If you want to take your gym experience home, then you must get the best exercise equipment such as a high-quality elliptical machine. Unlike treadmills that offer exercises that can be hard on the joints, ellipticals mimic the running motion without causing any impact. So, these machines tend to be useful to people with bad knees and joints and those who want to benefit from a full-body workout.

Although most ellipticals cost more than $2000, you can get an effective trainer for an amount that is less than half that price. Keep reading and get an idea of the best ellipticals under $500.

Best Elliptical Under 500 For 2020 Reviews:

1. Exerpeutic Heavy Duty Magnetic Elliptical with Bluetooth App Tracking Option

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Get your workout started so that you can get the results you have wanted with EXERPEUTIC 2000XL High Capacity Elliptical Trainer. The trainer features a heavy-duty steel frame construction enabling it to support a user capacity of up to 300lbs. Also, there are dual action workout arms designed to provide an upper body workout so that you can tone the whole body.

The Bluetooth Smart Cloud Fitness is another plus that works with a free MyCloudFitness app available on iOS and Android devices so that you can track your progress on mobile devices. You can set three workout goal settings via the app, among these calories burned, time taken, and the distance covered. EXERPEUTIC 2000XL measures 54” L x 23” W x 63” H while it weighs 74.5 lbs.


  • The large pedal design prevents foot slippage while exercising.
  • 3.5″ LCD indicates the speed, time, calories burned, pulse rate, distance covered, and scan.
  • Built-in wheels for easy room relocation.
  • 8-level magnetic tension resistance system to customize your workout progress.
  • Precision-balanced flywheel and V- belt drive enhance quiet and smooth operation.

2. Magnetic Elliptical Machine Trainer by Sunny Health & Fitness – SF-E905

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Benefit from a low-impact cardiovascular training from the comfort of your home with the Sunny Magnetic Elliptical Trainer. Featuring a digital monitor, the trainer helps you track your speed, calories burnt, time taken, and distance covered. Also, there is a heart pulse monitoring system designed to let you control the heartbeat.

Eight magnetic resistance levels are another plus of the trainer which means that you can control the resistance for a more challenging workout. The trainer is suitable for use in small spaces due to the compact 11″ slide length that enables it to take a small space. It measures 28″ L x 17″ W x 57″ H, while 60lbs. Once you get it, you can expect it to supports a user weight of up to 220lbs.


  • Large, textured anti-slip foot platforms prevent slippage when working out.
  • Adjustable leg stabilizers prevent tipping or swaying on uneven surfaces.
  • Convenient transport wheel enhances easy maneuverability.
  • Convenient scan mode in the digital monitor allows you to track the progress.

3. Cubii Jr: Desk Elliptical with Built in Display Monitor, Easy Assembly, Adjustable Resistance, Quiet & Compact

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The ultimate elliptical trainer for use at home or in the office is Cubii elliptical trainer. With a 23.2 x 17.6 x 10 inches product dimension, this is one of the compact trainers available on the market. The trainer allows you to multitask, where you can exercise and work at the same time since you use it while sitting.

It adopts a whisper-quiet operation with a smooth gliding motion. The trainer assembles fast and with a lot of ease since all that is required are four screws. You can follow your workout progress while using the trainer, thanks to the built-in display monitor that tracks the calories burnt, RPM, distance covered, and strides.


  • Eight resistance levels allow you to customize the workout level.
  • The built-in display helps you track real-time progress.
  • Ergonomic design.

4. Schwinn 430 Elliptical

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Answering to the need of best elliptical trainer under $500 that brings you a smooth and comfortable workout experience at the comfort of your home is Schwinn 430 Elliptical Trainer. The trainer helps you increase your cardio and muscle strength while shedding some pounds to ensure a perfectly toned body.

Among the features that make it effective at this is its goal tracking capability designed to help users set individual exercise goals. Also, there are 22 preset workout programs which comprise a quick start, two fitness tests, eight heart rate controls, and nine profiles. The trainer measures 70.1 x 28.2 x 63.2 inches while it weighs 165 pounds.

It includes a manually adjustable ramp designed to provide six different incline options. Once you get it, you can benefit from a range of workout intensity options, thanks to the 20 levels of resistance. The trainer can support a maximum user weight of up to 300lbs.


  • USB charging port helps to keep music players, phones, and tablets charged.
  • DualTrack 2 LCD screen tracks the distance covered, calories burnt, and time taken and allows you to compare this with previous workouts.
  • High-speed, high-inertia drive system for quiet and smooth workouts.
  • Ergonomically placed moving and fixed handlebars offer hand placement flexibility.
  • 20″ stride adopts a precision path foot motion technology to enhance a natural running motion.

5. Aceshin Elliptical Machine Trainer Compact Life Fitness Exercise Equipment for Home Workout Office Gym

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Get an experience similar to that of the gym once you get the Aceshin Elliptical Trainer. The trainer offers eight levels of magnetic resistance so that you can take control of your fitness goals.

It features a tubular steel construction whereas it features a wide base enabling it to support a 330lbs maximum user weight. You can keep track of your progress with this trainer since it features an LCD that displays the calories burned, distance covered, speed, and time taken.


  • Built-in Inertia-enhanced flywheel for quiet and smooth operation.
  • Transportation wheels enhance easy maneuverability.
  • Heart rate sensor for heart rate monitoring.
  • Large pedals include ridges to prevent foot slippage.

6. ANCHEER Elliptical Machine Trainer Magnetic Smooth Quiet Driven, Elliptical Exercise Trainer Machine with LCD Monitor and Heart Rate

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Exercise from the convenience and comfort of your home with ANCHEER Elliptical Machine. Offering up to eight levels of magnetic resistance, the trainer can let you take charge of your workout from beginner to advanced workout intensities. Adding to that, the trainer includes a digital LCD monitor.

The monitor displays the distance covered, speed, Time taken and calories burned, enabling you to know your progress with a lot of ease. ANCHEER can support a maximum user weight of up to 330 lbs, thanks to the heavy-duty steel frame, wide base, and the big non-slip pedals. You can move the trainer from one room to the next with a lot of ease since it features wheels at the front of the unit.


  • 12lbs built-in flywheel and V- belt drive for a smooth and quiet operation.
  • Pulse rate grips for an effective heart rate monitoring.
  • Convenient tension knob allows you to adjust the exercise intensity.

7. Fitness Reality E5500XL Magnetic Elliptical Trainer

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Begin the journey to a healthier life with the Fitness Reality E5500XL. The trainer offers 24 levels of smooth magnetic tension resistance and 21 computer pre-set workout programs. Adding to that, there are three computer goal workout settings which comprise the calories burnt, Time taken, and distance covered. Because of these, you can take control of your exercise and track the progress as you look forward to achieving the body shape and size you have always wanted.

Fitness Reality E5500XL includes a double transmission system designed for a smoother striding motion and increased momentum. Its 18″ smooth elliptical stride length is another plus that enables you to benefit from a comfortable and full-range workout without much strain on the knees or ankles.


  • Large stride pedal design prevents foot slippage.
  • Dual action handlebars ensure effective upper body workout.
  • Hand pulse sensors enhance effective heart rate monitoring.
  • Transportation wheels enhance easy relocation.
  • Extended leg stabilizers prevent any tipping when exercising.

8. Exerpeutic Gold 2000XLST Bluetooth Smart Technology Elliptical Trainer with 21 Workout Programs

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Enjoy the convenience of working out without leaving the comfort of home with the Exerpeutic Gold 2000XLST Elliptical Trainer. The trainer offers 21 computer preset workout programs, three workout goal settings, and 16 levels of magnetic tension control.

These features mean that you can take charge of your workout program so that you can stay up to the challenge. Another advantage of the trainer is its Bluetooth Smart Technology that works with a free MyFitQuest4 app on iOS or devices.

Because of this, you can track your fitness progress with a lot of ease from the convenience of your portable devices. The 2000XLST Elliptical Trainer includes a backlit LCD computer that displays the speed, distance covered, calories burned, Time taken, and pulse rate. The trainer measures 53 x 25 x 63 inches while it weighs 81.6 pounds.


  • Larger exposed flywheel provides extra smooth momentum.
  • Built-in Tablet/smartphone holder.
  • Hand Pulse Sensors allow you to monitor the heart rate.
  • Precision-balanced flywheel and V- belt drive enhance smooth and quiet operation.
  • Large pedals featuring a ribbed design prevents foot slippage when exercising.

9. ANCHEER Elliptical Machine Trainer Magnetic Smooth Quiet Driven with LCD Monitor and Pulse Rate Grips

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Are you looking for an elliptical trainer that will let you feel like you are practicing in the gym at the comfort of your home? Well, the ANCHEER Elliptical Machine is one of these trainers. The machine measures 40.9 x 18.9 x 63 inches while it weighs 35.8kg. It includes a precision balanced flywheel and V- belt drive designed to enhance a smooth and quiet operation.

In addition, it offers eight levels of magnetic resistance so that you can adjust your workout level based on your fitness goals. You can expect the machine to offer a safe and full body workout since it features non-slip pedals and a 13inches stride length that delivers a no-impact smooth-flowing workout.

ANCHEER Elliptical Trainer includes an advanced LCD digital monitor designed to display the calories burnt, Time taken, speed, and distance covered. Also, there are pulse rate grips designed to ensure effective heart rate monitoring.


  • Variable tension control allows the user to take charge of the resistance level.
  • 12 lbs built-in flywheel and V- belt drive enhance smooth and quiet workouts.
  • Big non-slip pedal prevents slippage when exercising.

10. ProGear 360 Dual Action Stride Air Walker LS Elliptical

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Does your definition for the best elliptical trainer mean a trainer that is designed to fit in small spaces? If that is the case, I would recommend the ProGear 360 Dual Action Elliptical trainer. The machine measures 34 L x 20 W x 52 H inches while it weighs 45pounds. It can fold up to half the size of the setup dimensions enabling it to take small storage space.

The trainer includes dual action arms designed to provide an upper body workout. Its 36 inches range of motion allows you to stretch the leg muscles and work your hamstrings to increase calorie burn and weight loss. You can get the trainer for users up to 225lbs, thanks to the 2.75″ tubular steel frame.


  • An LCD screen displays large numbers to enhance ease of use.
  • Adjustable rear floor stabilizers prevent tipping on uneven floors.
  • Transportation wheels enhance easy maneuverability.
  • Foam-covered handlebar prevents hands from slipping during use.

How to choose the best elliptical trainer:

1. Exercise intensity

Elliptical trainers provide room for adjusting the workout intensity, where most machines allow for adjustable resistance. In this regard, determine the amount of resistance you want the device to offer. A quick tip is to get a trainer that provides various intensity levels so that you can customize the intensity to one that will meet your needs.

2. Stride length

The stride length of an elliptical determines the amplitude of the legs’ movement and the pedaling effort. A longer stride length is considered to be better than a shorter one since it ensures the unrestrained movement of the legs. So, get an elliptical that offers a stride length of at least 40cm so that you can extend your legs fully to ensure more pedaling comfort.

3. Size

How much space will the machine take during use and storage? You will want to get a trainer that will fit in the available space without cluttering it. In this case, take note that the pedals can extend beyond the overall machine length during use. Therefore, give some space allowance for this. Also, ensure that you get a space with a high ceiling since you will be more elevated when using the elliptical trainer than a treadmill. If you do not have enough space for storage, opt for a machine that features a foldable design.

4. Ergonomics

Note that elliptical trainers constrain you to their movement. That said, you will want to ensure that the machine is comfortable to use to enhance your safety. Hence, pay attention to factors such as how easy it will be for you to reach to the handlebar, the comfort of the elliptical path, as well as the distance between the pedals. That way, you can be sure to pick a machine that is comfortable and safe to use.

5. Flywheel weight

The weight of the flywheel impacts comfort. Quality, and fluidity of pedaling. Also, it determines the resistance of the elliptical wheel to a speed change. To avoid unpleasant pedaling, opt for a machine that features a heavy flywheel. The reason is that a heavier flywheel ensures more resistance as you accelerate so that you can raise your pedaling effort in a mission to achieve a higher speed. Hence, you can reach your fitness goals faster with a heavier flywheel than a lighter one.


It is not always easy to select an elliptical trainer, more importantly, when you want the best elliptical under $500. That said, I recommend that you consider buying any of the reviewed products since these are the best based on the features they offer and the value they have offered to a lot of users enabling them to earn a lot of positive reviews. So, give a try to these machines and be sure to get the best value for your money.

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