10 Best Bowling Shoes For Women

There is a high enthusiasm among women for playing bowling. However, for playing bowling, one needs a proper set of shoes for getting the required traction to ultimate delivery. A proper pair of bowling shoes will prevent accidents and skidding, and there are also dedicates shoes available for women of all ages. Check out the top 10 best bowling shoes for women to choose from the best brands. It is important to remember that a high-quality pair of shoes can improve your performance significantly.

1. BSI Women’s Bowling Shoes

This one has an attractive look and lets you choose from different sizes. The women’s bowling shoe comes with an embossed logo that gives it an attractive look.


• It has stitching as well as glued side sole that makes it very durable. The lightweight EVA midsole will let you have enhanced comfort when you wear it.
• It has a sports leather upper and comes with an attractive combination of pink and black. The padded collar and tongue ensure better support lets you walk freely.
• This is worth the investment as it delivers high performance. It makes sure to eliminate any kind of stiff feeling and does not hurt your feet.

2. BSI Women’s Classic Bowling Shoe

Equipped with a common sliding sole, the bowling shoe has sport leather uppers. This is in an attractive design and lets you choose from two different color combinations.


• With many different sizes to select from, this will let you have a snug fit. It is durable as the slide sole has stitching and gluing.
• It lets you have better comfort due to its padded tongue, and there is also a padded collar. This is flexible and goes on different occasions.
• It has a common sliding sole for user comfort and comes with a felt on the bottom. It serves as a perfect gift for any woman who is interested in bowling.

3. Dexter Kerrie Bowling Shoes

The functional design of this women’s bowling shoe will let you have comfort as well as style. This is made of textile and lets you get the right fit with its many sizes.


• It has a well-defined heel and is in a lightweight design. This provides enhanced comfort as it has a removable EVA footbed.
• You will also find non-marking rubber outsole and comes with a traditional lace-up closure.
• The microfiber slide outsoles and the cushioned collar and tongue will let you wear it for extended hours. This is also breathable as it has medial side vents for keeping your feet dry.

4. BSI Women’s Bowling Shoe

The durable structure of this bowling shoe will let you use it for a long time. It has many positive reviews and provides you with an athletic feel.


• It comes with a common sliding sole and features an extra-plush sock lining. This has a lightweight rubber sole that provides you easy traction.
• It comes in many different sizes and runs a size larger than the normal size. The action leather upper gives it an attractive look and makes it perfect for a beginner or a leaguer.
• This comes at an affordable value, and you can wear it on other occasions due to its fashionable look.

5. Dexter Women’s Bowling Shoes

The lightweight structure of this woman’s bowling shoes comes with a horseshoe heel. It is in a classic style and lets you have maximum comfort.


• This is perfect for female bowlers and features non-marking rubber outsole. This is made of synthetic and lets you choose from two color combinations.
• It comes in many different sizes that are perfect for getting the right fit. You can easily wear it on different occasions as it has a stylish look.
• This has a lightweight structure and makes sure that you perform better. This can be a perfect gift for any woman who wants to get her hands on bowling.

6. Dexter Dani Bowling Shoes

The synthetic made women’s bowling shoe comes in great value. It lets you use it season after season and has an attractive look.


• The ‘U’ throat pattern on the upper gives it a distinctive look, and you can feel better confidence with the horseshoe heel.
• You will also find non-marking rubber outsole, and it is fully fabric-lined. With this, you can have better comfort as it has a padded collar and tongue.
• The shoe has a low collar and features microfiber slides for both the feet. The adjustable lace-up closure and the mesh fabric linings offer enhanced comfort.

7. Aura Ladies Bowling Shoes

Made with synthetic and textile, this is an ideal bowling shoe for women. It has a fashionable look, and you can easily select from three different colors.


• It comes with universal soles and lets you get the right fit due to its many available sizes. This is perfect for a casual bowler and comes with a removable footbed.
• The lightweight rubber outsole offers better traction, and you can have high-level of comfort due to the padded tongue and collar.
• With this, your feet will remain dry and fresh as it has breathable mesh uppers. This will let you perform on the bowling lanes and is in a lightweight design.

8. Storm Meadow Bowling Shoes

This bowling shoe for women is available in two different colors. It has an attractive look and features universal soles.


• With it, you can have better performance, and you can easily select from many different sizes. This is a cool cotton canvas and is in a lightweight design.
• It lets you have ultimate comfort as it has a padded collar and features a fabric-liner interior. This is in a modern design and allows you to wear it for a long time.
• This comes in great value and goes with women of any age. It lets you save money and easily goes with your favorite bowling attire.

9. Dexter Jenna Bowling Shoes

Suitable for right-handed female bowlers, the shoe has a stylish look. This comes in different sizes, and you can select the one that gives you a comfortable fit.


• The breathable knit upper creates a unique look, and it is in a lightweight design. This is fully-fabric lined and is perfect for improving your performance.
• For your enhanced comfort, the shoe comes with a padded collar and tongue. You will also find slide sole of S8 microfiber and Black Ice.
• It is in a refreshing style and makes you look cool. The shoe has high customer reviews making it perfect for female bowlers.

10. Dexter Women’s Bowling Shoes

If you are looking for fashion and performance while bowling, then this is the one for you. The women’s bowling shoe is in a stylish design that can make you the center of attraction.


• It comes with a padded collar and is fabric lined. You can get a snug fit by choosing the right size and wear it comfortably.
• It has a cool textile upper and is very lightweight. The shoe has universal soles and is in a classic CVO upper pattern.
• This will let you have greater fun while performing and comes with side vents. It is functional and has a modern look.

List of the Best Bowling Shoes For Women in 2020

A good blowing shoe should enhance the performance of the player. It should offer enough traction so that there is no skidding. Besides, it should take care of the load distribution and other parameters related to women only. The material has to be great, and the construction needs to be sturdy for higher durability. We have listed the best possible bowling shoes for women from the best brands.

List-Best Bowling Shoes For Women

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