An electric lawnmower is the ideal product for people with a large garden. However, you also have to think about some important factors before you buy such a device. Is the push bar adjustable and foldable? Do you work with a sump or bag? Does it have a function to mulching?

Benefits of electric lawnmowers

An electric lawn mower has some advantages over other types of lawn mowers. This species is more environmentally friendly than a lawn mower that works on petrol. They are generally much quieter, so you will produce less noise for the neighbors.

Electric lawnmowers can be used in two ways, with a cord or with a battery. The great advantage of a lawnmower with cord is that they are equipped with a powerful motor and they are usually also cheaper. The disadvantage is of course that you always need a socket and that the cord is in the way. Depending on the size of your garden you may need an extension cord to be able to mow the lawn uninterruptedly.

That is why there are lawn mowers that work on a battery. You have much more freedom of movement with this type of lawnmower, but there are of course limitations as well. The motor of a battery mower is not that powerful and the battery gets empty naturally and then you have to recharge it.

Push rod and collector

Each lawnmower has a push bar. This makes it easy to push your lawnmower while mowing the lawn. But sometimes a push bar can not stand high enough and then you can suffer from your back while mowing.

It is therefore recommended to buy a lawnmower with a push rod that is adjustable in height. This way you do not have to search specifically for a product that is ideal for your size. Just push the push rod a bit lower or higher and the device is immediately much more comfortable.

It can also be useful if you can fold up the push bar. Because some lawnmowers are quite large, they also take up a lot of space. If you can fold a push bar, you can store the appliance in your garage or garden house and save space.

With many devices you can choose to collect the mowed grass in a collection bin or a collection bag. The bags are usually reinforced with nylon and weigh less than a container made of plastic. They are also less big but are harder to empty and especially to clean them.

Adjustable cutting height and type of cutting blade

It may happen that it is necessary to adjust the cutting height. Just think of the beginning of spring or summer when you have not mown for a long time. The grass is then much longer and you can better mow at a higher altitude. If your device has several adjustable heights you can use it all year round.

In the winter we usually leave the grass for a long time and in the summer you want to be brief. It is nevertheless recommended to leave the grass a little longer during very warm summers. This way the bottom is better protected against the heat and it is better to retain moisture.

A device with a central control offers more comfort because you can adjust all four wheels at once with a button or lever. Older or cheaper models must be adjusted per wheel or axle.

Electric lawnmowers use two types of cutting blades: knives made of metal or plastic blades. In order to mow long or wet grass you better use metal blades, which give sharper and more beautiful cuts. For short and dry grass you can safely rely on blades made of plastic.

Mulch function and cost price

Mulching is a good way to fertilize your lawn yourself and keep it healthy. With this function, the cut grass does not end up in a bag or bin. It is shredded into very small particles and left on the lawn. This way it can dissolve faster and serve as organic fertilizer.

This ensures that your lawn does not dry out as quickly and helps to stay healthy. The clippings must be optimally spread over your lawn for a good operation.

Electric lawnmowers with a cord are usually cheaper than other lawn mowers. Visit your local store or look online to compare different offers based on price and quality. Reading the reviews from other users can also lead to a good recommendation.

Electric lawnmower reviews – top 5

If the grass in your garden is once too long and the summer is coming, then it is perhaps time that you get the lawnmower out. Give your lawn a good cut with an electric lawn mower. Are you looking for the best electric lawnmower or do you not have too much money and would you rather search among the cheap electric lawnmowers? Take a look at our list of 5 different lawn mowers that we have compared on the basis of online reviews!

Best Electric Lawn Mowers Reviews:

1. Gardena Powermax 37E

Gardena Powermax 37E

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The Powermax 37E lawn mower has an engine power of 1600 watts and makes your lawn very easy to maintain. It is easy to move thanks to its light weight.

It has a cutting width of 37 cm and the mowed grass ends up directly in the 45 liter collector. It is perfect for lawns up to 500 m 2 and is even suitable for mowing wet grass! Furthermore, the handle is height-adjustable for your convenience and you can fold the mower in order to store it better. Thanks to the view window you can see when you have to empty the collection tray.

Users of this beautiful lawn mower offer are very satisfied with it. The online reviews provide a mostly positive advice. He has a high quality and is very easy to use.

He is light so for people who are not allowed to use a lot of power, he is perfect. According to the buyers, he also cuts perfectly on all different positions. They think this product is really great.

The Powermax 37E is a powerful lawn mower with a light weight. Moreover, Gardena will sound familiar to many buyers. It is one of the best brands for garden material. The device is suitable for large gardens and you can also mow wet grass.


3-in-1: the grass is mowed and then enters the collection tray. You can also shred the grass with the mulch function to use it as compost for your lawn.

Handle: you can adjust the height of the lawn mower handle to adjust it to your height. In addition, the handle is also foldable to store the device more easily.

Precision: the grass crests make it possible to mow close to walls and edges. You can mow even damp grass with this unit.


Noise: the device is rather noisy. So it is possible that your neighbors will not be really happy if you want to mow the grass.

2. Bosch Rotak 32 Ergoflex

Bosch Rotak 32 Ergoflex

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The Bosch Rotak 32 is also lightweight and also has the Ergoflex system that makes it easier to steer. It can be folded up to store it better.

This lawn mower is suitable for lawns up to 150 m 2 . You can adjust the grip to the ideal height, so you use a healthier posture while mowing.

Thanks to the grass crests you can mow to the edge. It has a 1200 Watt Powerdrive motor for a reliable result.

The buyers of this product are satisfied with it. The only downside is that the manual is rather concise and therefore it takes a bit longer to assemble the lawnmower. Yet the users are positive: it is lightweight and it works smoothly. You can also mow the edges of the lawn and it is powerful.

This lawn mower from Bosch is lightweight and easy to handle. The device can be folded for easy storage. The handle of the device is height-adjustable and you can also mow the edges of your lawn.


Ergoflex system: you can easily control the lawn mower and you can adjust the handle to the ideal height according to your own length. This ensures that you adopt a healthy body posture.

Light weight: thanks to the light weight you can easily push the device. Moreover, it has integrated carrying handles so you can easily transport the device. The handle can be folded to store the product.

Powerful: the motor has an output of 1200 watts for optimal results. Thanks to the grass crests you can also mow close to edges and walls.


Manual: the manual contains too little information to be able to assemble the device quickly.

3. Wolf-Garten A 340 E

Wolf-Garten A 340 E

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The WOLF lawn mower is flexible and efficient. It has a cutting width of 34 cm and has a 30 liter collector for cut grass.

You can set the cutting height between 2.5 cm and 7.5 cm and it weighs only 14 kg.

This lawn mower is ideal for a lawn of up to 250 m 2 . This device is also easy to store thanks to the folding handle.

The online reviews are positive. According to the buyers, this lawn mower is well manoeuvrable and quiet, so that you do not cause any noise pollution for the neighbors. It is easy to assemble and easy to set at height.

Many are very satisfied with the functions, especially the mulching function that shreds the grass waste for you.

The flexible lawn mower from Wolf-Garten is equipped with a large collection container where the mown grass ends up. The cutting height of the appliance can be set as desired and the appliance is lightweight. The handle can be easily folded in to store the appliance.


Push bar: the handle has a soft grip for extra comfort during mowing. Moreover, you can easily fold the handle to store the device.

Collection container: the mowed grass ends up in a collection container with a capacity of 30 liters. Thanks to the fill indicator you know when the collection bin is full.

Functions: you can adjust the cutting height 6-fold and the appliance is equipped with a mulch function to shred the grass. You can then use it as natural compost for your lawn.


Edges: this lawn mower is less good for mowing the edges of the lawn. You will therefore have to mow extra with another device.

4. Einhell GC-EM 1030

Einhell GC-EM 1030

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This lawn mower offer has a cutting width of 30 cm and is suitable for a lawn of up to 300 m 2 . Because of its low price, it also belongs to the cheap lawnmowers.

You can adjust the cutting height to 3 different heights and the device is also light for easier use.

The opinions of buyers are divided but still positive. It is light, makes little noise and also takes up little space. He is difficult to put together and the manual is not really helpful. According to some, it is impossible to fit the collector.

The Einhell GC-EM 1030 is the most popular lawnmower of the moment and also has the lowest price. You can set the cutting height of the appliance and because of the light weight you can easily move this unit.


Ease of use: the device is lightweight and easy to move thanks to the handle at the top. You can collapse the handle after mowing so that you can easily store the appliance.

Cutting height: you can set the appliance to three different heights. The lowest position is 30 cm and the highest position is 70 cm.

Warranty: the manufacturer offers a warranty period of 2 years on this product.


Collection tray : it is difficult to get the collection tray in the device when you put the device together.

5. Black+Decker EMAX32S-QS

Black+Decker EMAX32S-QS

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This lawn mower has a cutting width of 32 cm, a 35-liter collector and also belongs to the cheap lawnmowers. It is ideal for small garden areas and is adjustable in 3 heights.

Thanks to its EdgeMax technology, you can more precisely mow the edges of your lawn. Here too you can fold the handle to store it easily.

The online reviews give a positive advice. Buyers find it handy and agile. He cuts short at the edge but to assemble it is not that simple. Some also think he looks too limp, they think he can break at any moment.

This inexpensive lawnmower is equipped with a large collector and is suitable for small gardens. You can adjust the height and you can also mow the edges of the lawn. The handle is foldable so that you can easily store the appliance.


Low design: With this lawn mower you can mow close to edges and because of the low design it is easier to mow under trees or tables. On top of that, the device is also light weight.

Large collection bin: the grass ends up in the collection bin with a capacity of 35 liters. Thanks to the fill indicator you know when to empty the container.


Construction: several buyers are not satisfied with the weak construction of the device. Moreover, it is difficult to assemble and not all parts would fit perfectly.

6. Bosch DIY Rotak 40

Bosch DIY Rotak 40

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As a test winner and thus best electric lawn mower, the model Rotak 40 from Bosch prevailed. The device was also the most expensive mower in the test, but convinced by a strong engine power of 1,700 watts and a generously sized with 50 liters catcher and overall very good results.

Thanks to the installed hardened steel blades in combination with the grass comb, good and exact cuts could be achieved. The operation of the 13 kg heavy and 79 x 43.5 x 47.5 cm large device is very simple so that functions such as cutting height adjustment (20 – 70mm) and container emptying are very easy to do.

The testers were also convinced of the extraordinary but ergonomically sensible handle construction. This leads to a very simple handling and avoids back pain even during longer work. The well-balanced center carrying handle makes it easy and easy to carry, which is especially useful if you keep it away from the lawn.

The overall impression of the well-made device is consistently positive and the small additional features, such as the rubberized tires and the easy commissioning complete this overall impression. The cutting width is 40cm, so even medium-sized lawns can be mowed efficiently. With higher grass and many leaves on the lawn, the model was also very clear, which is well worth it for owners of larger land. The price is reasonable overall, even if you could already buy a cheap petrol lawn mower for the same money. However, the electric mower from Bosch is clearly superior in terms of durability and processing.

7. Gardena PowerMax 37 E, 04075-20

Gardena PowerMax 37 E, 04075-20

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2.Electric PowerMax 37 EThe device from Gardena is located in the upper price range, but is also worthwhile for larger lawns. Because the 1,600-watt motor of only just under 12 kilograms and 42.5 x 106 x 53cm large device performs in the test very good work and copes well with both short and long and wet lawn well. The bracket of the device is height adjustable in 5 steps, so that the mower can be adapted very well to the height of the body. The device can be stored in a space-saving manner by means of folding rods and can be quickly transported and made ready for use by means of the central carrying handle.

Even damp leaves lying on the grass are sucked in quite well due to the fast rotation, which results in a thorough mowing result, also in combination with autumn leaves. Overall, the 5x height adjustment model for medium sized lawns can be absolutely recommended and is perfectly fit for normal home use. Thanks to the included mulching kit, the grass can be hurled directly back into the meadow without having to use the basket. However, this is only a fairly simple designed plastic deflection device which directs the grass down into the basket instead of backwards. Therefore, with very intensive use, this construction tends to become loose during the mowing process. Nevertheless, the principle works and since it is only an additional function,

8. Einhell GC-EM 1536

Einhell GC-EM 1536

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The 1,500-watt electric mower from Einhell has a 38-liter catch bag and is therefore very suitable for small to medium-sized lawns. The cutting height adjustment takes place in five steps and the lawn-protecting wide wheels support an ideal result.

Due to the low weight of only 10 kilograms and the possibility to store the device very compact, it is quick and easy to use. The cutting width of the model is also big enough with 36cm to be able to mow even lawns up to 600 m² within a reasonable period of time. The model also allows very close to the edge mowing, which also curbs or approaches can be achieved almost to the edge. In the middle of a practical carrying handle is mounted, which allows a very easy transport.

In operation, the mower sounds a little louder than the competition models, but bottom line convinced by a good performance due to the 1,500-watt motor and a very good price-performance ratio. Only if you want to mow more often larger areas, you might decide for a slightly stronger model with a larger cutting width. Otherwise, the GC-EM 1536 from Einhell does a good job and does most of the mowing around the house confidently and well.

9. Bosch DIY Rotak 32

Bosch DIY Rotak 32

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The compact 59.8 x 39.6 x 27.8 cm and only 6.8 kilogram lightweight model from Bosch scores as a low priced electric lawnmower. The mower is particularly suitable for small areas and is thanks to the compact and very lightweight design quickly ready for use and can be easily stowed.

The engine works with a power of 1,200 watts, which is sufficient for easy mowing, but with wet grass or very tall grass, the device has problems. Therefore, the very cheap mower is recommended if you want to mow regularly the lawn and this is not too large of the area. The model is quite simple, works with a cutting width of 32cm, which can be done close to the edge and the cutting height can be adjusted between 20 – 60mm. If you are looking for a very affordable model for simple jobs, you will be satisfied with the Bosch Rotak 32. However, the larger the area to be mowed, the better the investment in a larger and stronger model pays off.

10. Einhell BG-EM 1743 HW

Einhell BG-EM 1743 HW

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5.Einhell Electric BGThe model from Einhell scored points with a very large cutting width and a high output of 1,700 watts. Despite this, the device is priced located only in the upper midfield, so overall very cheap in relation to performance. With a size of 78 x 53.5 x 37.8 cm, the device is relatively large and very bulky due to the heavy weight of 18 kilograms.

It is therefore hardly worth buying the device if you want to store it further away from the lawn, as this – if you can not roll it continuously – is quite impractical. On the other hand, the device scores but with a very large catch bag with 52 liters and a cutting width of 43cm. Thus, the device is very well suited for large lawns. The cutting height can be adjusted in six stages from 20 to 70 millimeters.

Unfortunately, the otherwise very good lawnmower suffered on average more often a defect than the more expensive devices with the same performance or the slightly weaker and smaller devices in its price range. Although the replacement within the warranty period of 2 years is not a problem, the model seems to be more susceptible to engine damage overall.