Mini bikes are the 2020 beasts taking biking industry by a storm! These machines are great alternatives to get obsessed kids off the PlayStation. There are many other benefits that you will receive from riding these bikes, but that is a story for another day. While that is said and done, most of the best mini bikes out there in the market are quite pricey, looking out buyers who are working on a tight budget.

Well, did you know that you can still find an affordable bike that offers similar features as the expensive ones? That is right, and we are here to make that dream come true! After test and trying 30 plus cheap mini bikes models/brands, we have narrowed down our list to the top the best for your consideration.

10. Dirt bike 70cc Semi-Automatic Bike

The Dirt bike 70cc Semi-Automatic Bike is arguably one of the most affordable mini bikes out there in the market offering top-notch performance using a 70cc air-cooled engine.

This semi-auto, single-cylinder displacement bike can be handled easily making it a reliable choice for kids.Its tires grip handles different terrain surfaces from smooth to rough ones very well. Combined with a sturdy metal frame, this bike features a hand-operated rear brake utilizing a twist throttle control for rider’s ultimate safety.


  • Maximum load -50 kg
  • Color –red
  • Maximum speed -55 km/h
  • Maximum torque -5.0 N.m/5,000 R/Min

9. Mongoose 24V Mini Bike

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Given its size, the Mongoose 24V Mini Bike is a perfect match for bigger kids delivering hours of fun and new thrills. This mini scooter is powered by 24V rechargeable battery and can attain speeds of up to 12 mph.Driven 250-watt chain motor, this bike ensures safety is never compromised thanks to its rear-wheel disk brake controlled on a lever positioned on the right-hand grip. Its air-filled ten-inch diameter tires are extremely rugged to roll smoothly on any given terrain. The poly leather-liked stitched cushion seat adds a layer of comfort to the rider.


  • Recommended age for the one rider –eight years plus
  • Maximum speed -12 mph
  • Maximum carrying weight -120 pounds
  • Throttle position –on the right-hand grip

8. X-Pro 50cc Dirt Gas Bike

For a tight budget, the X-Pro 50cc Dirt Gas Bike is one of the best choices. Each package comes with goggles, handgrip, and X-Pro gloves, this bike is on a mission to save riders tons of money. Its high-quality, powerful 50 cc engine features modern fuel-consuming technology so it consumes less gas compared to other models of the same class. The engine, in addition, is sturdy and durable providing users more entertainment and fun for many years to come.

Despite its cheap price, this beast does not sacrifice control and safety when used as it is equipped with hand-operated rear and front brake with a twist-grip throttle. Its rear and front spring suspension allows riders to have a smooth ride regardless of the terrain there are rolling on. Its large fat tires give it the much-needed traction ensuring highest control and stability is always achieved.


  • Engine size -2-stroke, 50.53 cc
  • Maximum speed -24.8 mph
  • Item weight -57.3 pounds
  • Maximum carrying weight -128 pounds

7. Burromax TT40 Gas Powered Dirt Mini Bike for Kids

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The Burromax TT40 Gas Powered Dirt Mini Bike for Kids is the best quality and coolest piece out there. This bike boasts of a better design compared to its competitors, making a perfect choice for entry-level riders.

This fully assembled bike is powered by a 40 cc 4-stroke engine hence the reason why it is incredibly powerful.With large aluminum alloy wheels fitted with extra-wide pneumatic tires, this beast can cruise through most of the demanding terrains with great ease. Controlling this bike is a breeze thanks to its rear disc brakes. It also features 21-inches seat height and adjustable handlebars for added comfort and control.


  • Maximum speed -35 km/h
  • Approximate ride time -45-60 minutes per tank
  • Engine type -40CC 4-stroke
  • Manufacturer’s recommended age -10 months to 10 years

6. Taotao DB14 Dirt Bike

The Taotao DB14 Dirt Bike is yet another powerful mini bike well under a $500 budget with no compromise on its power, features, and aesthetics. The bike is powered by a 110 cc 4-stroke engine type deliver automatic transmission to achieve a maximum speed of 40 mph. Its powerful motor can propel the bike well through the most demanding terrains with the utmost ease. Controlling this mini bike is effortless thanks to its rear and front hydraulic disc brakes. The bike’s large tires are meant to increase friction so it gives riders better stability.


  • Item weight -125 pounds
  • Maximum carrying weight -154 pounds
  • Transmission –semi-automatic
  • Drive system –chain
  • Engine type -110 CC 4-stroke

5. SYX MOTO Kids Mini Dirt Gas Power Bike

If you are looking for the best kid’s beginner mini bike, then the SYX MOTO Kids Mini Dirt Gas Power Bike is the ultimate choice. Powered by two-stroke 50 cc engine, this bike delivers top performance with an improved speed limiter of up to 30 mph.

This off-road beast gives riders the much-needed chance to roam through any road with great ease. It is fitted with a rear suspension providing a comfortable ride while cruising through the unknown. Riders can break whenever they wish and stop instantly utilizing the bike’s front and back brake discs. While this mini bike is cheap, it does not mean that most of the essential features have been compromised!


  • Item weight -48.5 pounds
  • Seat height -23 inches
  • Maximum carrying weight -160 pounds
  • Maximum speed -40 km/h

4. Razor MX400 Dirt Rocket 24V Motocross Dirt Bike

The Razor MX400 Dirt Rocket 24V Motocross Dirt Bike is one of the kid’s favorite bikes in the biking world for good reasons. Designed specifically for young riders, this bike 350-watt electric motorbike can speed up to 14 mph leaving other bikes following its dust.

This single-speed, chain-driven bike runs quietly and utilizes its 12-inch pneumatic knobby tires achieve maximum power transfer and stability. It features handlebar to keep the brake and throttle at a comfortable reach for any rider. Combined with a sturdy metal frame, this mini bike can accommodate a maximum load of 140 pounds, making it perfect for riders aged thirteen and above.


  • Warranty -90 days
  • Item weight -57 pounds
  • Maximum carrying weight -140 pounds
  • Power source -24V rechargeable battery

3. Razor MX650 Rocket Electric Motocross Mini Bike

The Razor MX650 Rocket Electric Motocross Mini Bike is one of the best mini bikes offered at the most affordable price tag. This compact bike is powered by a powerful 650-watt electric motor propelling it to a maximum speed of 17 mph.With adjustable handlebars, dual suspension system, and compact body frame, this bike delivers considerably comfortable, smooth, and safe ride. It features pneumatic knobby tires providing maximum power transfer. This chain-driven motor mini bike can cruise through rough terrains with great ease.


  • Warranty -90 days
  • Manufacturer’s recommended age -16 years plus
  • Maximum carrying weight -220 pounds
  • Item weight -98.2 pounds

2. Razor SX500 Rocket Dirt McGrath Electric Motocross Bike

The Razor SX500 Rocket Dirt McGrath Electric Motocross Bike complete with fairing design and authentic McGrath graphics is one of the sturdiest and most affordable mini bikes you will ever find in the market.

This beast comes with a powerful electric motor that uses 36V battery delivering speeds of up to 15 mph. It features riser handlebars and dual suspension for added comfort. Its large pneumatic knobby tires ensure that it cruises through the most demanding terrains. Controlling this bike is a breeze thanks to its hand-operated dual disc brakes.


  • Manufacturer’s recommended age -14 years and above
  • Maximum carrying weight -175 pounds
  • Item weight -98 pounds

1. Razor MX350 Electric Dirt Rocket Motocross Bike

The Razor MX350 Electric Dirt Rocket Motocross Bike takes the top spot as one of the best cheap mini bikes out there in the market thanks to its large knobby tires and a high-torque motor that takes riding a notch higher.

This single-speed chain-driven bike is propelled by battery-powered motor attaining speeds of up to 14 mph. This super-quiet off-road bike features twist-grip throttle and hand-operated rear brake for ultimate control. Its large knobby tires with suspensions provide riders with a smooth ride, even if they are riding through rough terrains.


  • Warranty -90 days
  • Maximum carrying weight -140 pounds
  • Recommended rider age -13 and up
  • Item weight -55.1 pounds

There you are and now you know some of the most affordable and best mini bikes to keep your kids engaged. Since you are concerned about getting a bike that fit the needs of your loved ones, it is important to consider things such as weight capacity, budget, maintenance frequency, and power source among others to make the most informed decision.

The good news is that we have factored all these aspects when compiling our list so that all the bikes herein are sure to meet your needs. They are all durable, safe, and fast. We, therefore, guarantee you that buying any of the bikes above will mean having a story to tell –a remarkable biking experience!

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