Many skates do not encounter difficulties when they go without skate guards. Some even attest that they have been skating for over seven years without using Ice skate guards. While this can be true, the underlying reality is that from the moment you realize the benefits that come alongside using these guards, you will curse the times you have always skated without them.

They are worth purchasing, considering they range from as low as $10 to $40. When it comes to using a skate guard, there are two distinct benefits. First and foremost, the guard protects your skate blades and edges from flat spots and nicks. Most ice skaters tend to lose edge when going to make a tight turn or stop. The skates just slide out from under them. With a skate guard, however, this will be a thing of the past. Secondly, the guards also protect your blades from rust and moisture.

This benefit is usually inclined to cloth skate guards. That said, quite many ice skate guards have been manufactured and released to the market, making it increasingly difficult for the skater to tell the best variation form the crowd. Well, we understand your mind could be in turmoil, trying to figure out what to set your hand on. Below is our filtered list of top 10 best ice skates guards.

10. Hockey Skate Guards – Elite Hockey 700XS Pro Skate Guard

You want to be sure you are protected from injuries when skating and this ice skate guard offers just that. It has an inner linear sole which holds the blade in place and a hard bottom which prevents the skate from cutting through the guard. The edge is protected from external moisture thanks to the water-resistant soft outer shell. You will not encounter any form of rust as the soft inner liner tends to protect the blade with a vapor corrosion inhibitor which is known to be rust-resistant.

9. Guard Dog Universal Ice Skate Guards – Blue Glitz

Your safety dramatically depends on the functionality and strength of the guard that you use. Guard Dog Universal Ice Skate guard is a perfect fit for a wide variety of figure and hockey skate blades. It is entirely adjustable, making it a preferred choice for those who do not love the rigidity that is common with most ice skate guards. In most cases, the product comes in pink and purple color, making it a preferred guard among females.

8. Rockerz Customizable Skate Guards – 2 and 4 Piece Guards

Looking at this skate guard, we greatly admired its heavy-duty, gripping tread which warrants maximum safety of the user. It also has a broad, stable walking base which further ensures optimum stability of the skater while on the go. Given that all its parts are made with 100 percent recyclable materials, the item is undoubtedly eco-friendly.

It comes fully assembled and custom-fitted to the user’s exact blade size and model. And It is ergonomically designed for comfort and safety. It also enables the user to experience the ease of movement in every step they make. The brand’s customer care department is always ready and willing to supply a prospecting buyer with sample pictures to give them a rough idea of what they are about to buy would be like.

7. CRS Cross Skate Guards, Soakers & Towel Gift Set –

This is one of the most affordable skate guards on the market today. The blade guards are hard enough to protect your ice skates as you walk on the ground. The blades are protected and covered in the bag thanks to the soft guards of absorbent terry cloths. It also features towel matching the soakers to help you dry the ice hockey skate or your hands and ideal for both coaches and skaters. It offers all-in-one care for your figure or hockey skates.

6. Rollergard SuperGard Ultimate Walking Hockey Ice Skate Guards

You may find it difficult to imagine that at a price tag of less than $20, you can get a state-of-the-art skate guard. This superior skate guard features a non-slip strap to enable you protects your super guards from falling off. The super guards, on the other hand, offer protection against dulling, rusting, and damage. We also got attracted to its serrated bottom and broader stance. We would never forget to mention its highly effective side drainage holes.

5. Athletico Ice Skate Blade Covers

The color of this ice skate guard might not be among the most appealing ones, but when it comes to service delivery, this is one of the best guards we could come across. It features ultra-thick terry cloth blade cover which protects the blades from you and you from the blades. You no longer need to worry about rusting blades since this guard’s liner is designed such that it absorbs from melted ice thereby preventing the edge from rusting.

The product is available in small, medium, and large sizes, making it ideal for all skate types. The product is 100 percent satisfaction guaranteed. Should you feel dissatisfied with it within the set trial period, the manufacturer allows you to return it and get your money back.

4. Elite Hockey Pro-Skate Guard

This skate guard features water-resistant outer liner which repels moisture. Among other things, you are going to love it for its rubber traction at the base which ensures safer walking. Its soft inner lining treating, on the other hand, has VCI to protect the skate blades while at the same time, preventing rust. The package is inclusive of one pair of Elite hockey pro skate blade covers.

3. ProDental Sports Mouth Guards – Customizable for Comfort

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We loved this skate guard for its maximum versatility. Its durable design and multi-use functionality gives the user the most cost-effective solution. It is made from long-lasting, hygienic, soft taste-free and odor-free polyvinyl material. You can buy it with a piece of mind knowing that you will not be disappointed in its quality and functionality. Its thick cushioning base is capable of absorbing shock, thus offering maximum teeth protection.

2. Rollergard Rolling Skate Guard

This may not be among the modest variations, but it is indeed worth its cost. It is made with a patented design which helps keep your blades from touching the bottom of your Rollergards. This ensures your skates stay sharper for a longer time. Skaters under 200lbs will find it the best guard ever. We also loved its durable, non-marking outdoor/ indoor wheels which add to its excellent functionality.

1. A&R Sports Blade Cover

Despite appearing at the bottom of our top 10 list, this is the best ice skate guard we managed to come across. It is made with superior absorbent terry cloth fabric which adds to its uniqueness and well known for its ability to protect the skate blades from chipping and rusting. It fits figure skates up to 13 and hockey skates up to size one.

How to Choose the Right Ice Skate Guards:

Of cause, there is a dotted line between knowing the top 10 best ice skate guards and understanding the factors to consider when making a selection. You have a whole lot of the afore-listed 10 ice skate guards, but how do you get the perfect one for your use? Here are a few things to look into.

It goes without saying that the price of a commodity often dictates its quality. You will come to note that most of the high-end skate guards also offer the best variety in the market. However, this may not necessarily mean that all the low-end skate guards are of poor quality. Some brands have done their best to strike a perfect balance between quality and price. It is, therefore, advisable to go for the best quality at the most affordable price. However, never sacrifice quality for the price.

Sturdiness and Durability
As seen in the introduction, ice skate guards play very significant roles in your skating activity. You want to be sure you are spending money on an item which is not only sturdy but will also be of great use to you for ages before having to go back to the stores. It, therefore, implies that you must consider skate guards made of sturdy materials.

The size of the ice skate guard must be relative to your boots. You do not want to buy a guard that will end up being an ill-fit. Given that you may consider placing an order for your guard over the internet, it is always in order that you pay attention to the product description, especially its size.

Final Thought
We reiterate that ice skate guards play a significant role in your skating activity. They protect your skate blades and edges from flat spots and nicks. Also, they protect your blades from rust and moisture. You do not wish to miss these extensive benefits that come along with using skate guards. Our top 10 list features the best products ever penned on the internet. As a result, Combine this with the factors to consider when choosing skate guards, and you will be sure to get the best out there.

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