Bath towels are commonplace objects. Yet while choosing them, you need to take a lot of precautions. Many considerations are there to decide which towel you should choose. These include the size, the quality of the cotton, weight of the cloth, colour, way of taking care of it and texture of the fabric which comes because it is right spun or combed. For example, Turkish cotton towels are better because they take out moisture and retain warmth because of the structure of the fabric. To make it easy for you while shopping, we discuss here top 10 best bath towels in 2020.

Best Bath Towels Reviews:

1. Premium, Luxury Spa & Hotel Quality Turkish Towel

Six towels of a set include 27 inches x 57 inches size (2 pieces), 28 inches x16 inches hand towels and 13 inches x 13 inches washcloths. Made of 100 % original cotton, the luxury towel set brings your home, dorm, or spa elegance. The tows are good for gyms, hospitals, country clubs, physical therapy clinics as well. Skin care products likely to spoil these towels clothes – they can make them smudges. Take care of these towels by avoiding. The best thing about these towels is that the towels absorb moisture fast. They impart a delicate touch. Add to this all, these towels aren’t that pricey.

2. Luxury Spa & Hotel Bath Towel

Made of 100 pure Turkish cotton, four towels make a set. The towels are durable, soft, absorbent, stylish and luxurious. Manufactured in Turkey, each towel measures 27 inches x 54 inches and has a weight 700+ GSM. Note that these towels are washable as well as dryable by machines.

3. Ariv Collection – Quality Bath Towels of Bamboo Cotton

These towels come in a set of four made of natural cotton (40%) and natural bamboo (30%). You can get these towels in diverse sizes and styles. The set of towels comprises four quality bath towels measuring 30 inches x 52 inches held together with ribbon satin. These towels are of great quality because of the good absorbing quality, durability, strength and softness thanks to the quality blend f the natural cotton and bamboo. Further, the bamboo fibre makes the towel anti-bacteria, combat odour, lightweight and anti-fungal and resistant to mildew.

To ensure the best care, was the towel separately prior to first use. The towels can be washed and dried by machine. This is one of the best bath towels.

4. Cotton Craft -7 Bath Towels in Multi Color

Cotton Craft bath towels are made of 100% genuine ring spun cotton, and are great for everyday usage. When buying, you can know what colour of towels you are buying. The colours include ivory, light blue, mercury, linen, navy and charcoal. The towel is lightweight and dries fast. Taking care of these towels is pretty use – use machine to wash and dry.

5. Utopia Towels – Quality Towels Set of 8

This towel set made of a cent per cent ringspun cotton. This makes the towels soft as well as durable. The set of eight towels comprises two towels of size 27 inches x 54 inches, for washcloths measuring 13 inches x 13 inches and hand towels (2) measuring 16 inches x 28 inches. Make sure not to bleach or use fabric softeners and iron. The quality may go if you do it. Wash the towels in the machine with a soft detergent and dry it in the machine.

6. SALBAKOS Luxury Spa & Hotel Bath Towel

Made of 100 original cotton imported from Turkey, the towels are soft and impart a luxurious feel. You can wash and dry these towels in the machine. The towels are double stitched to ensure long life. The cotton used is free from the harmful effects of pesticides and other chemicals.

Compared to other brand towels, SALBAKOS bath towels weigh more per dozen – the difference is more than a pound.

7. Pinzon Bath Towel – Egyptian Cotton

Made of 100% original imported Egyptian cotton, these towels come in a set of four. The quality attributes of these towels such as weight, softness, long life and absorbent power are because of the quality of blended Egyptian cotton. Each bath towel is of 26 inches x 30 inches size. You can wash and dry the towels in the machine. The towels are manufactured as per the quality rules of OEKO-TEX Standard 100 factory.

8.Chakir Turkish Luxury Hotel & Spa Linens – Bath Towels

Made of 100% imported original cotton that has been ringspun, these bath towels come in four as a set. Each towel measures 27 inches x 57 inches and weighs 1.65 pounds. The towels are of highly absorbent quality and are durable and strong.

Each towel is double stitched on the edges. The dobby weave makes these towels an elegant adornment to your bathroom. This is yet another among best bath towels.

9. Microfiber Polyte Premium Bath Towel Quick Dry

Experience the spa-like luxury in your home. Made of 100% microfiber, these bath towels import delicate touch on your skin. This is contrary to conventional bath towels that just softly touch your body.

The towels have a high absorbent quality and therefore, dry our body within minutes. The towels dry fast are not an inconvenient because of odours. These towels come in big size with 30 inches x 57 inches size. Lightweight, these towels can be folded into a size you wish to store them – irrespective of when you are home, at the gym, camping or are travelling.

10. Oversized JML Microfiber Bath Towel Sets

Made of 100 microfibers, the towels are soft, have super absorbing quality an dry fast. The absorbing power is because microfiber absorbs seven times its weight. The towels can resist the growth of odour causing bacteria, mould, mildew and rule out the unpleasant odour.

You can use them at home bathroom or use when you’re in swimming. It is super good as a fitness or yoga apparel. You can also use these towels for your pets and car. You can hand/machine wash. Dry in medium heat.


Towels are a great addition as an essential need to ensure warmth, cleanliness, health and giving an elegant look. However, while buying towels, it is important to keep in mind the purpose and quality of the towel. You may use the list of towels discussed here. To buy the best bath towels, consider the quality attributes including softness, absorbency, durability. Thus, for example, if a member of your mainly uses acne, you can have a low-pried towel for the individual. This is because acne crème contain harmful chemicals such a benzoyl peroxide. This chemical can bleach the towel leaving pink orange blotch behind.