Choosing the right bra for your body is essential for every woman. A right bra should be highly comfortable and make the clothing look better. It makes the body smooth out, and there are various types of smoothing bras available with different materials. They are available in different sizes and colors to go with your dress. Check out the top 10 best back smoothing bras available online.

The following are the best back smoothing bras reviews and base on consumer reports.

1. Playtex Seamless Smoothing Bra

This back-smoothing bra has easy maintenance as it is machine washable, and it lets you select from different sizes to get the right fit.


  • It is made of synthetic and comes with a hook and eye closure for easy wearing. This gives better support every time you wear it and lets you a smooth back.
  • It is in a seamless design and has rounder cups, and the bra ensures that there will be no slippage and prevents digging with wider straps.
  • The higher side ensures better coverage and has a moisture-wicking lining for all-day comfort. This is very lightweight and has a stretch of 360 degrees.

2. Bali Smooth Underwire Bra

The combination of multiple fabrics makes this back smoothing bra deliver outstanding comfort. This lets you wear it with ease as it comes with a hook and eye closure.


  • It has two-part underwire cups and features angled seams and mesh insets. Also, You will find adjustable crisscross backstraps for a custom fit.
  • It provides better lift and shape due to its inner side support. With it, you can have full coverage and has easy maintenance.
  • You can even select from different colors and sizes and have a snug fit. Moreover, it comes with a lightweight design and is highly breathable for enhanced support.

3. Playtex Smooth Wire-Free Bra

This one comes with double layering back that provides better support and comfort. The back-smoothing bra is machine washable and is in different sizes and colors.


  • This has wide straps and comes with seamless supportive cups. The hook and eye closure will let you wear it comfortably.
  • It also has non-slip cushioned lining and is in wire-free T-shirt design. This is easy on your shoulders and has smooth touch.
  • The bulge-banishing two-ply sides provide a better look and it easily disappears under clothes. Also, it has outstanding performance and makes you feel comfortable all day long.

4. Curvation Smoother Underwire Bra

Made with nylon and spandex, the back smoothing bra has high customer ratings. Adding that, it comes in a convenient design that is guaranteed to give you comfort. It is available in several sizes and you can also select from different colors.


  • It has a flexible back that offers better comfort and smoothing. With it, you can have freedom of movement as it is in a center-front design.
  • It has a soft inner lining for enhanced modesty and does not provide you with a restricted feeling. This also has hook and eye closure and remains in place in all types of movement.
  • The bra provides a clean look and makes sure that there will be no unsightly bulges and lines. It provides a polished look and has low maintenance.

5. Warner’s Smooth Wire-Free Bra

The back-smoothing fabric of nylon and elastane makes this bra an ideal product for every woman. This is in a wire-free design and has textured cups for a smooth look.


  • It has invisible adjustment-free straps and features hook and eye closure. This can eliminate back fat and makes sure there will be no bumps and bulges.
  • You will also find light lift pads that are perfect for filling out the cups. It is lightweight and provides a natural lift.
  • The flat laces won’t reflect under the clothes offering you a clean look. This is in different colors and sizes for user convenience.

6. Bali Smoothing Underwire Bra

The ‘U’ design of this back smoothing bra offers a smooth back. It has convenient flat straps that stay in place allowing you to have all types of motion.


  • With this, there will be no bulge fit as it offers full coverage. This removes any kind of bumps providing you with a clean look.
  • It comes with seamless cups and features patented concealing petals. You can have a snug fit by choosing the right size.
  • The shoulder straps are adjustable allowing you to have better coziness. It allows you to use it daily and have optimum comfort.

7. Bali Minimizer Underwire Bra

Available in a breathable design, the back smoothing bra is very lightweight. This comes with power mesh on the side that is ideal for smoothing the back.


  • It lets you select from many available colors and have a snug fit by going for the right size. It is made of different fabrics and lets you use it for a long time.
  • The smoothing bra is very comfortable to wear and comes with buckle closure. It lives up to its claims and has high customer reviews.
  • This has two-ply cups that can minimize the size by up to 1.5 inches. This is underwire and helps the majority of a woman with their needs.

8. Intimate Portal Smoothing Smooth Bra

With this back smoothing bra, you will have great comfort as it offers optimum support. This has extra-wide wings that effectively swoops the bulges.


  • This is in a molded design and is ultra-light. It comes with non-removable straps that let you adjust it according to your comfort.
  • It is available in multiple colors and sizes and has hook and eye closure on the back. It will make your back look slim and ensures that there will be no constricting.
  • This is foam-lined and comes with a smooth surface. The V-lined back creates an alluring look and goes completely invisible under clothes.

9. Chantelle Back Smoothing Bra

Providing you with complete coverage, the back smoothing bra is suitable for everyday comfort, and it has foam underwire cups that smoothly places under any top.


  • It has a double-lined mesh band that can smooth your back as well as the sides. The centered straps are fully adjustable and prevent any kind of shoulder slippage.
  • The cups will offer a comfortable lift allowing you to have all types of movement. Adding that, it also has hook and eye closure and is made of different fabrics.
  • It has a low center front and allows you to choose from different sizes and colors, and it has a wide flat band that offers optimal support.

10. Tankee Short Back Smoothing Bra

Here is a back-smoothing bra that comes in a tank-style to let you have superior comfort. This is made of spandex and lycra and comes with a low-back neckline.


  • It goes completely invisible and provides better support, moreover, the bra has adjustable straps that remain in place even in different types of movement.
  • It will keep you cool in any kind of activity as it is breathable, and it does not have any closures or bands that eliminate back bulges and bra lines.
  • This is highly reliable and is made of stretchy material, and it provides a smooth look from every angle and is ideal for women who prefer breast shaping.


Our team has done the best possible job selecting the best back smoothing bras. The fabrics are skin-friendly, and they are available in wire-free as well as underwire design. Apart from that, they are present in different designs, and it depends on personal preference which one you should opt for. Go through all of them, and then select the best one whichever satisfies all your requirements.

List-Best Back Smoothing Bras Review.