Sustained high cholesterol levels in the blood is a significant cause of heart attacks and stroke. It is essential that you know your cholesterol level regularly to help you control it. Instead of spending a lot of money on lab tests, just buy a test kit and carry out the test at home.

Why do you need cholesterol test kits? It will save you from the hassle of visiting a health facility and waiting for the process. Get immediate test results right from home with a cholesterol test kit. There are so many types of cholesterol test kits on the market making it difficult to choose the right one. It is worth noting that these kits vary in reliability and should not be used as a final result. You should also create time to visit a health care practitioner if the results are not normal. This guide will help you understand more about the test kits and help you in making the right buying decision.

1. CardioCheck Blood Testing Device kit

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When you get the CardioChek Deluxe kit, you will be empowered to test for total cholesterol, HDL cholesterol, and triglycerides right from the comfort of your home. The pack includes the CardioChek analyzer and six strips each of Total Cholesterol, HDL Cholesterol, and Triglyceride. Get 18 lancets, 18 capillary tubes and quick results in 3-5 minutes. Home users get CLIA waiver. You will require the CardioChek analyzer to use the test strips.

2. CardioChek Analyzer Starter Cholesterol kit

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The CardioChek Starter ST Kit is perfect for measuring the total cholesterol, LDL, HDL, triglycerides, glucose, and ketone. No other test kit is as versatile and easy to use as this. The package includes the analyzer, and three strips of total, HDL, and triglyceride test. It also contains nine lancets and nine capillaries.

3. Cardio Chek Deluxe Cholesterol Kit

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Easily measure your total cholesterol, HDL, LDL, and triglycerides from the convenience of your home with the CardioChek Deluxe Kit. It is a reliable test kit that everyone should have at home to test his or her health and those of their loved ones. One pack includes the CardioCheck basic analyzer, six strips each of HDL, total, and triglyceride and 18 lancets and capillaries.

4. EverlyWell – At Home Food Sensitivity Test Kit

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Efficiently and conveniently test for food sensitivity using this easy to use home test kit. It tests 96 foods common in modern Western diets including wheat, yeast, dairy, and gluten. Do not confuse food sensitivity with food allergies. It is easy and fast to use in collecting blood samples following the provided instructions. Lab testing has been made easy and affordable with the home sample collection kit. The package comes with all that you may need to collect and send your sample. Order the kit, collect your sample then mail with the included mailer to the leading specialty lab in the US. Before you get the results, a physician in your state will review and validate them. You will then get a complete and easy to read the report online in a matter of days. Note that the kit is not permitted for use in MD, NY, NJ, and RI.

5. Blood Ketone Monitoring System

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Get this sophisticated home test kit for ketones. For this, you need an accurate test just like at the labs. It features an ergonomic ketone-reading monitor, which is easy to use. The package also includes 10 MD6 glucose test strips, 10keto strips, and 50 lancets. It contains a lancing device for blood testing, travel carry case, and 2 AAA batteries to start you off. The product provides precise reading and is the most accurate way to test for ketosis. Get results in just five seconds using the cutting-edge 5-electrode technology that calibrates plasma readings.

Directly connect the device to your smartphone via Bluetooth. It will wirelessly log and monitor your ketone levels with each test. It can store 1000 blood sugar and ketone level in the memory to help you know whether the changes you keep making are effective. The product is durable as backed by the 5-year warranty to give you peace of mind.

Get accurate ketone and blood glucose readings from the comfort of your home using the Bruno MD6 testing kit. It is dependable, and FDA cleared for home use. Take comfort knowing that you are receiving accurate information about your ketone levels. The lab-quality readings can give you results anytime and enjoy the ease of access to your result logs from the convenience of your smartphone.

Whatever diet you are following, it is now easy to track your diet and make adjustments in time. The manufacturer has over 50 years’ experience in this field so you can rest easy knowing you are using the best in the market. The package includes ten ketone strips, one monitor, ten glucose strips, ten lancets, one lancing device, a carrying case, two AAA batteries, owner’s manual, a quick start user guide, and a daily logbook. The product comes with one-year warranty.

6. Female/Male Saliva Profile I – Test Kit

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Hormones primarily influence our physiological, emotional, and physical processes. The endocrine system influence problems with weight gain, sugar cravings, insomnia, memory loss, blood pressure, joint pain, stress, addictions, high cholesterol and triglycerides, immune system problems, and sexual dysfunction. Hormonal issues lead to a wide range of health problems that cause diseases. These can, in many cases, be reversed by natural methods like bioidentical hormone replacement therapy.

The hormonal level imbalance is the major cause of aging process in both men and women. This also causes infertility, loss of libido, decreased energy and muscle strength, loss of sex drive, mood swings, depression, aches and joint pain, irritability and inability to concentrate, and an increase in the symptoms of PMS and menopause.

The use of natural hormone replacement has been shown to benefit both men and women in slowing down the aging process. This test will give a preliminary result of your hormonal levels before you consider visiting a lab.

7. Precision Xtra Blood Ketone Testing Kit

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Before ordering this kit, be sure you are prepared to withstand the finger pricking. Some people order then fail to use the package due to the fear of pricking their fingers to get a blood sample. It includes ten ketone test strips and a one-month supply of alcohol wipes and lancets for a sterile test. The package consists of a free quick start guide and the best time to test, Precision Xtra meter, carrying case, and Abbott lancing device. Once you get this test kit, you can get to testing for ketone levels right away. It is the most accurate ketogenic testing device on the market. It, however, does not include glucose test strips.

8. Cardio Chek Starter Cholesterol Analyzer kit

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With this test kit, you can test for total cholesterol, LDL, HDL, triglycerides and glucose levels on the blood. The CardioChek Starter ST Kit includes an analyzer, boxes with three test strips each of total, HDL, triglycerides measures total cholesterol, LDL, HDL, triglycerides, and glucose. It also includes nine lancets and nine capillaries.

9. PTS Diagnostics A1C Now+ Multi-Test Blood Glucose Monitor

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The A1CNow+ Self Check monitor can measure the blood level of glycated hemoglobin in capillaries or venous whole blood samples. Get the results in 5 minutes and requires no fasting before the test. It requires no doctor’s prescription and is easy to use. The test kit gives 99% accurate results and comes with 10 test strips for multiple testing.

10. ZRT Cardiometabolic Profile Home Blood Spot Test Kit

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The cardiometabolic profile tests for fasting insulin levels, high sensitivity C-reactive protein, triglycerides, hemoglobin A1c, LDL cholesterol, VLDL cholesterol, HDL cholesterol, and total cholesterol. A cardiometabolic risk is a group of risk factors that can indicate an increased risk for cardiovascular diseases including stroke, myocardial infarction, and type two diabetes. Some of the symptoms of cardiometabolic and insulin resistance include obesity around the mid-section, elevated blood pressure, insulin and glucose intolerance, and a pro-inflammatory state.

It is crucial that you provide a fasting sample to get the most accurate results you should keep away from food and drinks for about 10-12 hours before the test, the best time is immediately you wake up in the morning. Perform the test conveniently and in the privacy of your home with a simple fingerstick. The test results are usually available within 5 to 7 business days and require no additional lab shipping fees. This test kit, however, cannot be shipped to NY State due to state laws.

What to look for when buying cholesterol test kit

The cholesterol test kits are very sensitive gadgets that give results that determine changes that hour life needs. Before purchasing one, you should consider the essential factors like the reliability, quality, accuracy, price, portability, and the expiry date.

Reliability and accuracy

Before settling on a given cholesterol test product, consider its reliability. The home tests kits vary in results and can give fluctuating results. This depends on the make of the kit. Most of these kits advice that they are higher than 95% accurate. Even with the most precise kit, the home tests should be taken as estimations and not take the place of the test conducted by healthcare providers.

Your normal test kit can consistently give you normal results. This should not keep you from consulting your healthcare provider occasionally. The cholesterol level is evaluated together with weight and a physical exam before determining if you are at risk of heart disease.


There are so many test kits on the market; it may confuse you which is the best. To determine the quality, start with the known brands since they will not risk selling an inferior quality product. The new brands and manufacturers may not make it easy for you to know the quality of their products. A product with a return policy or warranty gives more weight to its quality since the manufacturer shows confidence in its performance.


Most buyers first consider the price of a product before looking at other features. The price may not be the best determining factor when making a purchase. However, higher priced products usually mean better quality and reliable performance. New market entrants may have excellent quality but offer low entry prices. However, stay away from the cheaper low-end options.


This is a small gadget that can be used anywhere anytime. This means it should be portable if you need the feature. However, if you only need to use it at home, this feature may not be crucial to your purposes.

Expiry date

Consumable medical items should follow a strict expiry date observance. Anything that has passed its expiry date or that which will reach the date before you use should be passed. Consider the number of test strips in the package and your consumption to determine if you will exhaust the pack before the expiry date.

FDA regulation

The FDA regulates some home test kits. These are the test kits for HDL cholesterol and triglycerides. Not all the home test kits met the FDA stringent guidelines. It is crucial that you confirm this before buying a test kit brand to use at home. If you are unsure about the approval status of the kit, check on the FDA over-the-counter database on their website for the cleared cholesterol test kits.

It is not necessary you visit the doctor regularly to check your cholesterol level. It is costly for such an examination, and the best way is to use a home test kit. These kits are simple to use and deliver reliable results. This guide will help you get the best test kits that are user-friendly and portable for use is challenging to find the right product, especially if you are new to using these home test kits. You can now confidently pick the right kit to safely monitor your cholesterol level or that of a loved one. As long as you keep in mind this is not a final analysis; it is not a bad thing to have at home for ready use.