Every bathroom needs a reliable hand dryer that ensures hygiene. Since public places have traffic from different parts, it is not good to touch appliances to get your hand dried. Hand dryers with automated features are the best for such scenarios. It can be a challenge shopping for the right bathroom hand dryer. This guide, however, has all that you need to get it right the first time.

Is it a high-speed hand dryer you are seeking or energy efficiency? When you consider these specific needs, you will get the best model to give you both and at a fair price.

1. TEK MOTION Electric Hand Dryer Machine

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Dry your hands in 10 to 12seconds with this 1800W high powered hand dryer. It produces about 70 dB which is very low compared to other brands in the market. It has a sensing distance of 4-6 inches and saves you money in operating cost. This is due to the energy-saving design of up to 70% of the regular dryers. It is safe, waterproof and features an adjustable hand activation distance. The outer cover is elegant and sleek made of matte stainless steel that protects it against rust, tear, wear, chipping and mechanical damage.

2. Excel Dryer XLERATOReco XL-BW-ECO Hand Dryer

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This surface mounted automatic hand dryer has a white, polymer BMC cover for protection from the environment and to keep the users safe. It can also be recess mounted with the optional recess kit. This dryer uses no heat and will dry your hands in 15 seconds. Since it has no heating element, the dryer is very energy-efficient using only 500 watts. This unit draws very little electric power o you can install up to three of them on one 20-amp circuit, therefore, saving you on installation costs. It includes a 1:1 noise reduction nozzle that decreases the noise produced by slightly increasing the airflow opening. You will love this commercial hand dryer.

3. Excel Dryer XL-GR-ECO XLERATOR Hand Dryer

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The Xleator is a very popular hand dryer on the market. It is a leader in high-speed drying and has maintained its quality. This US made product comes with a generous 5-year warranty and is eco-friendly. It does not have a heating element, therefore, saving about 60% of the electricity compared to other types. The thermally protected brush motor can do 20,000 rpm and can produce an amazing 19,000 LFM (linear feet per minute) airflow making it extremely fast at drying hands. To further save energy, this product features a 35 seconds automatic shutoff. Vandals will not take it away due to the chrome-plated tamper-proof bolts.

4. XLERATOR XL-BW Automatic High Speed Hand Dryer

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The 12.5-amp automatic hand dryer from the Xleator series is what you want for a quiet place. It features a 1:1 noise reduction nozzle and uses high-velocity air stream to dry hands in 10 to 15 seconds. No heating is involved so you will save a lot of energy and this makes it safer. It has an automatic infrared sensor that starts and stops the action when you place your hands under it. It comes with a 5-year warranty and is certified as safe and endorsed by several organizations as a green product.

5. Awoco Stainless Steel Automatic High Speed Commercial Hand Dryer

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Get this low energy hand dryer with a powerful and quick action. It dries in just 10 to 15 seconds and starts automatically when you place your hand 6-8 inches away from the infrared sensor. Its super quiet motor features advanced circuit board for excellent performance while producing very low noise. It automatically adjusts the air temperature in line with the season and ambient temperature. It is UL listed for safety and comes with a 1-year warranty. The stainless steel brushed finish makes it easy to clean and beautiful looking.

6. World Dryer L-974 SLIMdri Surface Mounted Automatic Hand Dryer

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This surface mounted automatic hand dryer is corrosion resistant due to the white epoxy finish. It is ADA compliant as it protrudes less than 4 inches from the surface. No need to touch the unit to start it. Once you place your hand under it, the infrared sensor will start the drying action automatically. The model is energy efficient and is designed for global voltage compatibility. Its automatic start and stop action make it very hygienic for public places with high traffic. The tamper resistant screws hold it cover to the mounting base to help reduce the risk vandalism. This comes with a security key for authorized access.
It has antimicrobial compounds infused into its internal plastic components, therefore, inhibiting bacterial growth in the dryer. You can turn off the heating element in hot weather. Its heat control allows for thermal adjustment for different seasons. It is placed under the tamper-resistant cover to prevent interference. It has better energy efficiency compared to other models on the market.

7. Dyson”dB” Model AB 14 110-127 Volt Hand Dryer in Gray

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Experience the fast drying time of this model and hygienic use even in a large establishment. It is made of polycarbonate and ABS material and is 50% quieter than other products. It dries hands in just 12 seconds, therefore, costs less to operate. It is very energy efficient and UL certified for safe use. It has an antimicrobial infusion, vandal-resistant design and is very durable.

8. Palmer Fixture HD0901-11 Conventional Series Commercial Hand Dryer

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You will love using this automatic hand dryer with a touch-free design. It is hygienic, easy to use, just place your hands under it, and the sensor will trigger it to dry your hands. Once through, it will automatically turn off, therefore, saving energy. It has vandal resistant screws and comes with a one-year warranty.

9. Awoco AK2803B Compact Automatic High Speed Hand Dryer

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Experience the superior power and fast drying time of this hand dryer. It consumes low energy and dries hands in 10 to 15 seconds with an air temperature of 20 to 40 degrees C. It is UL listed for safety and has a1 year manufacturer’s warranty. The stainless steel brush finish is elegant, easy to clean and durable. The heavy duty sensors will take you the lifetime of the product. It can detect hands from 6 to 8 inches away and automatically turns off the machine as soon as you withdraw your hands resulting in great energy saving.

10. AjAir® (2 Pack) Heavy Duty Commercial Automatic Hot Hand Dryer

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You will not find a faster hand dryer than this. At 7-12 seconds drying time, your customers will love your establishment. It is automatic meaning no touching and no germ transfers when used. It is a wall-mounted design with an outstanding chip control technology and a heavy-duty infrared sensor that works from an adjustable distance of 12cm. It produces air at a speed of 90m/s and 45-60 degrees C.

Types of hand dryers

The use of hand dryers has become increasingly popular over the years. Many types and models have been produced to serve various customer needs.

Traditional hand dryer

These types are designed to work after a start button has been pressed. They then blow hot air that dries the hands. They may take between 30 to 45 seconds to dry hands and are more affordable. This is a slow speed dryer and is not sanitary since you have to touch a button. It also consumes more power.

High-speed hand dryer

The traditional dryers are comparatively slower than using paper towels, but he high-speed dryers will dry your hands in 10 to 15 seconds. They are more convenient and energy efficient. They are, however, louder and more costly. But you will enjoy the energy efficiency and speed.

Automatic hand dryers

With these types of hand dryers, there is no need to push a start button. They use infrared sensors to start the machine as long as there is a hand under it. It then automatically turns off when you remove your hand. This makes the dryer type the most sanitary, convenient, and energy efficient than the rest. The only downside is its initial cost, which is high.

Factors to Consider When Buying a Hand Dryer

Before you settle for a hand dryer model, there are crucial aspects to consider. If it is your first time buying one, you may be shocked just how many features there are to look out for.


In any purchase, the budget is a crucial element. The hand dryer cost will vary with type and model. Those with the most basic features will cost a little but if you want something with extra features, higher power, energy efficiency, and great looks, prepare to part with more money. It is worth paying a little more upfront or a durable and energy-efficient model than to keep replacing parts over the years, bearing the brunt of users for a slower dryer, and paying more in electricity bills.


A good hand dryer should have excellent speed. Customers will not be happy waiting for 45 seconds to dry their hands. This may also create a jam in the bathroom. Invest in a high-speed dryer that will take customers 10 to 15 seconds to dry their hands. This can mean a lot to the users.


The machine’s power directly related to its drying speed. A higher power will make it work faster, but with a louder noise. People, however, prefer the louder noise as long as it comes with a faster drying speed compared to a low noise with slower drying speed. A high-power machine does not necessarily mean high energy consumption.


All machines that blow air will make noise and the hand dryer gets louder. The lower power machines tend to be quieter. If you plan to place the dryer in a place where noise is a concern, then consider a quitter dryer. Some models have adjustable motors that make them easy to control the noise. This, however, comes at the cost of drying time.

Energy use

The high-speed hand dryers tend to offer better energy-efficiency than the traditional types. Automatic hand dryers are designed to work only when needed resulting in great energy efficiency. If you can afford them, consider the high-speed automatic hand dryers. Today, many hand dryer models are marketed as eco-friendly since their energy use is minimal. The types with no heating element that only blows out air are the best energy savers. Whatever type you buy, it will be saving the environment by eliminating the use of paper towels.


It is crucial to buy a model that will last for years and withstand many uses each day. A hand dryer encounters many rough treatments and extended working times. This demands that you buy a durable machine. Look for one with a longer warranty, an indication of a stronger build and higher likelihood to last longer.


A high-use area has an increased risk of vandalism. Places like football stadiums, roadway rest-stops, fast food restaurants, and schools require a tough hand dryer. Consider how it is installed on the wall to keep it secure.


Germs are a major issue in any shared restroom. This calls for a hand dryer that will not play a part in the spread of the pathogens. Automatic hand dryers are the best suited for minimizing the spread of germs in the restroom. The user does not need to touch anything to turn the dryer on or off. Some of the high-end dryers are fitted with HEPA filters to blow only clean and sanitary air onto your hands. Places that sell food have an increased need to focus on minimizing the spread of germs from customers to employees who handle the food. The automatic dryer will add value to such establishments. Customers will love your establishment due to the hygienic nature of hand drying.

ADA compliance

All business places should comply with the ADA guidelines when selecting the hand dryer and how they are installed. The dryer should be installed in a place that is easy for everyone to reach. When placed high on the wall, they should not be placed in positions where blind customers can bump into unexpectedly. The best type is the dryer that is less than 4 inches in depth or uses an adapter for installing to ensure it only protrudes less than 4 inches.


It is time you say goodbye to the paper towels in the bathrooms. Consider an eco-friendly option like the electric hand dryers. This guide will help you understand the different types and features to look out for when shopping for the best hand dryer. The most crucial features are the power, speed, noise, energy efficiency, and durability. Armed with these, you can now go out and buy the best electric hand dryer in the right size for your needs.