are others which can resist water hence they are ideal for outdoor applications among others. If you can choose the best motion sensor bulbs, you will always realize value for your money in the long.

Best Motion Sensor Light Bulbs Reviews:

10. 60W Led Garage Lights

The lights come with a great design to assure you great success when trying to light your garage. Super bright lights ensure each part of your garage is well illuminated. High intensity light can easily scare away potential intruders in your garage. Adjustable design makes it possible to adjust the light till it perfectly illuminates different parts of your garage. It is a durable and long life unit you can ever install.

9. Motion Sensor Bulbs with PIR Built-in Motion Detector

The bulb comes with an inbuilt motion sensor which uses an auto PIR motion sensing technology. It can continuously pick up motion and continue lighting the area. If you use it as a security light, it will always light till motion is no more near your premises. Energy saving design makes the unit among the best units you can access in the market. Easy installation design allows you to have it up and working within a short period.

8. Motion Sensor ProPOW LED Bulbs

The smart motion detector led bulb can switch on and shut off automatically. It is an ideal lighting system for garage, stairs, corridor, carports and patios. It can continuously detect motion signal and continue lighting. Energy saving design ensures you can remain with few dollars out of your energy bills. Safe and easy to use design makes it a great bulb for home use.

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7. Philips LED A19 Frosted Bulb

The bulb comes with several features which make it stand out. For instance, it is an energy efficient unit which you can apply to achieve great energy savings. Long lasting design assures you long lifer. The bulb is compatible with different light bases. Dusk to dawn lighting mechanism makes it a daily use bulb. The light produced is comfortable to your eyes.

6. LOHAS Sensor LED Bulb

It is a perfect dusk to dawn sensor light. If you are looking for the best security light, the LOHAS unit can work very well for you. The inbuilt sensor makes it to
switch on and off according to motion sensing capability. The performance is great. You can realize crustal white lights. Durability is guaranteed.

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5. E26 Base Motion Sensor Bulb

It is a 50W smart bulb with motion sensor. You can use it outdoors where it can act as a motion sensor light to assure your family members security. Built-in radar makes it more sensitive to motion with a large area detection capability. It is easy to install hence you can easily apply it in your daily life. Energy saving design allows you to use less money and illuminate your home perfectly. You only use light when it is needed due to the inbuilt sensor technology. Long lifespan is guaranteed.

4. Sengled Smartsense Light Bulb

You can use it as a night light where it will produce just enough light in different areas. Easy to install design allows you to fix it in your light fixtures hassle free. There are no extra wires needed for you to have the system in place. Built-in motion sensor illuminates only when there is motion near the fixture.

You can use it as an everyday bulb and it will save you energy in the long run. After motion has been detected, the light will light up to 90 seconds before it can go off. With up to 25,000 hours, you are assured value for money upon buying the unit.

3. Aukora Motion Sensor Bulbs

The LED system can be applied in different areas. Some of the areas where you can use the bulb include outdo operations such as garage basements and hallway closets. With 12W power output, it is a durable system which you can apply to achieve great success in your outdoor lighting.

PIR motion sensors utilize infrared to sense motion after which the bulb will light up. It is a design which will assure you the best surveillance near your important premises. The inbuilt sensor works from dusk to dawn hence assuring you maximum security. Energy saving design ensures you are guaranteed the best illumination in your home.

2. Motion Sensor Light LED Bulb

It is a reliable lighting system which you can use from dusk to dawn. Built in motions sensors allows it to illuminate outdoors as well as on stairs. The use of motion sensing technology makes the bulb very economical. It can sense motion for up to 16 feet away and light.

The energy saving design allows it to pick motion from several feet away and light. If you would like to enhance the security of your outdoors, the unit can work very well for you. It can be sued t only illuminate when motion is sensed near your premises. Easy installation design allows you to easily have it in your premises.

1. Sengled Smartsense LED Light

It is a motion sensor LED light which can work well as a security light. Singled is waterproof hence it can work well in different conditions. Built in motion sensor makes it illuminate for up to 90 seconds after motion has been detected. You save on energy because the bulb will only illuminate when it is needed. It is rated 25,000 hours making it among durable LED light systems in the market. Easy to install design allows you to buy it and start using without the need to hire a professional.

It is a versatile unit you can install in areas such as backyards, driveways, garages among other areas. You can install it outdoors and it will assure you the best operation possible 1050 lumens brightness makes it among the brightest LED systems.


The above are among the best motion sensor light bulbs you can access in the market. The light comes with different features which make them among the best you can install to achieve great return on investment.

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