No one can escape dirty laundry in life, but with a reliable washing machine, your life can be manageable. There are so many models on the market making it difficult to select the right one.

What is the best clothes washing machine? Each model has a different set of features, capacity, and innovation to make your washing task easy and enjoyable. This guide will help you understand the different types, and what features to consider before settling on the best model. You will want to consider aspects like noise and vibration level, size, and the loading capacity depending on where you will place it and how much washing you have regularly.

10 Best Clothes Washing Machines Reviews;

1. Magic Chef MCSTCW16W3 1.6 cu. Ft. Topload Compact Washer

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If you have limited space and have small loads, this is the best washing machine to take home. The Magic Chef is equipped with various convenient features like the see-through window, electronic controls, LED display, detergent dispenser, stainless inner tub, and two rear water inlets. It has a durable construction just like the larger machines and makes your washing day a breeze. It is a perfect choice for apartments an vacation homes where space may be limited.

2. Merax Portable Mini Compact Twin Tub Washing Machine

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This portable and compact mini washing machine is an excellent space saver for washing your laundry. It is made with two built-in units for washing clothes and the other for spinning out excess water. It is perfect for those who prefer to multitask, save space, and lower electricity bill. It is a quiet yet powerful machine with a 1300rpm motor for faster spins and efficient power usage. It will fit any small space in dorms, camping trips, or anywhere with limited space. It has an attached hose for adding or draining water while washing.

3. Kenmore 22352 4.2 cu. Ft. Top Load Washer

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Get full control right at your fingertips with the Kenmore 22352 Top-Load washer. Its deep fill option lets you add water when you need it. The 4.2 cubic foot capacity can handle tough washes to get all your laundry done at home. It has 12 wash cycles, meaning it can give you the right cleaning for your fabric. Its Delicates and Express Wash feature lets you wash the delicate items and eliminates the need to go to the Laundromat for special washes. The machine lets you get the wash done your way. The Express wash gets small loads washed in a fraction of the time of a regular load.
Easily select the soil level, wash temperature, water level, and rinse options to customize each load as desired. You do not need to re-wash again when using this machine. Its stainless steel wash basket resists corrosion, chips, dents, and will not snag at your clothes.

4. Magic Chef MCSTCW09W1 0.9 cu. Ft. Compact Washer

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This compact top loader machine is perfect for small laundry spaces. It is excellent or apartments, dorms, camping trips and even RVs. It is easy to customize each wash with the five wash cycles and three water levels to choose from. Our sink can be a water source using the quick-connect adaptor to add convenience to your washing tasks. This Magic Chef washer is equipped with an auto unbalance detection that adds more water to redistribute the clothes in the tub evenly. It has a detergent dispenser, see-through window and auto shut off features for more convenience.

5. Magic Chef MCSTCW21W3 2.1 cu. Ft. Topload Compact Washer

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This 2.1 cubic foot compact washer is ideal for small space and small loads. The portable Magic Chef washer has various convenient features like the see-through window, stainless steel tub, detergent dispenser, electronic controls, LED display, and two rear water inlets. It has durable construction that gives it a longer service life just like the larger types. It is perfect for taking to a vacation home, camping trip, or use in an apartment with limited space.

6. Kenmore Elite 31632 6.2 cu. Ft. Top Load Washer

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The Kenmore Elite top loader is a 6.2 cubic foot washing machine that can wash large loads in one go. This huge washer has an exclusive Quad Action Impeller with four wash actions to accord your clothes the right amount of cleaning. Even if you are always on the go, this washer will keep up with your pace without disappointing. It washes large loads faster to clean more clothes in the same amount of time as the regular washing machines.

7. Speed Queen TR3000WN 26 Inch Top Load Washer

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Work with the large and convenient 3.3 cubic foot top loader washing machine. It has a full tub and rinse feature added to the 210-degree agitation provides the maximum cleaning results. The product is very durable due to the commercial grade steel and stainless steel construction.

8. Kenmore Smart 41983 5.2 cu.ft. Front Load Washer

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When you have this Kenmore smart washing machine, you can make laundry time fit your schedule instead of the other way round. It has inbuilt intelligent features like the Kenmore smart app for connecting the washer to your smartphone. You can conveniently monitor the laundry status, receive maintenance alerts and more right from the tablet or smartphone anywhere you are. Give your laundry a thorough wash in 29 minutes with no sacrifice of performance.

9. Kenmore 41302 4.5 cu ft. Front Load Washer

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Make your laundry day less of a hassle with this Kenmore top load washing machine. It can handle bulky loads, soiled delicate items and adapts to different sized loads. Efficiently improve overall cleaning performance and eliminate hand-washing. Its triple action impeller gets all your clothes very clean while the deep clean fill optimizes the water level for larger or bulkier loads. The washer has a 4.5 cubic foot capacity and is a top loader to minimize hovering.

10. Speed Queen AWNE92SP113TW01: Topload Washer

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The Speed Queen is built to withstand years of operation and to give you excellent and reliable performance in cleaning clothes. It is constructed from heavy-duty and dependable material to provide you with the right kind of washing for a long time to come. Its 210-degree agitator with 68 strokes per minute moves the clothes gently through the water for the efficient cleaning process. The stainless steel tub gets smoother over time preventing any damage to the fabric.

Types of washing machines

When it comes to a washing machine, no one type is better than the other. It all depends on personal preference and individual requirements. There is the front loader and top loader.

1. Front loader

This type has a horizontally mounted drum allowing gravity to move the laundry around. It is more compact and more water and energy efficient. This type is often considered to produce better cleaning results.

2. Top loader

This type has a vertically mounted drum and uses a centrally mounted agitator pole to move the clothes around. It is generally cheaper to purchase, has a faster cycle time and more flexible. It allows you to add clothes mid-wash.

Factors to consider

Most people majorly consider the cost and space when buying a washing machine. If you have a tight space, the front loader could be your best option. Other than these two, there are many other features worth considering as you do your shopping.

1. Energy consumption

After the initial purchase, a washing machine will cost you in maintenance cost, energy, and water consumption. To some users, the running cost is more important than the purchase price. Each model has a different energy efficiency grade. You can use the EU energy label system that grades appliances fro A+++ down to A with the highest grade being the most energy efficient.
Each label has a figure indicating the machine’s power consumption in kWh/year and its water consumption in liters per year. Consider the machine with the lowest of these figures.

2. Drum size

The washer’s drum size is one the most crucial aspects. It is quoted as the total weight of dry washing that you can load into the washer. A typical household washer has a 6kg drum. However, larger drums of 8 to 10kg makes a lot of sense if you want to wash more clothes in one go. Larger drum sizes allow you to clean large items like a duvet and are more efficient since it will require fewer amounts of water and detergent to wash equal amount of clothes as a smaller drum.

3. Spin speed

This tells you how fast the machine is. It shows how fast the drum can spin and is measured in revolutions per minute. A faster spin speed will give you drier clothes at the end of the washing process. The budget machines spin at around 1,100 rpm, but the best range is 1,400 rpm to 1,600 rpm for the best performance. Ensure the machine does not wobble by installing it in a level position. If left to wobble, it will make a rattling noise and result in vibration-related problems along the usage timeline.

4. Different modes

A washing machine with multiple modes suits certain fabrics and wash types. Some modes include cycles for bedsheets, delicate fabrics, dark or light clothes, or heavily soiled clothes. It is crucial that you consider some of these modes depending on your needs. Some machines can wash woolen garments while others have special silk modes. The hand wash-mode will save you a lot of manual labor. There are machines with anti-crease and easy-iron settings to make your laundry work easier.

5. Smart controls

Some modern washing machines push the boundaries on how we interact with the machines. Some include touchscreen interfaces for increased customization, use of remote controls and smartphone compatibility. You can start the washing process even before you arrive home using smartphone apps.

6. Special features

Each manufacturer has a special feature inbuilt in their machine. These improve the wash quality and save you money in operational cost. For example, Samsung’s Ecobubble technology efficiently dissolves detergent using water and air to create bubbles that penetrate the clothes for a perfect clean.

7. Display and ease of use

Get a model that is easy to understand and operate. A washing machine with a clear screen to show the current settings and the length of the current cycle is worth spending money on.

8. Timing

The top loader usually has shorter wash cycles compared to the front loaders. A front loader with a fast wash cycle is even better. Factor the drying time when buying your washing machine. Front loaders have a higher spin speed, therefore, extract more water to make the drying time shorter. This saves you on clothes drying energy usage and is convenient.

9. The available space

Consider where the machine will go before making a buying decision. The space needed to open the door or lid, load and unload the machine or move around with a full basket if wet clothes are crucial. Consider your access to water, electricity or gas points without restrictions. Get the measure of the space, and then pick a machine that fits the available space without squeezing and restricting your movement.

10. Noise

Front loaders generally have a louder spin than top loaders. This is due to their fast spin speed that also gives them a higher pitch. A noisy washing machine can be a problem, especially if your laundry is closely located to your living areas. Consider the comparative noise rating when buying the machine.

11. Hot and cold water connections

Some washing machine needs both hot and cold water to function properly. Some will need a special connector or sealing cap for the hot water inlet if you only want to connect cold water. Some front loaders have a heater and will only require a cold water connection. You may need a tempering valve to regulate the input water temperature since the regular temperature may be too high for the washing machine. It is better to buy a machine with an inbuilt heater since they set the required hot water temperature for the best wash and stain removal.

12. Child lock on the machine

Some machines have a child-lock feature on the door or machine so it Cannot be opened or tampered with mid-wash. Even when the washer is inactive, it is crucial that you activate the door lock in a house with children. This may prevent curious kids from playing in the washer. If the manufacturer recommends leaving the door open to prevent mold growth, consider installing a child-proof gate in the laundry.

13. Anti-crease

This feature will help reduce the amount of ironing after wash. An anti-crease or permanent press cycle helps easily creased or pleated fabrics. This can be through not draining the last rinse water, not spinning after the last rinse water is drained, gradually reducing the rinse water temperature, or continuing to tumble the clothes at the end of the cycle.


Getting the right clothes washing machine is not as easy as you may think. There are many factors at play and to get them right, you must know what they are and how they affect your washing. This guide will help you make the right decision of buying the best clothes washing machine. It can be tricky differentiating the features of some of the washing machine types. It is crucial that you note what you need, for example, size, capacity, noise among others before going out to shop.